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Biotherm is a luxury skincare product from France.


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Quite a price to pay for a good quality product

Moved by the spirit of giving, I decided to buy my mother something from Biotherm because she had been raving none stop about it after hearing loads of stories from her friends. As bad as it may seem, buying something for her would also mean that I get to use the product as well. *Cue evil laughter*

I ended up buying her, or us, Anti-Drying Body Milk. Why not try it on my dry skin which I most indefinitely inherited from her. The first few days didn't show any much of a difference, other than giving us supple and nourished skin when we apply a layer on. It was only after a week, that we can see the major change in our skins' elasticity. It doesn't leave any greasy residue that makes you perspire twice as much during the day.

Biotherm offers a huge range of products, however, at a pretty steep price. Sometimes, it is a price to pay for a good quality product that lasts a long time. I highly recommend this to anyone who has dry skin.

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Love the make-up base

I tried the color correcting smoothing base with SPF50 and PA++. I bought the pink one and the green one. The base is smooth to apply and it has a matte effect on my skin. Although it does not cover blemishes well, it corrects the skin tone. I particularly like the pink one as it contains some glitter and makes my skin glow.

At $62 for a tube, I find it a bit expensive. I will decide whether to continue using it after I finish the 2 tubes I have now.

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Smooth to apply and corrects the skin tone
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Blue Therapy Serum, light yet powerful

It was my first try with Biotherm and having heard pretty good reviews before, I was pretty excited when I got my hands on their new Blue Therapy Serum trial sachets! Their Blue Therapy range aims to fight aging and is claimed to be the ultimate solution to younger-looking skin. It's supposedly able to take 8 years off your face in just 4 weeks!

The serum is clear and light-weight, carrying a fresh scent which reminds me of melons. It isn't greasy and the product sinks in really quickly. The actual bottle has a dropper tool; I believe just a drop and a half is enough for the entire face. I use it under my moisturizer, scrimping to use as little as possible because I don't want to finish using it that quickly. ):

It goes for $99 a bottle, not too expensive either! A good buy. Looking forward to getting one once I'm finally done with their trial sachets!

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Awesome cellulite gel.

Being quite skinny, I don't really have a problem with cellulite.. but one day when my dad got us girls in the family some Biotherm products, one of them being a cellulite gel, I had an overwhelming urge to try it out.. which I did.

It was the first cellulite gel/cream I've tried, and so I didn't know how good it was until after I tried another cellulite gel. It wasn't sticky and dries quite fast, and you could actually feel heat coming off the area which you have spread the gel on. After a few applications, I couldn't see any difference (since there weren't any visible cellulite to begin with) but my skin definitely feels smoother.

The price is a bit pricey though, and because cellulite isn't a main concern, I didn't get a second tube.

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