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Make Up Store is a Scandinavian based cosmetics company.


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Needs improvement in their service

I have never personally bought any products from the Make Up Store. I have no arguments that the beauty and cosmetic products might be of great quality, and does wonders. However, its the "problems" that I face with the sales assistants in their stores. They are rather judgemental on everyone who walks into the store. After 10 years of working part-time in retail, it is definitely easy to spot people who would spend and people who would just browse. I've learned alot about not judging a book by its covers, and treating every customer the same way, even if they are there just to kill time or browse.

Thrice, when I walked into different outlets, I was ignored while they continue with their personal conversations. When I asked them about a product, they were reluctant to entertain me. Their behaviour automatically changed when a customer spotting an expensive bag walked in. The sales assistants immediately served her. Although I was there to browse and sample, if I thought the product is worthy of a purchase, I would have proceeded on to buy it. Since I was completely labelled as a "browsing customer" and left to browse on my own; I left the store.

A way to increase high patronage is deifnitely through service. I give them a major thumbs down for it.

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Good Products

I had my first experience of Makeup Store products when I signed up for a make-up session where we could redeem the cost back in the form of their products after the session. I really loved the way the staff showed us how to put on make-up to suit a day and night look!

I was also really attracted to their undereye concealer as it came in a palette of 3 colours that you could blend according to the needs of your complexion. I also purchased their make-up remover because it is alcohol free and would not be harsh on my skin. Price might be a little high, but the products do deliver, so totally worth it!

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Not exciting

The one word I would use to describe the Make Up Store (MUS) is B.O.R.I.N.G.

The adopted the black and white concept but instead of feeling modern and an element of minimalism, it just felt like there wasn't effort and everything there was black and white. It's just something about the layout and the colors used for the packaging that did not appeal to me. I had the same sentiments as the reviewer below me when I visited the store. It felt cold and unfriendly. I didn't really dare to fiddle around or swatch the products. The sale assistants just looked fierce and unapproachable.

They do have collections every now and then but nothing as fanciful or pretty as MAC. The collections at MUS are often done before by other brands or it just does not look attractive. Product wise, I have to recommend the Brush Cleansing Soap Bar. I read online that it works and I got one for myself to clean the brushes (sales assistant still quite unfriendly) and although it is hefty for a soap bar, it cleans so effectively!!!!! That is the only thing I would recommend from this shop as I haven't tried the other products and don't plan to do so anytime soon. I would rather spend my money at MAC.

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brush cleaning soap bar
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A bit cramped, quite uncomfortable.

I went in to their outlet at [email protected] out of curiosity.. thinking that they were the sister company of The Face Shop (I was wrong). I didn't exactly wanted to buy anything, just wanted to browse their products and look around.

First thing I noticed was how small the shop was. It felt a bit cramped, but thankfully there weren't any other customers around. They have quite a variety of products, but it doesn't seem to be displayed as well as it could've been, which doesn't make the products very appealing.

The sales assistants were also quite unapproachable, and since the overall vibe of the store was quite cold and unfriendly, I left the place after only about what, 5 minutes inside? Not good..

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