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Founded in Japan, SK-II is one of the most expensive skincare and cosmetics brand in the world. 


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A Skin Miracle That’s Worth Paying For

SK-II is a household name in the skincare industry. Having used both the Facial Treatment Essence ($259) and Cellumination Day Surge UV ($139) in wintry and dry English weather, I can vouch that these products achieve what they claim to do. The treatment essence acts as an essential base before the Cellumination moisturizer is applied to the skin for maximum protection throughout the day.

Within a week, it was clear that my acne had cleared and my complexion evened - I was very impressed. Over the coming months, I would notice an eradication of oily skin and a surge in a brightened skin tone. Hurrah, my skin was pretty much crystal clear!

If I had one lamentation, it would be the steep price. I received this product package as a gift but it is unlikely that I would be able sustain this usage consistently given the outrageous cost of the range. Nevertheless, this is a quality product that I highly recommend to anyone in need of a daily skin miracle.

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quintessential skincare products

SK-II is a Japanese skincare and beauty brand, known for their Facial Treatment Essence and their use of the miracle ingredient “Pitera”. My mom swears by it, and SK-II products are essentially her holy grail. It’s a tad expensive for me to use on a daily basis, but for a time I did borrow my mom’s products to test it out for myself.

I started using their Facial Treatment Clear Lotion and Facial Treatment Essence, both of which have to be incorporated into your daily routine for the best results. Of the two, the Facial Treatment Essence had a much stronger fragrance, but neither were unpleasant. When used, they don’t leave my face feeling sticky or dry out my skin, which is another plus point. After a week of usage, I was in awe of the results – my skin was less oily, more hydrated and had a natural, healthy ‘glow’. I’ve always struggled with oily skin, and I was pleasantly surprised how much better I looked after using SK-II. I can’t afford to use SK-II products daily, but if you can it should be a staple in your daily skincare routine.

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No Effect

"I just saw a ghost!" My sister screamed from my mother's room. I trudged to the dark bedroom only to find a white face staring at me - a ghost!

It was my mother.

Who had then decided to put on the SK-II Mask that she had bought. No cause for alarm or worries - my house wasn't haunted. "So, mom, are you planning on becoming a ghost with that white face of yours?" I asked jokingly only to receive a promotional information session from my mom about the goodness of the mask and the whitening properties.

Seems like it really works from the looks (or vocal) of it, but if I remember correctly, my trial with it left my face looking the way it was other than the initial cool and fizzy sensation on my face.

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Doesn't work for me

I don't know what is it with my skin that makes so many HG products not work their miracles on me. I have heard tons of raves from friends, acquaintances, etc about SK 2. I purchased the travel set as I wanted to experience a miracle myself.

The famous SK 2 water is very drying and makes my skin red. The cleanser is also very drying and I think it is more drying then the miracle water. The only thing I like is probably the masks but even so, they do not produce miracles. The effects seem like any other mask.

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Miracle Water

Nothing can be touted as a "miracle" unless they really are. There must be a reason for SKII's survival in the skincare market for so long. It is no doubt expensive but man, it is GOOD. I don't own a set of this (still a student...meep) but I used my mom's for a period of time because my skin was so bad I decided to use the SKII. I admit, the word "miracle" attracted me. I used it for a span of two days only and lo and behold, my skin was **g l o w i n g**. I was amazed. I don't know if it's magic or whatever but yes, it is a miracle. Once I came back from my India travel, my skin was so bad and my usual skincare routine wasn't cutting it at all. But this miracle water performed miracles on my skin and although it did not make it perfect, it made my skin looked so much better than before and that is enough for me.

Downside is the pricing. I have nothing to complain about the quality of the skincare, when I am older and more financially independent, I would definitely invest in the SKII range. You can get it at the airport since duty free is cheaper. All in all, high quality brand that I highly recommend if you have the disposable income to spend and indulge yourself in luxe skincare.

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