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Clarins is an European leader in luxury skincare and cosmetics. 


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Smells nice

The French is obsessed with perfumes and this shows in their skincare products. Clarins products have strong fragrance which may be attributed to the use of essential oils in their products.

I have tried the White Lily travelling set which is meant for whitening but I didn't see any results, most likely because I didn't use it long enough. I enjoy using the set because it smells nice. I am not very fond of the popular SPF40 sunscreen because it leaves a powdery beige cast on my face every time I use it.

I don’t think I will purchase any of Clarins products soon because they are too expensive for me.

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Expensive but well worth it

My mum swears by Clarins and being the filial daughter that I am I have always saved up money to buy her some of the products that she uses as a gift for Birthday, Mother's day and also for Christmas.

Products from Clarins are not cheap at all with a bottle of small serum costing at least a hundred dollars. However, their products unlike many other brands actually work. So instead of buying cheaper products that promise many things but deliver none, it might be well worth while to save up a little more and purchase a product from Clarins instead and see results.

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Best anti stretch mark cream & oil!

The anti-stretch mark cream is formulated for skin that has been adversely affected by pregnancy and is seriously one of the best creams ever for all pregnant ladies! I have been applying them religiously when I was pregnant and I have zero stretch marks on my tummy after my pregnancy.

And I also loved their anti-stretch mark treatment oil. You are supposed to massage the affected areas with the oil and leave it on for a while before you rinse it off with warm water. Because of this, I only used them like twice a week over the weekends and I loved the way the oil sets into my skin and the fragrance of the treatment oil. But if you are lazy, you can just apply the oil and massage them gently, leave it on and go to bed. I do that sometimes especially when you get so tired easily and this method works just as fine! =)

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high quality with great results

Facial cleanser, toner, eye cream, pore minimizing serum, moisturizer. Sound familiar? Well, this is my daily facial skincare routine, and excluding the facial cleanser, Clarins takes up almost my entire routine cleansing, and their products definitely contribute to an improved facial complexion, reducing the oil and yet appropriate for my sensitive skin. And in case you are thinking that my facial care routine involves slathering a lot of cream and such, you are wrong. A little bit is only required and thus Clarins' products can last for a very long time, making the price paid worth it. In addition, the products are light on the skin and hence I do not feel as if my skin is being smothered by a lot of oil.

There is a wide range of Clarins products available, but do not fret, the staff are knowledgeable about their products and are able to recommend different products based on your skin condition. There is something to suit everyone's skin condition, and the sociable, friendly staff will make you satisfied and add to a great day ahead.

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