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Listing created by poppy on February 16, 2013    

Ettusais is the younger sister brand of Shiseido. 


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I'm unimpressed.

Having heard rave reviews about Ettusais, and since I am personally partial to Japanese brands, I decided to try a few of their products some months back. They included a pore eraser, a T-zone oil block cream, and lip gloss.

Unfortunately, the items proved to be quite a letdown. The pore eraser felt rather greasy on my skin, and didn't really make a visible difference. I've always had very dry lips, and thus hoped that the $29 lip gloss with moisturizing properties and UV protection would help to make it more bearable, but it was mediocre and needed reapplying no less often than drugstore brands - once every three hours thereabouts. Finally, the T-zone oil block gel was the product I was the most satisfied with. It did a decent job of reducing sebum production. However, it was also incredibly drying for my skin, and if I didn't take pains to carefully apply an even layer in front of a mirror, a whitish cast would be very visible.

Overall, won't be repurchasing products from this brand.

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Remarkable blobs of facial magic!

Ettusais worked it's magic on my face every time I spot a birth of a pimple or any weird craters that has just got to be blanketed via BB Cream.

I was recommended by a friend to purchase this BB Cream. I heard it was a far cry from the BB Creams from face shop. It is. Face shop owns BB Creams that are too creamy resulting in an almost greasy appearance. Users find themselves in a sticky situation; literally directly from their fingertips.

I marvelled over Ettusais remarkable ability to neither be greasy nor sticky! My fingers felt slightly powdery after smearing the BB Cream all over. Otherwise, it'll almost slip my mind that I had to rinse my hands for it still felt and looked perfectly clean with no hints that those fingertips had made recent contact with BB Cream!

Ettusas also had an SPF function, hence it was a perfect all in one cream that combats the UV Radiation. I applaud! It's store, however, was rather submerged deep within a gigantic store called Isetan. I had to crane my neck to spot it's sign, search high and low, I even had to ask several workers there! Finally, I spotted it. Hidden in the corner, with a beam of light shining it like a stadium floodlight, Ettusais. The avenue where I would certify as the best cream of all BB Creams!

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