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Maybelline is an American cosmetics brand owned by The L'Oreal Group. 


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Maybelline Lip Flush Bitten Lip

When I saw this lipstick by Maybelline, I instantly wondered why there wasn’t a product like this 3 years ago. I can still remember trying my best to pull off the “popsicle lips” look, only to have it look like a vampire’s hunt gone wrong.

The gradient lip trend may have been popularised by K-pop for a while, but Western brands are a little late to the party. But better late than never, this three-toned ombre lipstick helps attain gradient lips in an instant swipe. Priced at $16.90 at Guardian, it comes in six different shades ranging from orange, pink and red. While some of the colors (e.g. “Strawberry Shortcake”) are a bit too “pinkish” for my taste, the “Raspberry Smoothie” shade comes the closest to most Korean tints. If you have dry lips like me, the lipstick also acts as a balm that moisturizes your lips. Pretty and versatile!

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Good mascaras

Maybelline is one of the oldest and more accessible brand around that is loved amongst Singaporeans for their eyeliners and mascaras.

My first mascara purchase was from Maybelline and I’ve been appreciating almost every mascara Maybelline has come up with ever since. One of the best mascaras they came up with would be The Rocket Volum’Express Lash mascara. It has holding and lasting power and is waterproof as well, perfect to use it for a long night out. Their hypersharp

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Mascara & Eyeliners
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Affordable and Good

Maybelline was the brand that I started out with when I first used make up. It's a drugstore product that you would be able to find at your local Watsons or Guardian.

When I purchase a product, 40% that buys me over would be it's packaging - and that's how Maybelline took over my make up pouch. The creative, unique, artsy concept of each packaging makes me reach for the product and to purchase it.

Other than packaging, two other reasons that got me repurchasing the products -
Convenience - It can be found anywhere cause watsons or guardian is everywhere just to buy a refill.
Affordable - It's so much cheaper compared to those high-end products you see at Sephora. Sometimes, Maybelline works better than high-end products.

Affordable and good, what's there to miss!

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Best affordable BB cream

When the BB cream hype came to Singapore, I was really sceptical yet hopeful about it. I remember I was in my JC years and had very terrible skin problems - blemishes, pimples, uneven skin tone, you name it. And so when everyone was so hyped up about BB cream, I saved up some money and got my first bottle of BB cream, from Maybelline! My life, or at least my skin, really turned around.

I know it sounds a bit extreme but I’m really grateful to whoever invented it. After using the BB cream for a while, I started to see improvements in my skin tone and I felt so much more confident than before. Not only was my skin less oily, I experienced lesser breakouts and started to receive compliments. Since then, I have been a loyal fan of Maybelline BB cream.
I now use three different BB cream from Maybelline – Dream Fresh BB cream, Bubble Pure BB mineral and Clear minerals BB cream. My favorite one has got to be the clear minerals BB cream. The bubble one was supposed to be an improved version of it but I still prefer the original clear minerals bb cream. Not only is it more portable but its texture is also lighter and is better absorbed by my skin. The Dream Fresh one was disappointing though, perhaps because I should have chosen a more suitable color.

As I grew older, I started experimenting with other BB creams but I would definitely not forget how Maybelline’s BB cream actually created a miracle for me.

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Makes one of the mascaras!

Maybelline's mascaras cause a lot of hype and it's easy to see why! I own the colossal volume mascara in the waterproof formula. It stays on all day and it's extremely buildable to give you either a very subtle, natural look or the spidery "in your face" look that I prefer!

I like my lashes to be the outstanding bit of my makeup and this mascara definitely helps me do it. I apply 3 generous coats, and naturally I go through tubes in a flash, but purchasing it doesn't even seem like much of a hassle because of how affordable these mascaras are!

I would say it's pretty similar to Urban Decay's cannonball mascara but a fraction of the price.

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One of the best

Makeup products can cost a bomb sometimes, but Maybelline's products are one of the most reasonably priced ones out there.

Compared to brands stocked at Sephora, which could go up to $30+ for a mascara, Maybelline's items are pretty cheap - mascara costs about $20. That said, the brand doesn't compromise on quality. The eyeliner from Maybelline that I use is the best one I've ever bought. It lasts for a long time, doesn't smudge and is easy to apply. The powder foundation I have also provides great coverage, and is much better than my previous one which was from Sephora's range.

Maybelline products are also more convenient to find, as they are stocked at places like Guardian and Watsons. If you're a newbie to makeup, consider items from this brand to build up your makeup collection.

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you will be amazed by this drugstore brand

Being a drugstore brand and easily available in Watsons or Guardian, I bought my very first compact powder and lipgloss from Maybelline 12 years ago. The brand has a wide range of products catered to all ages from, young girls buying their first makeup products to loyal female executives buying their all time favourite mascara. Although I found my love of makeup in other brands now, Maybelline has stuck on with me for many years. I still love their mascara, especially the Falsies. The quality of the mascara is amazing and almost or as good as the high branded ones. It doesn't clump as much nor does it give you the panda eyes; plus, it doesn't smudge easily.

So, not only is Maybelline affordable and of good quality, it also provides customers with loads of choices from their ample range of products and colours. I would recommend Maybelline to younger girls still experimenting with makeup and to those loyal ladies who have stuck on with their favourites from the brand.

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Maybe it's Maybelline~ It's definitely Maybelline!

Did I mention I am absolutely in love with Maybelline's mascaras?

I recently bought one type out of their whole line of mascaras, intending to give them a try; oblivious to my mom's shaking head. (she doesn't like their mascaras apparently). I was glad I didn't listen to her and got that brand. It turned out to be my favorite mascara! Not only does it not clump up, it does both volumizing and curling, giving me very natural looking lashes which fooled many of my friends. (they thought it was natural hurhur)

Even after trying The Face Shop's mascara which costs much more than Maybelline's, my heart is still with the latter. It comes in a fuschia pink tube with squarish sides and can be found at the usual drugstores like Watsons or Guardian!

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Great quality!

The products sold by Maybelline are of great quality, and it's definitely my favourite drugstore brand. Everything, from the lipsticks to the nail polish. The products are affordable and long-lasting, definitely one of my top choices when getting make-up products.

Their express finish nail polish has a smooth finish and doesn't chip easily. The product also dries quickly and stays on for at least 1.5 weeks. The lipstick stays on for a reasonable amount of time, but probably my favourite product is their mascara, which lengthens your lashes remarkably. Given the price of the products and their quality, this is definitely a brand you'd want to look out for when shopping for make up.

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(Updated: November 15, 2013)

Top Drugstore Brand

Maybelline is definitely impressive, both in price and quality. Easily available at supermarkets or Watsons and Guardian, Maybelline offers you cosmetics at an approximate price range of $10-$30, depending on the type of product you purchase.

Their Hypersharp Liner is a holy grail of mine, and will do well for you if you like spotting a really sharp winged liner. This fine-tipped felt pen liquid liner helps you get that fine polished end for your perfect cat eye! Although I have to acknowledge that, as with all liquid liners, it takes a bit of time to master attaining a straight line. I did start off with squiggly lines if this is any comfort or encouragement to you! It's also waterproof and smudge-proof, and is long-lasting too~

Another must-trys of theirs is their mascaras. The Falsies are definitely much heard of, but even before that, the Colossal range are a great buy too. Their waterproof formula prevents any smudging, and this comes from the greasiest girl ever, and which is essential in ultra-humid Singapore. The many great and amazing things you hear of Maybelline mascaras really are no flukes. But I have heard of clumping in some instances, though I personally do not find it cumbersome. So do go ahead and give it a try if you're fine with this too!

Besides those, I really enjoy their lip products too. So all in all, I think Maybelline is a really great brand for starters, that will go on to stay for a long time. :)

P.S. Some products are sadly unavailable in Singapore stores though. Check-out if you're looking for other of their reknowned products like the Instant Age Rewind concealers!

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