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MAC Cosmetics is one of the world's most favoured cosmetics brands offering make up, skincare and nail accessories. 


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Quality for a price

MAC products are undoubtedly high on quality. They last long, doesn't come off easily when I'm sweating (especially in Singapore's humid weather) and are highly pigmented, in terms of their lip products.

Out of all their items, I'd say MAC liquid foundations and their lipsticks are the best. The foundation provides great coverage and lasts for the whole day without touch-ups, while the lipsticks are smooth, velvety and easy to apply. I've been buying my classic red shade lippie from them for as long as I can remember.

The downside is that MAC cosmetics are really quite expensive - liquid foundation alone can be $50-70, compared to say Sephora's liquid foundation which is about $20-30. If you're looking to invest in some good quality makeup, MAC is a good brand. However, if you've just started experimenting with makeup or are unsure of which exact product you need, try using cheaper brands first to gauge what you need specifically before investing.

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Ups and Downs

I have never met anyone who has not heard of MAC cosmetics. It is well known, and has an extensive range of products from foundation, to concealers, lipstick, eye shadows and many more. I, myself, have purchased a few of their products. Their blushers are a must-have and with the help of their beauty advisors, you will be able to get one that suits you best. Their lipglosses on the other hand, are probably good for only a few months. Mine became sticky after a couple of months, and looked weirdly thick unlike the normally watery ones.

The only downside of MAC cosmetics is their wallet-unfriendly prices. Though some products are worth their costs, I find most of their makeup a little over-priced. In my opinion, I would rather head to Sephora and find other cosmetic brands worthy of their prices.

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(Updated: December 01, 2013)

Excellent eye make up brand, lacking in the face makeup quality

Mac cosmetics is pretty good when it comes to eye makeup. Their eye shadows are well pigmented and the colour payoff is excellent. The eye shadows have a sheen finish that look great on the lids. The mac paint pots are also at the top of their game. They too have excellent pigmentation and they last for a good amount of time. I wore 'allthatglitters' to a friend’s party expecting it to wear off by the end of the night but it took me aback when I found it still in place after 5 hours of dancing and sweating. It is definitely worth its price. Not to mention the vast selection of colours available.

The MAC face makeup on the other hand is absolutely rubbish. They cause me to break out extremely often and it basically just looks bad. the mac face and body foundation looks cakey on the skin even when using a tiny amount. It even came off on my my shirt after applying powder and that was extremely annoying. Not even drugstore makeup brands do that. It is over priced and definitely not worth the hype.

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(Updated: November 28, 2013)

Worth the money!

I don't know about you but whenever I think abotu MAC it reminds me of Macs. You know, the Golden Arches? Yea, that.

I've always wanted to own some MAC cosmetics, but alas, the prices prevented me from purchasing their cosmetics. Fortunately, I managed to get a whole palette and foundations at really cheap prices, due to the fact that they were directly bought from overseas and not from the counters in Singapore. (heard MAC's really cheap in France or something)

And after ditching my other palettes for my newly bought MAC, holy shit, the quality of the cosmetics are really good. I've used cheap cosmetics, mid-ranged and upper-ranged cosmetics and it's really easy to tell if something is good or not. The eyeshadows were really easy to apply; smooth and blends with the other colours really well, unlike cheaper brands which turn out like poster colours on the face.

You really pay for the quality.

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Love their range of lipsticks!

If any, a lipstick fetish is what I'm guilty of. I can't seem to stop buying them. I want every lipstick/gloss/balm stain in EVERY SHADE. I've been in love with M.A.C's products ever since I started dolling up. It was the very first cosmetic line I was introduced to!

Their range of lip products definitely bowled me over when I first patronized their Takashimaya outlet. Staring at their wide selection of colors and textures, I knew I was sold, then and there. I prefer the matte range over the others and despite its texture, it kept my lips moisturized throughout the application. Tip: For girls with lips that crack easily, apply a layer of lip conditioner before splashing the color on. It works!

Most of the lip products also carry their signature scent of vanilla. Subtle and not overwhelming, love it!

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Range of lipsticks
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Great products

I am a huge fan of MAC cosmetics, their products are a tad expensive but are worth it in my opinion. My favourite product being their peach blush which leaves a healthy glow on my skin.

What I find lacking however is service. The sales assistants tend to assess customers who walk in based on their attire before determining the level of service and assistance to offer. i.e. If you walk in in slippers and shorts, the service you get is most likely unsatisfactory. This is unacceptable for an internationally marketed brand and does not portray a good brand image.

The products are good and that is what matters most to me and everything else is icing on the cake. I would definitely still be purchasing products from them.

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Great products in general

M.A.C. is probably the most well-known cosmetic brand known to woman! When I just starting exploring make-up, I started out with M.A.C. I have a few favorites that I cannot do without. The Studio Finish Concealer is awesomely pigmented and easy to blend. I like how they come out with NC and NW codes!

Tip: Most Singaporean girls who are yellow-skinned are NC. The higher the number, the darker the shade. E.g NC40 is darker than NC30. For girls with cooler skin tones, NW would be more suitable.

Try to do research on your own because the sales person could be unhelpful and lacking in knowledge at times, depending on which branch you visit. I would recommend the DFS branch!
I really like their amplified lipsticks as well. Vivid color and pigmentation. Bright lipsticks are my thing and I like this line a lot. At $28 a pop, it is only a few dollars more than some drugstore lipsticks so I might as well buy M.A.C.

Don't miss out on limited edition items with their seasonal collections. If you like it, buy it. Once they are gone, they are either gone or would take years to come back. We girls are born to be shopaholics aren't we? Have a great time playing and swatching the wide selection of colors and textures at M.A.C!

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Good products, terrible service

MAC is one of the most favoured cosmetic brands around the world. When I did my research on cosmetic products, many netizens recommended MAC's select coverage concealer amongst many of their other products. I have been using their concealor for over 2 years now and I have no intentions of switching concealor brands. I've also been using their tinted lip conditioner (a lip balm, really) and I am really happy about this product. I'm someone who hates using lipsticks but still wants some colour on my lips. Not only does it feel light on my lips, religious usage of the lip conditioner cured me of cracked lips.

Aside from their lip conditioners, foundations and concealors, I'm unwilling to spend a bomb on their other products such as their eye shadows. It is overpriced and I would much rather invest in Urban Decay's Naked Palette than in MAC's eye shadow palettes.

So far, I have been put off by their service. Their beauty consultants are unfriendly and unattentive, thus I usually stay clear of their retail stores as much as possible. I will recommend their basic products, but not for my friends to visit the local stores.

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Best Part:
Concealor, Lip conditioner
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Tampines Mall
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Horrible service.

It was the first and probably the last time I'll ever buy anything at MAC. I have been researching online on the best lipstick brand, in which I wanted to get the reddest red I can get, and MAC was frequently mentioned.. and so of course as soon as I can, I visited the nearest MAC outlet in Tampines.

I wasn't greeted, and when the sales personnel saw me she just looked away, not even smiling! Usually, I'd be thankful for being left alone, but I was making quite a show on rubbing my chin, sighing, and touching the various lipstick shades because I needed help. She couldn't get the hint, so I called for her.. and I don't know if I imagined this or what, but did she actually rolled her eyes?? My queries were answered sharply and curtly, and I felt really uncomfortable. I tried to smile, to no avail. So, I just picked the nicest shade of red which I could see, and made payment hastily.

The lipstick itself (matte russian red) wasn't so bad, and I would wear it from time to time, but I think with that kind of service, I would much prefer settling for a lesser-quality lipstick that is being sold by someone who actually knows how to smile and deal with customers.

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(Updated: February 25, 2013)

Cosmetics Brand with the Best Colour Range

This is my go-to cosmetics brand whenever I am looking for a new product--especially lipsticks, eyeshadows and blush. To me, M.A.C. is the best cosmetics brand in Singapore.

I love the range of colours they have for lipsticks, eyeshadows and blush. Somehow M.A.C. manages the get the colours just right, meaning the tone of the colours are perfect. It is obvious there is some perfectionist working in the colours department.

I also love the way they package the eyeshadows and blush in plastic containers that are transparent on top, so unlike for many cosmetics brands, we do not need to open the containers in order to see the colours.

I think there is a product there for everybody, so I will not recommend anything except one--a purple lipstick. Most people think purple lipsticks are for vamps and wicked women, and therefore not commonly used. But this purple lipstick is special--it performs as an all-rounder. It can be used for everyday wear or for special occasions, and it goes well with all types of makeup and clothes, whether their colours are warm (yellow-based) or cool (blue-based). This lipstick is called Odyssey. Even the name sounds wonderful, and so apt, since this is the only lipstick I bring on my overseas travels.

When you are ready to upgrade from pharmacy cosmetics brands, take a look at M.A.C. You will not be disappointed.

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