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THEFACESHOP began its foundation from the simple desire to keep skin healthy and beautiful through the use of unique natural ingredients. Originated from Korea, THEFACESHOP is a leading global beauty retail brand offering over thousands of quality products for skin care, body care, hair care and make up.

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(Updated: December 19, 2013)

Another 'gift shop'

I'd only visit The Face Shop to get gifts for that random someone I've to be getting for. Only because it's presentable and.. not crazily expensive. The quality of the products sold are average yet I wouldn't recommend using it for oneself. So far I haven't come across any raves on any particular product of theirs either.

It was previously quite a hit when it opened a few years back and has since quietened a lot. The Face Shop is influenced largely by Korean cosmetics but there are tons of other stores that sell better beauty selections for your inner Korean-wannabe.

I've once used their BB cream that was infused with sunblock for complete coverage. It however, smelled strongly of the sunblock which was a complete turnoff.

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Cheap but Not of Good Quality

Not a lot of people rave about The Face Shop, especially with other makeup and beauty stores around. I, myself, am not fond of their skincare products as well as their makeup. Not being judgmental, but I have a rather sensitive skin. Although the sales assistants insisted that their products were good for the skin, I begged to differ. After using one of their facial cleanser for a week, my face broke out with the worst kind of acne I ever had. When I stopped using it, my acne got worst. I had to visit the dermatologist and go on a medication to reduce it. Since then, I have not found the courage to buy any skincare products from them again.

The only item I would go crazy for is their nail polish. They have a good range of colours, selling at a cheap price. I would recommend anyone who constantly changes their nail colour to get them. Although they are not of great quality like OPI or Sally Hansen, it would definitely help lessen the beating taken by our wallets.

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My first lipstick

I remember the first time I walked into the shop. It was a branch located at Hougang Mall, and I had to get some make up products for a choir competition. These products would be my very first and I had no idea what to expect.

The shop assistants were very helpful, listening to my requests for the products and fetching make up items they felt would meet these requirements. This made shopping at The Face Shop a fast and smooth sailing experience.

I went home and tried the products, and was pleased by the quality of the products. Well, I guess it's safe to say that The Face Shop started my love for make up!

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Hougang Mall
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Good Nail polish

I'm not so much of a skincare enthusiast but I really want to talk about their Nail Polish.

Their Nail Polishes are absolutely amazing. They glide on extremely easily and they are not as long lasting but are relatively comparable to the more famous brands like OPI and China Glaze.

The staff there were also very enthusiastic about promoting their new products which speaks well of the way they train their employees and the message that they put towards the public.

I remember being confronted by all the sales people, each trying to promote new products from their designated sections as I walked pass them. Some people hate that and would rather be left alone but that is their job and it's always great to see people working in the retail sector with such a good attitude.

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Jurong Point
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(Updated: February 01, 2013)

Insane markups in Singapore

Probably the pioneer of Korean skincare and makeup products that first made a presence in Singapore, The Face Shop is now a household name. The cheap nail polishes were what caught my attention initially, but as the price tag suggests, the quality is not rave-worthy. I only started using The Face Shop products recently after my Seoul trip and find most of their products (especially scrubs) value for money. And girls, if you ever step foot into TFS in Korea, you’d be furious for paying all these insane mark-ups in Singapore! E.g. one pack of their Herb Day Cleansing Wipes costs only $6! Beg and beg friends or friends’ friends or relatives who are visiting Korea to help you stock up on TFS products!

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Miracle acne solution

Sure, the price of the facial products may be more expensive than others but some products are definitely worth the money. The tea tree oil product line is a miracle! It cleans up acne within a week. I used to have the most terrible acne problem ever because of my oily skin. After using FaceIT roll on pimple cream, all my acne problems are gone! Currently, I enjoy a acne-free skin with minimal breakouts. The downside of faceshop is that while some products are good, others are just a waste of money such as the facial cleansers that promise better skin. You can get regular cleansers at a much cheaper price and they work the same. Overall, invest in the tea tree oil line if your skin is oily. It seriously works!

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Not for people with a sensitive body

I have sensitive skin and sensitive hair, so not all skin care or hair care products are suitable for me. I will never ever forget the damage FACESHOP has brought to my hair.

A salesgirl was able to convince my mum and I to purchase their shampoo. The shampoo will give a very smooth touch to your hair after use. It was a fact and I was actually very satisfied with the result as my hair was never that smooth before. The disaster came after a week, when I found out an immense clout of hair on the drain after my bath. It was the first time I saw that significant amount of hair dropped. I confirmed I was losing lots and lots of hair when my mum started complaining about the amount of hair on the floor that she has to vacuum. I was really losing hair like a middle-aged woman, it was so bad that the hairdresser suggested me to cut my hair short. It was so heart aching to cut my long hair that I’ve been growing for years.

From then on, I never ever dared to use any FACESHOP products. It was a terrible ordeal that no other girls would like to experience. If you have a sensitive body like me, don’t use FACESHOP!

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Recommended: Cosmetics

The Face Shop does have quite a few skincare series that suits different needs and preferences of their customers. However, I had a bad experience with one of their sales assistant previously when I approached them for recommendations for their skincare line. The sales assistant recommended the 'wrong type' of moisturizer for my skin type, which let me thinking if the sales assistants possess enough knowledge of their products to recommend their customers.

Putting aside the above point, what is worth mentioning from The Face Shop would be their line of cosmetics. They have shimmer bricks which are slightly similar to Bobbi Brown's, but at a fraction of Bobbi Brown's price. On top of that, their line of blushers are really pigmented and long lasting.

For me, I have tried their shimmer bricks, blushers and concealer. Not too bad for the price that I have paid for, even though the prices in Singapore is slightly higher than in Korea. The best thing, the prices doesn't hurt my wallet!

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Cosmetics range
Branch Location:
Plaza Singapura
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Not for the sensitive

Yes, I have to agree with the great service rendered by the saleswoman in the shop but her advice is also the cause of my never-going-back-again notion.

I explicitly told her of my sensitive skin and she suggested the Organature Scrub Foam. I thought it will put a final stop to my troubled skin. It not only did no help, it further aggravated my problem. It caused even more pimples on my acne-prone skin. From then, I never stepped into a Face Shop outlet looking for a solution.

Its nail lacquer is not fantastic, but at a very low price, one just could not complain much. There is a great variety of colors and you can even try those lacquers in the shop.

I believe The Face Shop can still be a great shop for people with awesome genes.

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Causeway Point Shopping Mall
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Avoid the nail polish

When I stepped into the shop, I was greeted by a very perky sales assistant however to my dismay; she had a woefully in adequate grasp of the English language. I had to resort to weird, exaggerated gestures and butchering what little Chinese I knew to tell her what I wanted.

I asked for a sunscreen lotion that would keep me fair and also one that was not oil-based so that my face does not break out. She recommended me a sunscreen in a sort of milky form. I have used it and it meets my requirements although it has a rather unsettling smell that takes a while to get used to. I have tried their range of nail polish but it is of very poor quality and does not spread easily. There is a lotion that keeps your fingernails healthy though so that it does not break easily. That product is relatively cheap and good for those who routinely paint their nails. Most of the products here are pretty good and look out for sales because then it will be more worth for your money.

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