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Listing created by Iswariya on October 10, 2012    

Cheers is a home grown 24-hour convenience store which caters to a diverse group of customers from different walks of life including the young and trendy, students and working professionals who lead active and busy lifestyles. 

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(Updated: December 18, 2012)

Convenience, at a price

Similar to its mother company's supermarket NTUC Fairprice, the things in this convenience store is considerably cheaper than its heavily commercialised rival 7-11, which is a plus point. While its value for money factor is not as strong as the mini-marts found in neighbourhoods, it is a good place to buy a quick bite or drink on the go.

There are a variety of quick bites, such as fried items, pau and polar puffs, While they are a tad expensive, they not not that bad tasting and can actually be quite good. My favourite is the polar puffs, as it is the most accessible place I have to get a polar puff without having to go to the shop itself which is not in the vicinity of my school or home. There are also promotional deals which makes your purchase value for money, such as the 2 for $2 bottle drink promotions.

The other advantage of cheers is its retail of call cards, game cards, etc..., hence, topping up a prepaid card or even your ez-link card is a breeze so long as there is a cheers around, although one must bear in mind the $0.50 service charge for topping up the ez-link card.

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Like 7-11, only cheaper

I usually buy from Cheers only when NTUC has closed, or when I need a quick bite when all the stores are closed. Of course, being situated within walking distance of my home and open 24 hours, that makes Cheers a very convenient place to shop at - and there isn't usually much of a queue.

I prefer Cheers to 7-11 because I feel it is slightly cheaper, although there are items that are more expensive, and items that are of the same price. In any case, the best place to shop would still be the supermarket but if you're used to shopping at Cold Storage then I suppose shopping at Cheers wouldn't make much of a difference.

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Convenient but expensive

Cheers works on the concept of a convenience store, and owes its success at being at the most "ulu" locations where there are no other or very little shops around. However, other than that, I believe that most of us wouldn't choose to buy from there as the items there are mostly overpriced significantly.

I like how Cheers sells ready-to-eat food such as pastries and even baked pasta that can be heated in the oven provided! However, I would say that these ready made meals are certainly not of the best nutritional quality and are often quite little in its serving size making it even less value for money.

For me, I will only visit Cheers to buy basic items like bread or newspapers which is priced the same as supermarkets.

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Like 7-11, the items sold at Cheers are usually pretty expensive for basic necessities, and I hardly go into Cheers unless it's to grab a quick magazine.

The items at Cheers are ridiculously priced. A can of potato chips can go up to more than twice of the original price that it retails for in NTUC. Furthermore, the perishables like bread displayed are always pretty near the expiry date when compared to those displayed in typical supermarkets like NTUC, so they cannot be stored for very long.

However, it's undeniable that Cheers is an awfully convenient store. The outlets are usually situated near neighbourhoods, so residents can probably head down to Cheers to get themselves a snack at any time of the day as the outlets are usually opened 24 hours.

I personally like the fact that Cheers sells cooked food, alongside perishable snacks. The outlet at Tampines serves finger food like mini hot dogs freshly cooked, which is definitely a plus point, as it is a quirk that even 7-11 does not have. The cooked finger food are also surprisingly cheap for a convenient store like Cheers, and it's definitely worth a try.

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(Updated: December 13, 2012)


Personally, I think that Cheers is very overpriced.

From drinks to candies to necessities, everything is at a far higher price compared to its bigger partner supermarket, Fairprice. Even compared to other convenience stores like 7-11, Cheers charges more for the same items.

Other than the unfair prices, Cheers is pretty similar to 7-11 I guess. They sell cooked food (like paus, wraps etc) in addition to packet snacks. The stores are usually clean and well organized.

However, on occasional visits, especially the Buona Vista Mrt branch, they are understaffed and all the workers are stocking up goods, leaving the counter unattended. This left us customers waiting for the staff to ring up our purchases.

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(Updated: December 05, 2012)

You pay for the convenience the shop has to offer

The main selling point of Cheers is the convenience, it being 24-hour, gives you an option to purchase drinks or snacks even in the wee hours. However, for the convenience, you can expect to pay more, as compared to normal supermarkets (e.g. $2.20 for a bottle of a 500ml Pokka tea).

Given a choice, I would prefer to visit 7-11 instead of cheers for they hold a greater variety of hot snacks like the pocket sandwich or the instant mash potato. 7-11 can be found in more locations as compared to Cheers as well. On a side note, both Cheers and 7-11 do hold occasional bargains like 2 bottled drinks for $2, which is quite a steal.

At the same time, 7-11 and other 24-hours convenience shops, such as those at Esso petrol Kiosk, offer either an option for you to pay your bills or provide an AXS machine for you to do so, something which I often utilize. I believe this facility is currently lacking at Cheers.

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(Updated: December 03, 2012)

Like a 7-11

Cheers is like a 7-11 to me. It operates 24 hours and is sometimes a life saver to me. They sell a huge variety of things in one small shop and I am sometimes surprised that they actually do sell it. Though the prices may be on a high side, it is still a cheaper alternative to 7-11. However, I guess that in an emergency, you've got no choice but to pay a little bit more. After all, it is just a few dollars or even, a few cents.

However, they do have really good discounts and offers from time to time. For example, they may sell 2 bottle of drink for $2, which is cheap! Cheaper than supermarkets even.

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Another convenient store

I associate Cheers with any other convenient stores like 7-Eleven. They are less commonly found in the neighbourhood areas, I think they are more popular at the petrol stations. They do provide convenience for the people especially people who just want to grab something light before they go for school or work.

However, the things that they sell in their stores are slightly more expensive than those found in NTUC, shop & save or any other supermarkets. I got no idea why are they selling at a higher rate than the supermarkets and this is also what stops me from buying from Cheers or even 7-Eleven.

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Convenient with cheap promotions every now and then.

Convenience is knowing that when you are craving for a quick snack or a drink, you have a Cheers outlet just a stone's throw away from your house. No need to cross roads, no need to travel, just a short up-to-5-minute walk. From potato chips, to chocolates, to bottled and canned drinks, to ice-cream, and even to magazines and lottery (for those who do play), Cheers has them all!

I love it when I visit Cheers to buy something to satisfy my middle-of-the-day cravings, and see that they are selling, for example, two for $2 for the same item or brand. The only setback would be, I might only need one, but what the heck! Can always save the other for another time.

I would like it if Cheers could (continue to) have their own original product though, like 7-Eleven with Big Gulp and Slurpee. They used to have mocha freeze that was only sold at Cheers, but removed it after some time. It was really good and affordable! Hopefully they will invent something original or bring their freezes back in due time! It's always nice to be able to have something that is only limited at a specific shop, and know that you can easily grab it 'cuz it's so near you!

Overall, Cheers is a great alternative to 7-Eleven as it is cheaper and has better promotions and deals sometimes. A great choice for your daily past time necessities.

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A cheaper alternative to 7-11

We all know that 7-11 charges exorbitant prices for everyday items. I find that Cheers is a cheaper alternative than 7-11 when I compare prices across many of their goods. Moreover, they offer a range of services like liaising up with DHL and selling hot snacks at reasonable prices. Besides, it is a local establishment, and I'm all up for supporting local set-ups.

I find that the service staff at most Cheers outlets are better trained in customer service and are more willing to help. I would like to see some new products at their outlets, though, especially in the hot snacks area.

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