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Glora Jeans is a chain of Coffee houses that serves quality coffee for patrons.

The Gloria Jean’s Coffees story began in 1979 in a small town just north of Chicago, USA where the company’s namesake, Gloria Jean Kvetko and her husband Ed saw the opportunity to offer specialty gourmet coffees in a warm and friendly atmosphere. With appreciation for quality coffee growing, the concept became a success and Gloria Jean’s Coffees outlets opened around the USA.

In 1993 Gloria Jean and Ed sold the franchise for an estimated US$40 million and the company began its expansion offshore – a journey that would later take a remarkable turn to make the company an Australian success story.

In 1995, Nabi Saleh, an Australian businessman internationally regarded for his coffee knowledge and expertise, visited the USA to experience the Gloria Jean’s Coffees brand first hand. Nabi and his business partner Peter Irvine subsequently bought the Master Franchise for Australia and the first Australian Gloria Jean’s Coffees store was opened in Miranda, Sydney in 1996.

By 2004 Gloria Jean’s Coffees had opened more than 200 coffee houses across Australia and became a national brand with coffee houses present in every Australian state and territory. With success accomplished at home, Nabi and Peter set their sights on achieving their vision to make Gloria Jean’s Coffees the most loved and respected coffee house in the world.

At the end of 2004, Nabi and Peter had purchased the international branding and roasting rights for all countries outside of the U.S. making Gloria Jean’s Coffees an Australian owned global brand overnight.

Four years later, the story has come full circle. In early 2009 Gloria Jean’s Coffees International affiliate company, Praise International North America Inc, completed negotiations to buy Gloria Jean’s Coffees U.S. retail and franchise operations from its current U.S. owner comprising of 102 coffee houses in 24 states.

Today, Gloria Jean’s Coffees has opened 1050 coffee houses in 48 markets all over the world.

Additional Details:

Avg Price:
  • < $10
  • $10-$20
List of Outlets:
Suntec City Galleria
3 Temasek Boulevard 7.3 am – 10pm (Sun – Thurs)
7.30am – 11pm (Fri & Sat)
Tel: 6338 4188

1 HarborFront Walk 8:30am – 10:30pm (Sun – Thurs)
8:30am – 11:30pm (Fri & Sat)
Tel: 6376 9568

Twenty Anson
20 Anson Road 7.30 am – 7.30pm (Mon – Fri)
7.30am – 2.30pm (Sat)
Close (Sun/PH)
Tel: 6834 4230

Plaza Singapura
#05-2068 Orchard Road 10am – 10pm (Mon – Sun)
Tel: 68846260
112 Katong Mall

#02-28112 East Coast Road 10am – 10pm (Mon-Sun)
Tel: 66363129


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Soothing for a stressful week

It's been, recently, a truly packed week for me and making a stop at the Gloria Jean's coffee outlet in I12 Katong really helped give me a head start on unwinding over a cup of coffee. The small cafe is situated in a corner of the mall and is brimming with coziness. It really gives you a sense of privacy and allows you to do your work in peace.

There was only one person manning the store which made me feel more comfortable. It was a weekday so it was really empty and quiet which gave me a great opportunity to catch up on some unfinished work while still being able to relax and sink into the seat.

The Iced Mocha I ordered was a bit too sweet but still enjoyable. The price is pretty standard when compared to the other prevalent cafes in Singapore.

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Branch Location:
I12 Katong
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a date over coffee

I am an avid coffee lover and have visited a lot of cafes, tasting all types of coffee offered. Gloria Jeans was on my list. They have their wide range of coffee beverages similar to other coffee houses such as Starbucks and Coffee Bean. I have tried their range of coffee drinks but I do find their coffee not strong enough for me. One might ask how do I test whether it's strong enough. Well, I simply see if I am able to sleep early that night!

Although I am still in search of the perfect coffee with its smooth texture and strong coffee bean taste, it doesn't stop me from ordering a cuppa and hanging out with my best friend or spending the time burying my head in a good novel.

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Chillax over a Cuppa

I happened to be at Spotlight today and when all the shopping was done, I was pretty tired and hungry. I left the store and the first thing I saw was the bright yellow-orange signage of Gloria Jean's Coffees. I didn't remember having ever been there before so I decided that today I would give it a try.

The Plaza Singapura outlet sits right in the middle of the 5th floor, on a bridge connecting one end of the level to the other. It had an "open" concept, allowing anyone on the 5th floor and above to look into the place. It looked really cosy and most of the people there were either reading or working on a laptop with a coffee drink close at hand.

I found the variety of beverages they offered to be quite limited. However, they are worth the price as they will literally fill your cup to the brim. I ordered a Chai Tea Latte and it tasted alright to me but, my mother, who ordered a Cappuccino, had to be add three full packets of sugar just to get it to taste okay.

If you are looking to have a meal there, you can choose to have either a sandwich or a wrap. I had a Caesar Chicken Wrap, which tasted decent to me, since I'm not too taste-sensitive. For those who prefer lots of flavour in their food, their wraps and sandwiches may not be for you.

However, if you just want to stop by for dessert, they have a good selection of baked goods like cakes, muffins and macarons. I found their cakes to be rather pricey though, based on the size of each slice. I feel like they should be at least one or two dollars cheaper.

The staff there are generally friendly and are quick to offer assistance and a warm smile. I feel like this is a good place to study/do some work or simply have a nice casual meal in a peaceful and comfortable environment.

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Branch Location:
Plaza Singapura
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An afternoon in quiet, sweet taste.

When searching for a good place to do some productive work particularly on a weekday, I usually travel to Gloria Jean’s Coffee located on the 5th floor of Plaza Singapura, where it sits right in the middle of the mall with the glass roof allowing some natural light to fall on the store, giving it a warm atmosphere.

However, it does get a little warm on a hot sunny day, and sitting in a place where the sun falls on can get a bit distracting. It is however mostly quiet lest there is activity bustling at the atrium of the mall, with announcers passionately doing their best to generate excitement for the events.

Usually for something to snack on, I go for the $9.90 cake set that has a cake and a coffee. Dropping by recently for a break, I found that they had set some new eggless cakes on display. Curious about some such alternatives, I bought a set with that cake and an iced Americano. The server was really nice to drizzle some chocolate sauce on the side, and was friendly. Take note that they do charge extra for iced or upsized drinks, though!

The cake itself was delightful. Moist, sweet yet not overbearingly so, and it had a crunchy biscuit base on the bottom that complimented its smooth and buttery texture. The iced Americano that came with mine helps to cleanse the palate so you are ready for the next bite. It is not overly bitter, and has a smoothness that does not leave a lingering aftertaste.

Overall, I would say this is a great location to relax or do some work in, and the store does have some really a nice ambience and relatively good cakes. The service is nice, and if it is a busy weekday, it always helps to have a pair of earphones with you.

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Branch Location:
Plaza Singapura
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Quiet place to chill at but nothing much to offer

I thought Gloria Jean's would offer a much wider range of coffees with all the hype my friends were giving it. I was wrong. With a limited range of coffees which have mediocre taste, even their non-caffeinated drinks are not savoury or refreshing. Starbucks or Coffee Bean would be my preferred choice to go.

On the bright side, it was a good place to relax and have a chat with friends, as the cafe was rather quiet and comfortable. It is also well lit and a good place to have a quiet read.

Their pastries and cakes are delicious to look at, but sinful and do not leave much for one to go back for.

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Branch Location:
112 Katong
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Gloria Who?

Gloria Jean’s is just another coffee place built on the Starbucks template. The coffee is competent, the price point on par with other similar set-ups. Nothing much to like or dislike about Gloria Jean, it kind of is just there. If there’s nothing else more interesting around and you need a cup of coffee and/or a place to sit, then Gloria’s your girl.

Give the baked goods a miss though. The usual semi-stale fare from a factory somewhere. Not worth wasting calories on. A minute on the lips, an eternity on the hips. We don’t wanna be plump wall-flowers like Gloria, now do we?

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(Updated: September 23, 2012)

Great to Chill with Coffee & Cake

Gloria Jean’s café is a nice place to chill with a cup of coffee in hand. They also offer some savory food, as well as pastries and cake. The sofa seats are really comfy and ideal for catching up with friends.

I really like their Caramelatte, which is nice and foamy, with a generous drizzle of caramel on top. It’s a nice sweet aromatic coffee, great for an afternoon pick-me-up. I also enjoyed their chocolate cake, which was rich, and definitely something to go for if you’re craving for chocolate. It might be too rich for some, depending on your preference, as it is a really dense chocolate cake. However, despite the density, the chocolate cake was not at all dry.

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