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JEM #05-02 50 Jurong Gateway Road Singapore
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Johnathan Yeo
Listing created by Johnathan Yeo on February 04, 2014    

A cafe serving famous Pontian Wanton Noodles with a variety of desserts and drinks

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Decent food at a good price

I remember visiting this place when both my friend and I were utterly broke.

While the decor is certainly dingy, I suppose the food makes up for it. These are slightly above average wonton noodles - and the price beats anything else you can find in malls. The fried wontons have just the right amount of crunch, and I simply love the sauce (anything spicy and salty works in my book).

While I wouldn't recommend this place if you are seeking gourmet dining with a lovely ambience, I have to say, this place is good for really cheap food with decent portions.

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Cheap Town Food

If you are in town and on a budget, this will be the place to satisfy both your tummy and your wallet. Everyone would have heard of Pontian Wanton unless you are a frog living in a well. However, what is so special about the Pontian Wanton at Cineleisure and JEM is that, it is situated in a Graffiti Cafe.

It makes the whole atmosphere of eating Wanton noodles cooler just cause it is in a "cafe". This is also where a lot of youngster would like to hangout because of the funky vibe and the fact that you are allowed to doodle the walls and tables, hence the name "Graffiti Cafe".

The noodles are not super fantastic but it is good enough to satisfy my hunger while I want to save money. It might actually be a nice place for photography too with the arty farty background!

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(Updated: May 09, 2014)

not your typical cafe

Don't be fooled by the name, this place is unlike the typical cafes that serve brunch food (eggs benedict/ truffle fries/ skinny latte) and such but is a "local" cafe that serves wanton mee and your usual drinks (tea/ coffee/ barley). The whole place is done up with graffiti and does look messy but I guess this makes this cafe instantly recognizable from far. It allows customers to draw on the tables, chairs and walls as well so if you have any newly bought pens and markers you want to try out, this is the place to do so hahahaha

The food served here is pretty average. It is the famous pontian wanton mee but I've always felt that their noodles are too soft and overcooked and their sauce isn't as tasty as I would like it to be. Soup is bland and wantons are usually filled with very little meat. Pricing wise, it is more expensive than your usual coffeeshop wanton mee but that is to be expected because of its location (cine or far east plaza). I've been here once or twice but it isn't somewhere I will instantly think of whenever I am hungry, unless I really really crave for wanton mee. So unless you really really crave wanton mee and you are stranded in far east plaza or cineleisure on a rainy day, I would recommend you to go have your wanton mee elsewhere.

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Cool Concept

The most striking thing about Graffiti Cafe is the graffiti all around (duh, right) the place, on tables, chairs and the walls. I like that we're able to "vandalise" the place. Gives me an artsy fartsy feel that we're deprived of in Singapore

Other than that, the food is pretty average, just like any other stall that sells local food. I went to the Cineleisure outlet and it's self service, which is fine by me. They sell Pontian wanton noodles there, and I can't put a finger to it but the Pontian noodles there is amazing! It's somehow much better and tastier than all the various Pontian outlets around Singapore.

Graffiti Cafe is ideal if you're passing by and just want a quick meal, but it's not a place where I would specially go to visit.

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Cineleisure Orchard
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Nothing Special!

Honestly, when I first heard of "Graffiti Cafe", I was expecting lots of cakes, pastries and all the things that you'd expect in cafes these days. But oh how wrong I was. Graffiti Cafe is much like your typical Yakun Kaya Toast or Toast Box that sells local food at a cheap price. There is nothing cafe-like about it. My feelings were so cheated.

Nonetheless, I really liked the interior of the place, completely filled with graffiti and drawings hence it's name. Apart from that, I just don't think there's anything else worth it here. There aren't many people there too so it's great if you want to squeeze in some studying time or reading time. But, frankly, there's no point in making a trip all the way there just to visit this place. You'll be left utterly me.

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Go on and do some Graffiti

Oh, this place is just glorious. For an artist like me, hearing the words "you can draw anywhere in this cafe" just makes my day. Arm me with a pen and I will go on a drawing spree on your tables - and you can trust me on that.

The first time I visited the cafe, I was surprised to find out that I could actually free my mind and write all that I wanted on the tables. Unsurprisingly, I found random doodles and couples' confessions scrawled across the table. That didn't stop me - I remember making a shy scribble of my name, marking my time spent there as I chewed on the glorious wanton noodles.

Speaking about the food, I just love the way the noodles are made. My favourite will remain the black sauce and chili combination that never fails to spice up my meal. Yum!

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Fantastic Fried Wantons!!

I frequent their outlet at Cuppage more often, but they have another outlet at Cineleisure. the quality of the wantons are slightly different from store to store. If you're looking for a bowl of yummy wanton noodles and perfectly fried wantons, this is the place to go!

My favorite order is "xiao hei", which is noodles with a black sauce. It comes with three fried wantons, and you can ask to switch the wantons in your soup to fried ones too. It costs about $3.50, slightly more if you want to get a drink.

Pontian has one of the best wanton noodles that I've tried before. If you're not in a mood for carbs, you can order the wantons a la carte, they some in a packet of 15, and you can get them with a cup of mayo. They go great as a pair for a midday snack or supper!

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Best enjoyed as a set

I thought it wasn't possible to get a meal, let alone a set meal, for under $5 nowadays at shopping malls. Turns out I was wrong.

Nestled in a shady corner a stone's throw away from Serangoon MRT station, the Pontian outlet may not look outstanding when you compare it to the dazzling and huge Food Republic right next to it. However, my philosophy is 'Small is comfy' and hence, I've enjoyed many a meal in the tiny outlet.

The food itself is simply outstanding. The fame of Pontian wanton noodles in the local scene is a credit unto itself. Coupled with a tasty set meal with a drink (tea/coffee) to energise your day as well as warm or cold dessert, I am always guaranteed a full stomach upon leaving the outlet. Moreover, I always liked how you can order a plate of fried wantons ($7-8) and savour them, for it is the main attraction, not to forget the sauce, of this chain of Malaysian outlets.

An additional feature would be vandalism being made legal in the cafe. Simply take a marker and draw. I've often shyed away from doing this though, being content to make only a small legacy in the outlet in Orchard Cineleisure. But no doubt this certainly appeals especially to the teenage group.

An outlet worth visiting anyday!

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Cheap & Good

Whilst the rest of the eateries in JEM have ridiculously overpriced food (cough, Food Republic, cough), this is one place that actually offers reasonably priced food. The noodles come at 4 bucks, and the set meals, with either a drink or dessert, is only a dollar more.

The noodles taste delicious, well seasoned and the portion is filling. The desserts, too, offered quite good value for money, although a bit too sweet for my liking. The service is also super fast.

A bonus: the ability to vandalise the walls. As the name suggests, vandalism is encouraged. There were many interesting bits and pieces of "drawings" by past patrons.

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