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With its roots originating from Hong Kong, Pacific Coffee Company currently has 3 branches in Singapore, with many other branches in other parts of Asia. They pride themselves in brewing and serving coffee made from Arabica beans sourced from various countries around the world.

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Great place to unwind
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We all know the feeling of helplessness: rushing to a Starbucks for an urgent study session, before frantically looking for another coffee place when you realize they’ve run out of seats. I’ve found myself in this position too many times. So when I chanced upon Pacific Coffee Company (PCC) in the quaint, student-free location of Red Dot Museum, I knew where I could get my next caffeine fix.

Coffee-wise, PCC has some great selections. The Mocha Java Blend -- my go-to coffee solution -- has a pleasant, dark roast flavour with subtle hints of chocolate. I’m always left with a satisfying aftertaste that fuels my brain juices.

Matcha lovers, while it may be tempting to go for their Matcha Latte, I’d say give that one a miss. Way too much milk and with maybe just a pinch of matcha powder, I found it bland and watered down. It also left an unpleasant taste in my mouth.

With prices ranging from $5-$7, I would say they’re a shade cheaper than other coffee joints. Apart from the occasional office worker, the cafe is also never too busy, so don’t worry about seats not being available. You’ll have tons of time and space for your study sessions.

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