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#01-55, Burlington Square 175 Bencoolen Street Singapore 189649
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Geisha Specialty Coffee is founded by a very laidback barista from China in April 2011, and co-mended with a female barista from Taiwan. The dimly lited victorian furnished coffee cafe is located at Burlington Square, opposite the towering Black Beauty - Lasalle College of the Arts. The more prominent landmark will be Sim Lim Square situated beside. Geisha, the most expensive beans in the shop is home roasted, just like the other variety of coffee beans and come in small fresh quantities daily. Cakes and desserts are available. Quality coffee is priced from $2.50 - $15. Prices of Coffee beans to be advised by Barista. 175 Bencoolen Street, Burlington Square,#01-55 Singapore, Singapore 189649 The lowly priced coffee reflects the sincere intention of the Barista to share his passion with patrons at affordable rates.

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10am - 9pm (Weekdays) 1pm - 9pm (Weekends)
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  • < $10
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(Updated: November 14, 2014)

Connoisseur Coffee

Geisha Coffee has only one store in Singapore and one of the places with a wide selection of speciality coffee. It is located at Bencoolen Street, just opposite Lasalle College of the Arts. When you are there in the afternoon, you will see many students heading over to get their coffee. You might also see customers armed with their laptops to do their work there too.

It is a small store with a rustic feel, the moment you enter; you can smell the rich aroma from the grinded coffee beans. When I am there, I will usually take-out as there are limited spaces for customers and it might be taken up during peak hours. The lighting and the décor is suitable and well-done. Overall, the interior is really cozy.

The moment you enter, you will see the guide to different types of coffee on the board mounted on the wall. It is good for people who are unsure of the differences between latte, mocha, cappuccino and so on. You will get to know the composition of each type of coffee, such as the amount of milk or chocolate. This will allow you to choose the drink that suits your taste.

I will usually go for mocha as it is not too bitter or sweet. Iced mocha would be good if the weather gets too warm in the afternoon too. Otherwise, you can go for latte or mochacino. If you are looking for something better, try the Panama Finca Esmeralda Geisha at S$15, it is expensive for a cup of coffee. This is not your usual coffee, it came in first place in many of the competitions and won many awards for its fine quality.

There are many types of coffee with unique taste that you will find at Geisha Coffee. If you are looking to try some of the highly-sought after gourmet or speciality coffee, Geisha Coffee is no doubt the place to head down to.

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Fair Prices for Quality Drinks

I feel that Geisha should be a place where two friends have very serious, yet casual conversations, because given its dark, somewhat moody atmosphere, it allows one to really go deep into their thoughts along with the smell of coffee that consumes them the moment they enter the cafe.

Service was efficient despite the fact that the place was slightly crammed with its rather small space, and clear explanations are given about ordered drinks, which is good, because some of the beverages are really obscure to those who are not huge fans of such enjoyments.

Even without the stranger, more unheard drinks, Geisha delivers excellent casual coffees that include rich aromatic scents along with wonderfully thick tastes that strike a fine balance between sugary sweetness and bile bitterness.

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