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268 South Bridge Road Singapore 058817
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Listing created by bxbong on November 20, 2012    

Nanyang Old Coffee loyally retains the good practices of traditional coffee treatments and further enhances it with a contemporary shop image. Using top quality freshly roasted coffee beans which are ground and brewed with the traditional handmade technique has become the unique way that Nanyang Old Coffee makes their coffee. It brings out the full aromatic freshness, smell and taste to customers.

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< $10
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P1-25 Parco Marina Bay, 9 Raffles Boulevard Singapore 039596

Blk 90 Whampoa Drive #01-33A good chat comes together with a good cup of old coffee

50 Market Street Golden Shoe Carpark #03-04

3 Lim Teck Kim Road

Chinatown MRT Station #B1-03

18 Cross Street #B1-10/11

Upper Changi Road East


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Have you tried their coffee yet? Do so before you die!

I was walking along Smith Street earlier this year when my nose picked up a faint scent of coffee. I walked in a general direction and when I reached the junction between Smith St and South Bridge Rd, I found the source. From the outside, it looked like a mish mash of new and old but I found it rather charming on the inside with a distinctively old-school flavour.

I got myself a cup of Kopi O, together with 2 Half boiled eggs and some butter toast. I paid less than 5 for everything. The Kopi O was the best I had tasted anywhere. The eggs were like,well, eggs. The butter toast was well toasted and butter couldn't taste any better than it did.

The main draw was the quality of the coffee. It is not expensive, though it tasted expensive. I ended up buying a bag of beans, had them ground coarse for me to brew in my French Press and I have been coming back for more.

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Interesting get up with the usual coffee shop kind of drinks.

I once visited the outlet at Chinatown because the place just caught my attention as I walked past it along with some friends. We planned to have a drink there the first time we went by, but it was closed, for some reason. The second time, on the same day actually (we were walking back from where we were), it opened. The weather was warm, we were all tired after so much walking and traveling, and stopping at this curious looking coffeeshop with a nostalgic design to it felt like a very good suggestion, thus I insisted and everyone agreed. The drinks were not expensive at all, given the cup size. The staff were really nice, and they contribute to my memory of Nanyang Old Coffee. Totally did not regret making this choice to have drinks at this quaint and humble outlet.

Other than beverages, there are the typical coffeeshop breakfast items like hard boiled eggs and toast. Perfect for breakfast, or just for chilling out with a nice cup of teh or Milo. Would definitely want to come back the next time I come by, or maybe I should check out the other outlets and see if the get up of the place will attract my attention like the one at Chinatown did.

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