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Located along the busy streets of Killiney Road, the existing shop front was founded in late 1919. Back then, while it was an antiquated yet humble shop, its famous bread toast and warm beverages was popular among many people. Though it was just an ordinary Hainanese Kopitiam, it promised well-brewed coffee and tea, not to mention traditional charcoal-grilled bread toast. Then and now Killiney Kopitiam aims to provide quality products at reasonable prices, with the added touch of traditional kopitiam-styled service.

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< $10
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Killiney Road
Upper East Coast (Siglap)
Sim Lim Square
Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal
Lorong Telok
Purvis Street
Singapore Turf Club
Lucky Plaza
Suntec City Mall
Marina Square
Changi Airport Terminals 1, 2, and 3
Orchard Ion
Bedok Point


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old school.

I really adore the traditional feeling this place sets in me. Though I wasn't born yet during those times, sitting in such a place intrigues and piques me about life then.

They serve the traditional toast set with 2 eggs, bread and coffee. They also serve premade french toast with their delectable kaya, (pandan and coconut jam). Their french toast, though not made on site, after they reheated over the toaster, came our not short of delicious. Pair the eggy bread with creamy butter and sweet coconut-ty jam, breakfast can't get any better.

They also do serve hot simple meals like mee rebus, nasi lemak, economic noodles and the likes. Though they do not specialize in these items, I believe that they would taste fine for someone just wanting to grab a quick bite.

But, most importantly of all, when you come here, never miss their traditional coffee! At less than a dollar for a cup, it's enough to perk you up for the challenges of the day ahead.

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I love their Char Kway Teow

Killiney Kopitiam is one of the oldest coffee shops in Singapore. Before other coffee shops sprouted all around the nation, Killiney Kopitiam was extremely famous for its Butter Kaya Toast and soft boil eggs. Other than that, the local delicacies such as Laksa and Mee Siam are also very delicious! However, my favourite is their Penang Char Kway Teow. Fried with chilli, it is my go-to during a cheat day.

Every Killiney Kopitiam is designed to give a very vintage and “oldie” ambience. Although I wasn’t born during that era, dining at Killiney feels as if I’ve transported back in time. In fact, majority of the customers at Killiney are middle aged Singaporeans and senior citizens who are religiously loyal to the traditional coffee served there.

I really love Killiney Kopitiam both for their food and dining experience! Strongly recommend people of my generation to give it a try, who knows, you might follow your parents back there the next time!

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(Updated: November 29, 2014)

Affordable Traditional Food

This is one of the places for traditional kaya toast and coffee. My first visit, however was at the now closed POMO outlet having their promotional meal of rice set and 1 drink. The food was not bad but nothing special.

Later, I had the opportunity to visit the outlets at Killiney Road and Purvis Street. Killiney Road outlet retains its old decor, with white tiled walls, traditional furniture and interesting quotes pasted on the walls. Curry Chicken rice served there was not bad but the Mee Rebus gravy is very flavourful.The whole atmosphere is bustling just like the olden days. As for Purvis Street, it is just like the traditional coffeeshop. I tried the Assam curry fish and it tasted nice, sour but not spicy like what's sold at other places.

I think the quality and standard of food and drinks sold differ with different outlets. At some outlets,
the tea may be too milky or coffee too sweet as told by some of my friends. For me, their bottled kaya is nice and fragrant, a little sweet but egg smell may be too strong. Their new product, the Premium White Coffee is popular among my friends but some find the product a little sweet.

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Best Part:
Kaya, white coffee, mee rebus
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Killiney Road, Purvis Street
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Killiney is termed as one of Singapore's better and more well-known breakfast outlets but when I visited one early morning, I begged to differ.

I wouldn't say that their food isn't tasty, but it was just.. average with jacked-up prices. Their toasts lacked presentation and the quality seemed the sort you could get at coffee shops. They were really stingy on the fillings with very little kaya spreaded, leaving most of the bread plain and dry.

It was early then and there weren't a lot of customers, but still the toasts took forever to arrive and even the table who came after us, got their plates served first. Probably it was really too early, or that the staffs were grumpy.

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Chicken curry!

Killiney offers a variety of food-- but the best has got to be their chicken curry rice. It's my favourite as well. You can have a choice to have it with bread or rice, though I prefer rice so that it counts as a full meal (filling enough!)

The curry has a strong flavour and the chicken is tender as well.

I had also their traditonal 'Kopi'. Not exactly fantastic, but rich enough for the tastebuds and decent enough for the price. You can get your traditional breakfast here-- half boiled eggs with toast and all. Similar to that of toastbox, but with greater "traditional feel"

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Love the Chicken Curry Rice!

I love the chicken curry rice. Came back from a short trip and that was what I had for dinner at Changi Airport.

Killiney's has a local flavour to it - Not only its food & drinks (Kopi , half-boiled eggs, kaya toast bread etc) but its old-school coffee shop decor. Though the old-school decor is compromised at Changi Airport for a more "come-and-go or takeaway" kind of style, the food and kopi is still of good standard.

I will definitely recommend this to tourists who want to know more about our local coffee drinking culture right when they arrive in Singapore!

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Best Part:
Curry Chicken Rice
Branch Location:
Changi Airport
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Comfort food

I go to Killiney to get my fix of chicken curry. It's comfort food at its best. You can choose to have it served with rice or bread. The decor is old school, with marble tables and wooden chairs, complete with the 'coffee shop' type of cup and saucers. Their rendition of mee siam is quite good as well, with a hint of sourness. I was surprised to see waffles with ice cream on their menu and ordered it once. The waffles was not bad but the highlight was the ice cream. It's so rich and creamy, much like the texture of gelato. There's something there for everyone!

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Branch Location:
Marina Square
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(Updated: October 22, 2012)

Kill + Kenny = Killiney

I go sporadically to the Killiney Kopitiams at Killiney Rd as well as Purvis St. I like both equally. The old school kopitiam décor is charming and the down to earth fare is sedap (translation: tasty).

Kopi and soft boiled eggs are a given at both places of course., with quite a few different menu choices at both branches. At the Killiney Rd branch, I like the chicken curry with bread. At the Purvis Killiney I like to order the Hainanese pork chop with rice. The hor fun is also good. The friendly and garrulous aunty who runs the place is quite a character and adds to the fun of dining here.

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Cheap & Cheerful
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Nice traditional hearty meals.

Killiney Kopitiam prides itself on serving old local favourites, like kaya toast and curry chicken with prata. I visited the branch at Killiney Road one Saturday morning, and it is within walking distance of Somerset MRT. My partner and I opted for the usual popular menu items, like the kaya toast with soft boiled eggs and hot milo. We also ordered a chicken curry which comes served with plain prata. The toast was crisp and they were generous with the kaya, and it was delicious. The chicken curry did not disappoint too, the chicken meat was tender and curry was not too spicy. Plus there were potatoes! In conclusion, I had a very pleasant experience at Killiney. One grouch was the long waiting time to order and the lack of sufficient seats in the shop.

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(Updated: September 29, 2012)

Could be better

Killiney Café has maintained its old-school, traditional decor since it was founded in 1919, which draws the attention of our local diners who are often surrounded by the usual contemporary designed cafes. It offers a great range in its menu – from local delights to western cuisines. I felt that their Mee Rebus could have been further improved. Its gravy lacked of authentic flavour and thickness. The yellow egg noodles were a little faint in colour and tasted rather bland. The Mee Siam had a stronger flavour although it was a tad watery to my liking. Their waffles with ice-cream took a longer time to be served, despite the café being fairly empty.

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Branch Location:
marina square
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Watery food.

*groans* Not Killiney Kopitiam again! Honestly, in my opinion, it is the worst amongst all the other restaurants which carry forward the “Ya-Kun” concept.

The food is definitely not up to standard. Their signature soft-boiled eggs are more than often, too watery! This applies for the rest of their menu items too – the mee siam especially. The gravy is so watery and diluted that it no longer retains the authentic mee siam taste anymore. It just tastes like noodles in spicy-salt water; not very appetising or filling.

In addition, the crispy toasted bread that both Ya-Kun and Wang Café are famous for (with sugar and butter or with butter and kaya) are actually not crispy at all; over at Killiney Kopitiam. The slices are simply ordinary soft white bread! Definitely not impressive.

In addition, I would not say that the prices they are offering are exactly economical. Wang Café beats Killiney Kopitiam hands down, in terms of how economical their menu items are.

To sum it all up, Killiney Kopitiam is definitely not one of the options at the top of my list. Maybe they are trying to think out of the box and be different by having menu items which are not the same from that of Ya Kun’s or Wang Café’s, but I definitely do not like the change in food.

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