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At McCafé, you can enjoy all the quality beverages and more, in a warm and friendly atmosphere with personable service from its professionally-trained baristas. Using only premium 100% Arabica beans, every cuppa promises a full-bodied taste, rich texture and pleasant nutty flavour with a slight hint of acidity and clean finish. In fact, McCafe's Cappuccino received a four-star rating in a Straits Times poll conducted when the first McCafé outlet opened in 2003 - beating many established brands at the taste test. Apart from beverages, we also offer also a selection of delectable cakes, freshly grilled gourmet-style sandwiches and salads that are sure to satisfy.

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McCafe is a subset of McDonalds dedicated to serving coffee and cakes. They serve run-on-the-mill coffee flavours such as latte, mocha as well as Frappuccinos. Although the coffee beans used at McCafe aren’t as high quality as those used in Starbucks (hence, their coffees are less fragrant), their drinks are A LOT cheaper. So much so that I don’t mind settling for something of lower quality for the price I pay.

In fact, the cakes at McCafe are not bad too. Although they aren’t freshly baked on the spot, they serve as good desserts at McDonalds if you are sick the McFlurry or Vanilla Cone. When I was studying for my O levels, I would often order a cup of coffee from McCafe and camp there for the entire evening. They don’t ruthlessly chase students away unlike Starbucks, so that’s a plus point!

Overall, I would highly recommend McCafe! While its flavour is inferior to Starbucks, it’s cheap price makes it a worthy deal. Hopefully more people start to appreciate McCafe!

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Pretty good!

Compared to specialty coffee joints and higher-end cafes, the thought of McCafe probably pales in comparison. However, do not dismiss it as 'not good enough' simply because it's not as 'up there' as Starbucks or Coffee Bean. McCafe's offerings are still pretty damn good.

Their drinks, especially their frappes, are of good quality and in my opinion, taste really similar to those at Starbucks. A drink I highly recommend is the Himalayan Tea Frappe. This drink is really refreshing and has an interesting flavour. So far, I haven't been able to find anything like it elsewhere!

As for their desserts, they are good, but not mindblowingly so. A popular choice is their Cinnamon Melts. This warm dessert is perfect for breakfast or a snack on a cold night. Other food items on the menu include cakes, muffins and sandwiches.

So... the next time you find yourself craving cafe fare at a fraction of the price, you know where to go!

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Starbucks Knockoff

I'm not kidding when I say McCafe is like a Starbucks knockoff.

When they released their version of green tea frappucino, it tasted just like the one at Starbucks! Trust me when I say this because I am the biggest green tea fan and it's basically my go-to drink at Starbucks. So when McCafe was selling it for cheaper, I would go there JUST for it. Contrary to popular opinion, I also like their caramel and mocha frappucino. I know it's not the best but it's decent for the price.

As for the desserts, ugh, just stick to McDonalds fast food please. Apart from cinnamon melts, everything else tastes awful. Actually, even cinnamon melts is too sweet for my liking. It's a once in a blue moon indulgence which makes me feel so crappy about myself that I'd have to run all the calories off. I don't even feel that way when I eat McDonalds burgers. That's saying something.

If you're thinking of studying at a McCafe, fat chance. You'll most likely be chased out. On a side note, now I'm craving for some yummy green tea frappe.

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A café for those on a tight budget

McCafé is more of a place where coffee lovers gather when they are low on cash. The coffee sells for about two-thirds the price at Starbucks, but the quality is certainly compromised. It's not bad, but it's not good either. More of a "just pass", really. Their frappés are probably the best thing off the menu, even though it's still mediocre standard.

The food there is decent, but not anything great; same goes for tons of other cafés, but food at McCafé is generally cheaper so that's a plus. I've never seen a McCafé with an ambience that stood out really great, but the outlet at Tampines Mall is quite nicely designed. One thing I've noticed is that because patrons often bring over their food from McDonalds over to McCafé, the place is often dirty.

Overall, McCafé isn't as bad as people make it out to be. But it's not commendable, either.

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Cheaper alternative to Starbucks

Whenever I am tight on cash and cannot bear to purchase a cup of Starbucks (yes, I am that budget), I will settle for McCafe instead.

Taste wise, of course Starbucks still wins, but I suppose McCafe is still nice, considering you pay almost half of what you pay for a small cup at Starbucks frappe.

I really like McCafe's double chocolate frappe - chocolatey goodness with generous bits of Oreo (I believe). Like heaven for a cheaper price! I have also tried their hot and iced chocolate which is nice too, but because the price difference is not too big for the frappe, I'd rather settle for that! Their Himalayan tea frappe is also not bad, but after drinking too much the taste can get rather sickening (and they only sell it in large)...

Yeah, well, if you are feeling tight on cash, like I usually do, maybe you can consider McCafe. However, I do believe that how your drink tastes ultimately depends on the barista, like any other cafe!

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Double Chocolate Frappe
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Mcdees should just stick to being a fast-food joint.

I have tried McCafe's different type of teas,coffee and cakes several times but giving them several chances still make me feel like they are just a wannabe as compared to the other coffee joints.

Yes,their prices are slightly less costly but if I had wanted a good cuppa latte,I would gladly pay more.Their coffee are all too sweet that I cannot taste any coffee in them at all.

One good drink there would be the hot chocolate drink.It is fairly appealing to me but I would stick to the heaven and earth green tea with my MacSpicy burger anytime. The service I received at most McCafe outlets are always very dull because they all look very unhappy to be making coffee.Unlike when you walk into a renowned coffee joint like Starbucks, the aromas and the smiles of the Starbucks staffs simply brighten up your experience.

Mcdees is still in my favorite list,just not their cafe selection.

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Not trying to sound condescending but McDonald's should probably just stick to serving fast food.

Sure, their prices are somewhat lower than other cafes but I would rather pay $7 for a cup of quality coffee than $3 for a mediocre one. I've tried to give McCafe a try a few times, but it disappoints every time. I never buy their drinks anymore now.

Their food is slightly better, though. I usually get the double chocolate chip muffin, since it's always served to me warm and the chocolate inside is still all gooey which I like. But it's always the same old muffins and cakes, so not much variety.

The customer service is.. alright. I guess. Nothing commendable or extraordinary, just alright. Sometimes, I do see them trying to make an effort, but most times it's like "oh alright here's your muffin, that'll be $3.50, goodbye". Well, it is McDonald's anyway..

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McDonalds lor

Despite the negative reviews on McCafe, i still think that it is rather acceptable, good in fact. Other than the noisy environment which doesn't serve as a very good cafe to sit down and chat or to study (which is what cafes are for, personally), I think they serve rather decent food!

I've always wanted to try their cakes because they look so appetizing and to date I've only tried their himalayan tea, latte and cinnamon meltz. If you're going for Himalayan tea (and you should go for the tea), you should ask for less sugar because mine was overly sweet. Actually it just tastes like yuan yang.. Himalayan is probably a more atas name for it haha. Um their latte was okay, comparable to starbucks I feel, although a lot more ice, and the cinnamon meltz was heaven. Then again, that's for a sweet tooth like me.

It's macs! what do you expect?

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When I first had my cup of McCafe, it was disappointing as I had expected more for the drink with the price that I had paid. The latte that I got was rather too blend and diluted and it just did not taste all that fresh at all. The price was also not very cheap as it had cost me slightly more than 3 dollars for a small cup.

I had gotten the cup of McCafe coffee out of convenience and craving, and it certainly did not satisfy the coffee craving that I was having at all. As a subsidiary of the large Mcdonald chain I had expected that McCafe would still deliver a certain standard of coffee, however I too should not expect so much as it is after all a "fast-food-chain-cafe".

McCafe sells more than just the coffee, it has cakes that are nicely displayed in the glass shelves, cinnamon rolls and also brownies. Most of the cakes are catered and ready made so the standard of the cakes throughout are the same. I would still pop by if I wanted to get a quick cake during wee hours of the morning when I do not have much choices but if given the choice I would definitely not drop by McCafe.

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(Updated: July 05, 2012)

disappointing drinks

I've tried a couple of drinks that were sold at McCafe and they were disappointing to say the least.

Firstly, the quantity was so unexpectedly small for a $4 dollar drink. The drink was full of ice and cream on top and you couldn't even taste much of the drink. It wasn't enough for two to share and the cream made the drink too sweet.

Secondly, the way they made the drink turned me off. Once, i saw a staff making the drink by the sink. i don't know whether i was being too sensitive but the way they made the drink should be hidden from customers so they do not lose their appetites.

The new smoothies which are the mango and strawberry smoothies are not pleasant at all. The mango flavoured ones are too sour to finish and tastes more like orange. I find them not worth the money so think twice before buying any drinks here.

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