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#01-68 Block 56 Eng Hoon Street Singapore 160056
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Audrey Oh
Listing created by Audrey Oh on May 15, 2012    
A corner for creativity fuelled by passion and espressos. It’s a slot between the walls for thinkers, believers, individuals, travellers and neighbours. It's simple earnest food created by those people who grew up running and ducking through these very streets and alleys of Tiong Bahru. A place dedicated to ideals of honest neighbourhood living supporting the creative community.

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Sun / Tues / Wed / Thurs: 9am - 9.30pm Fri / Sat : 9am- 11pm Mon: Closed
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Thimbled from the little pricks

Chanced upon this little cosy café situated right next to the Tiong Bahru Bakery. We actually intended to have brunch at the latter, but it was full, hence, we decided to head over to The Orange Thimble instead.

What’s special about this place is that the deeper you venture into the place, the cozier it gets! Segmented into different areas, you’ll definitely find a corner that’s “you” to chill out here. “Where art meets café” as they describe themselves, Orange Thimble doubles up as an art gallery. With art pieces lined across their walls – a great way to keep one intrigued while waiting for your food buzzer to go off.

He ordered the English breakfast with an iced latte, and I ordered the Sheppard’s pie with the caramel macchiato.

Food didn’t take long to be served, or maybe we got too engrossed checking out the art pieces. It wasn’t exceptionally good, so I wouldn’t go back again just to eat. However, the coffees were aromatic, and nicely brewed. Mine was served with those old-school jewel biscuits at the side, cute!

My Saturdate was well spent in this hidden gem, chatting about everything, over nice coffee. We later decided to cancel our movie plans to continue chilling out, we also got the chance to try out their ice-cream too! Loved the lychee flavoured one, and they were served in cute little bowls with cockerels printed on the sides from the 60s. Uber nostalgic.

Definitely coming back here – hopefully this place remains hidden still. *fingers crossed*

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Coffee, ice cream
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(Updated: January 16, 2013)

More, more old school

The Orange Thimble has an old school feel, and that is probably the reason why I was drawn to the place while strolling in Tiong Bahru on a weekday evening.

The food and drinks were for rather normal standard, but what I really like about the place is that each corner of the cafe is uniquely themed, which made me feel warm and homely. Also, the manager who served us was really chirpy and enthusiastic! Such cheerful characters just brighten up my days.

I love the idea of them selling tote bags hand-drawn by local artists. Well, let's support these young entrepreneurs, shall we?

On the whole, I like the cafe for its laid-back ambience and great service. It simply brings you the joy of sipping latte while flipping through a whole load of magazines!

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Not that fantastic

I decided to visit this café on a humid weekend afternoon, since it is just located near my place. It seems like a small café when you first stepped in. But if you were to walk further in, there are actually a few more seats inside, including 2 huge sofas.

I personally find their cakes and croissants of the normal bakery standard. I have also tried their iced latte and avocado milkshake. The iced latte is normal, and the avocado milkshake is not that great, given that it’s served in a small glass and costs $8.

But their service was not too bad. Seeing that I could not make up my mind, the server initiated to fill me in with the most popular pick and her personal favourite drink. I went ahead with the latter eventually.

However, I don’t think I will visit this café in the near future. There are a few other better ones waiting for me to explore.

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With its tasteful old school decorations and vintage furnishing, the Orange Thimble lives up to its name as an art cafe.

The cafe serves a good variety of food, but do give the sandwiches a try. For mushroom-lovers, I would recommend the Miss Portobella vegetarian burger. With a huge juicy mushroom and sauteed onions sandwiched between soft hamburger buns, what's not to love? The coffee is decent and served with cute old school sugar biscuits guaranteed to make you nostalgic for childhood.

On the whole, it was a pretty good experience and I will definitely return there.

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retro chic is the route most cafes are taking now. What with the antique furnishings and items placed purportedly in the shops, it adds a retro vibe. The older generation would appreciate as this transports them to the olden times.

They have a rather interesting concept. Order and pay for your desserts at the counter and collect it yourself at the chiler. I like. The latte art is not lacking either.

Heard that their sandwiches are fabulous too, do give them a try.

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is orange.

Orange Thimble is a modern cafe in the Tiong Bahru area. The staff there are very friendly and would greet you when you walk in through the doors with a smile. It's a self service cafe so you collect your drink before you go and you make orders at the counter. They don't come to you.

If you are worried about whether the coffee tastes good, you can be rest assured that they are. The aroma of the coffee beans are still intact and unless you are a super duper coffee person, you won't complain at all. Their coffees are served with 1-2 childhood biscuit.. The one with the colourful sugar icing things on a biscuit.. Yknow?

Their scones were a bit dry but they would warm it up for you. I'm not a sconey person so I think that was fine. The boss even came over to talk to us. Very quiet (I went in the noon time) and a nice place to chill out over a cuppa coffee. Plus their toilets are very clean!! (PLUS POINTS)

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(Updated: May 21, 2012)

Comfortable place, comfort food.

The Orange Thimble is located along the street of Tiong Bahru. It would be a really accessible location if you were familiar with the public transport at Tiong Bahru! There's a bus stop near to The Orange Thimble.

The Orange Thimble is a really nice and cosy cafe to chill out and relax at. I am quite attracted to its interior design! The owner is really creative to be making use of recyclable items as part of their interior design which came across as really pleasant and interesting to me. I would say that their services are really good as well. The Orange Thimble actually makes use of the 'timer' which would set off into vibration when your food is really collection.

Food wise, it is rather acceptable. We ordered both their all-day-meal, The english roll ($5.50) and their good ol' shepherd pie ($9). The english roll which consisted bread with mushroom was a tad dry and the portion was quite small. However, their shepherd pie (beef) was really impressive! The beef served was just right for us. They also had quite a selection of drinks and we ordered strawberry smoothie which was also quite acceptable!

If you're in the mood for a nice place to relax yourself and enjoy a quiet meal without putting your hopes too high, The Orange Thimble would be a good place for you. Comfort food, comfort cafe will be a comfort combo!

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(Updated: May 16, 2012)

cosy little place

The Orange Thimble is a place not known to many and with that, it also means that it is hardly crowded. It seems to be gaining popularity though! During my recent trip there, it was quite packed. The place is not the best to locate but once you are near there, it is easy to spot by its modern furnishings that contrasts with the retro feel of the other shops there.

My friend and I had a deep impression of the hazelnut cake. Priced at $5 plus for a slice, it was well-worth it! Every bite felt like nutella and I love nutella so I might be a little bias here. But for hazelnut and chocolate lovers, this is a must-try! We shared a slice among both of us and it was just nice. Not too overwhelming. I'm guessing it could be a little overwhelming if you have the whole slice to yourself. We also ordered a beef shepherd pie. You can choose between beef or chicken. It came out quite small but the portion was just nice. It was piping hot and very filling! We both ordered drinks as well and I can't remember the exact price of it but the total bill for both of us was below $30 for sure! The Orange Thimble provides breakfast as well so if you are an early bird, you might want to head down there for a nice breakfast in a cosy environment.

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