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#01-304 Block 109 Lorong 1 Toa Payoh Singapore 310109
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Listing created by Bellis on May 07, 2012    
Ever wonder how MOLY Cafe got its name? It's simply: There's MOre to LIving! With their passionate commitment to brewing the perfect cup of espresso & tea, they hope you will find that special moment in your day.

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Mon - Sun: 11:00 - 21:00
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(Updated: December 12, 2012)

Must try!

I still remember the first time my best friend and I walked past this shop - when it first opened. It didn't have a signboard, nor menu but just a tiny whiteboard on the wall that said 'milk tea $2'. We were intrigued by the (lack of) decor but were going to walk off until the friendly boss came out to talk to us!

And that was how the bubble tea shop became our regular haunt where we would visit it before CCA every week. Sometimes, we would even go after school and just sit there (chatting with the boss). For the price, the quality is amazing and I must say, the service definitely makes you come back for more. This is a shop that deserves every praise that it receives, and also one that holds many of my secondary school memories.

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Passionate Boss, Great Espresso & Teas

This little gem of an outlet is like one of those little Italian coffee shops, where people go to buy their morning perk-me-up and move on. There is only standing space in the shop and while the overall ambience is not anywhere remotely Italian, the passion of the Boss of the shop is definitely Italian (though he is Chinese).

Upon entering the shop, you cannot miss the La Pavoni espresso machine behind the counter. In fact upon coming out of Braddell MRT station Exit D, when the shop is in operation and if you have a keen sense of smell, you know that there is espresso brewing somewhere.

I suppose this is the only place in Singapore where you can enjoy a solo espresso for $2.50 and a doppio espresso for $3, and mind you the quality of the espresso is way better than Starbucks'. The secret I was told is in the quality of the espresso beans. The Boss personally picks the blend and gets them roasted to his exacting demands. The resulting shot of espresso is so good, that you can drink it unadulterated by any sugar or milk. You would be tempted to swirl the liquer over your tongue and savour the arousing robustness that only good espresso will evoke.

I am not saying that the tea is no good, but if you are in Braddell Road and are craving for very good espresso, come to Moly! But do avoid busy times like lunch times or school dismissals. You will have your patience given a workout.

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(Updated: September 22, 2012)

Great Boss!

Nothing beats an ice-cold cup of bubble tea on a hot day, served up with a great attitude. Tucked away in a modest shop space on Toa Payoh Lorong 1, Moly's Cafe offers an amazing menu of chilled delights; ranging from the traditional milk tea with tapioca pearls, to more innovative creations like its Toffee Chocolate drink and Strawberry Green Tea.

Run single-handedly by the shop owner, the cafe is extremely popular with students from schools nearby and adults on their way to work. The shop owner never fails to strike up a pleasant conversation while preparing your order, and even allows customers to hang around in his store after finishing their drinks. This small-scale business gives other bubble tea giants like Sweetalk and Each-a-Cup a run for their money, mainly because of its delicious concoctions at an affordable price. The owner's jovial and humble attitude also keeps his customers coming back for more.

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(Updated: May 09, 2012)

Friendly service encounter

Moly Café is a beverage shop near Braddell MRT station. One day when I passed by the shop, I decided to get a mocha frappe, but the coffee maker broke down earlier in the day so I had to make another choice. In the end, I ordered a matcha frappe with azuki beans.

The owner of the shop was pleasant and friendly the whole time. After explaining that the coffee maker was down, the shop owner asked some questions to know my taste and recommended a few drinks based on my taste. While preparing the drink, he made small talks and explained the various teas to me. After getting the matcha frappe, he asked me to try if it was sweet enough for my taste otherwise he could add more syrup for me.

Even though I did not manage to get the mocha frappe I initially wanted, the overall experience had been satisfying just because of the good and friendly service I received. I have patronised so many bubble tea shops and none of the staff has been so friendly and interactive. I was pleasantly surprised by this service encounter. This makes me want to go back again just because the shop owner is very nice and makes me feel special as a customer.

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