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Spinning a gold weave among coffee chains Coffee joints in Singapore have become as ubiquitous as fast food chains, so where should one head for a cuppa joe that’s guaranteed to titillate your taste buds and satisfy that caffeine craving? Consider Spinelli. It is the only coffee joint in Singapore that serves locally roasted coffee. Tucked away in Woodlands is its very own roasting plant, where Spinelli pays homage to the delicate art of roasting coffee beans by employing its own Master Coffee Roaster. Over there, the dedicated staff ensure that the right temperature and conditions to roast the selected beans are maintained - a crucial factor in the alchemy of creating the perfect cuppa. Freshly roasted beans are transported to Spinelli stores islandwide on a weekly basis, so that means the next cup you order is among the freshest in Singapore. Not yet convinced? Top this. What truly makes Spinelli stand out from the crowd of coffee joints is definitely their salad bar! Yes, you read right! Not only can you sip on the best coffee in town, you can also satisfy your recommended daily intake of greens. Choose from chicken, pasta, potato, rice or vegetable salads. Opt for one kind of salad or combine up to 5 different types if you’re feeling particularly herbivorous. We are particularly fond of their Crisp Haricots Verts with Pine Nuts – a warm salad of crunchy string beans. For something chilled, go for the Roast Red Pepper and Asparagus Penne – penne pasta with generous offerings of green and black olives on vinaigrette dressing. In an obvious nod to the health conscious, Spinelli also offers low-fat beverages such as their Sunkiss Twist (non-coffee) and muffins in a variety of mouth-watering flavours ranging from Chocolate Banana to Oatbran Raisin. Chosen your coffee and picked your salads? Head outside for an intimate alfresco experience which overlooks the Orchard Road stretch, ideal for soaking in the ambiance of the famous annual orchard Christmas lightup. What better way to unwind or catch a quick lunch than to drop by at Spinellis? We definitely can’t think of any!

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Wake up and smell the coffee

I have always been attracted to coffee shops; the warm and cozy atmosphere and the faint rustle of the baristas bustling around their work station has always appealed to me greatly. Spinelli's was no exception to that rule, with display after display of cakes and pastries lined up almost in a picture-perfect fashion and the occasional rumbling of a coffee machine in the background seemed so magical and wonderful to me.

The Spinelli that I had visited was the outlet within the Straits Trading Building when I was there on my internship. We were being treated by one of our bosses for something like a tea break, so naturally all of us stared rather glassy-eyed at the huge menu behind the counter as the barista looked on rather confused at the lot of us. I remember she was trying to push us to have a two for one deal of buying some of their pastries, but most of us ardently refused given that it was our boss that was paying for us.

I ordered the classic hot chocolate, and it was so full to the brim that some of it actually spilt over onto the small saucer below it. I usually like all my soups/beverages piping hot and steaming when I first drink them and Spinelli's hot chocolate was more on the luke warm side, however that could be just my personal preference. The drink-wise it tasted like a hot chocolate I could get from a 3-in-1 instant packet, not very mind-blowing and it tasted rather thin and not very rich. Probably not the best bang out of your buck, I suppose!

The atmosphere was very quaint and cozy, like most coffee shops inadvertently are. I really enjoyed the orange-brown tint wall colouring and decor that it had up, as it simply enhanced the overall rustic atmosphere the place had. The cushion decor also added a little touch of colour and for those who wanted to sit somewhere more special than the usual tables and chairs.

All in all, while the drinks were not particularly spectacular, Spinelli's is definitely a coffee shop that I wouldn't mind buying a cup of coffee and hang out with a good book for a few hours; just happy to be with my own thoughts and a nice cup of coffee on those grey monsoon days!

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Straits Trading Building
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Decent good-tasting coffee

As with other coffee outlets, Spinelli charges outrageous prices for a mere cup of coffee and a piece of cake. But what made me remember Spinelli was that simple, warm mug of hot latte I had on my first visit there.

It was a rather cold December night (for Singapore) and I had been trying to get out of the cold. Unwisely, I entered a mall, where the air-conditioning made the feeling much worse and hence practically, I decided to grab a hot drink. So I sat down at Spinelli's and bought a mug of latte. I wasn't really expecting a fantastic drink, but the hot drinks sold there are indeed rich and creamy. It tasted really good. The temperature of the drink they serve was just right too and I savoured the drink sip by sip.

People always say its the coffee you visit these shops for. But by complementing my drnk with a piece of chocolate cake, it somehow enhances the taste and makes you more acutely feel the texture of what you're putting into your mouth, a really pleasant experience indeed.

Enjoy yourself there!

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Prefer the cakes

I'm not much of a fan of Spinelli's; I think their coffees are slightly more expensive compared to Starbucks although they have a wider range of drinks.

Taste-wise, I also prefer Starbucks to Spinelli's. They don't really have any drinks that will make you go "Wow!" and want to come back again and again. I do think their coffee tastes better than The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf's though.

What I truly like about Spinelli's are their cakes! Their chocolate cake is absolutely delicious, and will satisfy any chocolate lover. The only reason why I would patronise Spinelli's is for their cakes and not their coffee, and they are really worth trying.

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Atmosphere good, Service bad.

I recently went to Spinellis to hang out with several friends. I ordered the Tapas set, where you get a choice of two Tapas and a Christmas drink (Gingerbread Latte or Gingerbread Chocolate) for $8.90, which I found quite reasonable. I chose the Egg and Roe Tapas and BBQ Chicken Tapas. The Egg and Roe Tapas was okay, but the BBQ Chicken was too sweet for my liking.

However, when my friends and I switched tables, I carried my drink over, but it was suddenly cleared by a waiter, even though it was still 1/4 full. I decided not to ask for a new one as we were leaving soon, but this is a serious oversight by the staff.

Overall, average food and drinks, but poor service. I would not come back.

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Wheelock Place
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Great smoothies!

I recently ordered a berry smoothie from Spinelli and I was in smoothie heaven. The smoothie was incredibly fresh, so I knew that it was made from fresh berries and it was blended to perfection. I can't stand chunky smoothies. I mean, it's called a smoothie, it's supposed to be smooth! I've had bad experiences before but I really loved my berry smoothie here, it was blended to perfection with just the right amount of ice so it wasn't too icy.

The service is also impeccable with staff offering to clear your plate before you even ask or get up to do it yourself. Love Spinelli!

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Coffee house

Spinelli is another coffee joint that is popular in this little country of ours. I have never been much of a fan, preferring to save my cash on caffeine and spend it on good food instead, but this place in undeniably good.

I don't have a particular favourite, preferring to get their daily roast instead. It's really fresh, and although prices may be a little on the high side, it is worth the extra cost. Service is generally positive as well, just ask the baristas for any particular requests, and I am sure they will accommodate you to the best of their abilities.

Worth a shot.

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Great place to hide out with a book

Spinelli is my favourite coffee joint. I usually head to the branch at Alexandra Retail Center and settle down at the window seat with a good book and drink. It gets even better with rainy weather.

The coffee there is not bad, but my personal favourite is the Caramel Ginger Honey Tea Latte. Pair it with one of their gourmet sandwiches. I tried a Roasted Chicken and Avocado sandwich recently and it was surprisingly good. If you're still hungry, satisfy your sweet tooth with a Yuzu Tea cake.

One more thing for Spinelli fans - don't forget to download Perx on your phone and start earning chops! You get a free drink with 10 chops collected.

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Awesome coffee, relaxing ambience

I love going to Spinelli's at Peninsula. It's relatively small compared to their other outlets but I love how cosy it is. I would say that the ambience is pretty classy, it doesn't feel anything like Starbucks or even Coffee Bean. But it still has a definitive edge to it. Perhaps it is the decor you find on the walls. Quirky graphics et al.

People go to Spinelli to enjoy their drinks and the sandwiches. I personally dig their latte. The steamed milk is just of the right consistency and the espresso has a lovely caramel-like flavour to it. I would normally have my coffee with bagels and cream cheese. Next time, I will try the sandwiches.

No complaints about the service staff. They are courteous and knowledgeable about their products. I'll go back there again rather than Starbucks.

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Ambience, food
Branch Location:
Peninsula Hotel
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(Updated: October 25, 2012)

my favourite iced chocolate

Without a shadow of doubt, Spinelli's iced chocolate is my favourite drink among all other coffee places. I like the way they prepare it, thick cocoa powder below with a layer of skimmed milk on the top. People either love or hate it.

I like their flat & crunchy chocolate chip cookie rather than those soft and biscuity ones found at some other food places.

I used to hangout very often at the Orchard Central's outlet since it had a balcony which was facing Centrepoint directly. Ever since it ceased operations, i stop visiting Spinelli that much since the other outlets are not as relaxing and peaceful. Still, i'll grab a cup of iced chocolate whenever i pass by Spinelli.

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I would personally find the quality of coffee at Spinelli one of the best in terms of gourmet coffee. Sad to say that several Spinelli outlets have closed down thus far due to the unbecoming profits. I once had a coffee class at Spinelli Coffee Company which I found really interactive because I got to be in "barista mode" and I got to sample their superb range of coffee beans.

Coffee culture in Singapore includes a very different twist as people on the hunt for good coffee usually also factor in the availability of a large table- to study. Many at times, the place is filled with students studying, leaving little room for others to have space for a little chit chat.

The prices of the coffee though may at times be a little expensive and the lack of variety and creativity as compared to the other coffee chains may put it at a very disadvantageous spot. That having said, I really appreciate how the quality of the coffee beans are never compromised. Would definitely come back for more!

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