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BC The Cannery, River Valley Road, Clarke Quay Singapore 179022
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Malcolm Baey
Listing created by Malcolm Baey on March 20, 2012    

This cool urban hip-hop boutique club, located smack in the heart of The Cannery at Clarke Quay, screams attitude and unconventional chic. Enter this adult playground and be engulfed by life-size toy collectibles on display, walls of street art specially customised by renowned Melbourne artist, Meggs, and get surrounded by essential dashes of bling in this club. Hit the dance floor with award winning resident DJ's, turntable maestro DJ Tang, scratch master DJ Rattle, Groove machine DJ Will, and guest MCs to make every night at Rebel an absolutely heart-thumping experience. Brace yourself for a night of pure showmanship and immense talent, bound to blow your minds (and speakers away.)

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Wed,Fri,Sat 9.30-late
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The R&B/hip-hop place for teenagers

Rebel attracts the younger crowd - mostly teens (some of who look too young to even be there...) and NSFs. It is almost impossible to be at Rebel on weekends, particularly because it is so crowded that it is difficult to even get from the toilet to your table and vice versa. Perhaps it would be better if something could be done on the management's part regarding crowd control...

Heading to the dancefloor proved to be the worst decision I could have made that night - because it was so crowded, there was simply no space for my friends and I to move around. What made it worse was that my friends and I were getting touched everywhere by people we didn't know (again perhaps because there was simply no breathing space at all?).

Towards the end of the night, fights started to break out between groups of guys and that was the "breaking point" for us - we left the club early, disappointed because this wasn't our idea of a fun night out at all, and we were upset that it was both a waste of time and waste of money.

As much as I liked the choice of songs played, I would not even consider coming back simply because of the crowd.

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The brutal truth

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(Updated: January 04, 2013)

Old Rebel

Rebel was the first club I went to when I just turned 18. It was just not memorable because of latter but also because of its cramped space.

I went there again and gave rebel a second chance. However, love was still not sweet the second time around. It was more spacious yet less "clubber" like. The music stayed the same where they play the popular R&B sounds that everyone, mostly the youths, can relate to. But it was not as surround sound like the former Rebel.

I actually prefer yellow jello, the establishment Rebel replaced. I love the live rock bands that literally "rock" your eardrums and you can also make song requests to the resident bands.

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The wilder the better

Rebel, for me, is the club to be. Things get pretty wild here, so be warned. But thats what clubbing should all be about.

The crowd here knows how to enjoy themselves, and how to dance. While the girls here might not be well dressed or the guys here may not know how to dance, everyone made up for it for their enthusiasm and wildness. The R&B mix here is pretty good too, half the time, you would be grooving to some cool beats and the mix stays good for about two or three hours. The entry fee here is affordable for students too.

To me, Rebel sets the standards for the clubbing scene in Singapore, it is the club to go to have fun in.

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(Updated: December 08, 2012)

It's getting worse!

I used to frequent Rebel from time to time in 2010/2011. It plays R&B which isn't that bad. However, recently when my friends and I decided to spend our Friday night there, I realised the huge change in the club culture. The crowd was worse than before. As compared to the crowd at Zouk/Phuture, I feel that there are more 'ahlians' and 'ahbengs'. Also, the music played that night was horrendously bad. The music wasn't as great as before because throughout the entire night, majority of the songs played were old R&B music. It definitely wasn't an awesome night for us and we actually left at 2am, instead of our usual 4am. I have to also add that the lockers there are terribly limited as compared to Zouk or Butter! After all that I have said, I feel that it is alright for those who have not seen the club scene to visit Rebel at least once. However, for me, I have been partying long enough and in my opinion, Rebel definitely wouldn't be one of the clubs to have a good night fun.

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A good step

Rebel is famous amongst youths for their Tertiary Nights - students get free entry on Thursdays if they arrive before a certain time. It was the first nightclub I ever went to, and I didn't have a bad experience there, so it kinda has a soft spot in my heart.

Fights don't often take place here as compared to the likes of Butter Factory or St. James. This is something that attracted me to it in the first place. However, space may be a tad limited as compared to other clubs out there. If you are looking for a place where you have your own little spot to groove and move to the music, this might not be your thing. However, I personally feel that the atmosphere here is much friendlier than your usual club.

Spend a couple of hours here at least for once before judging for yourself.

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Crazy rebels

Rebel was the first club I went to when I just started clubbing. Always heading there until my friends introduced me to Phuture. I love the music they played as is mostly R&B remix. Usually, I will visit Rebel with a group of girlfriends, drinking before we head down plus the complimentary drinks in the club before hitting the dance floor despite being squeezy. We will then club hop to Zirca. There were occasional crazy nights which we could not remembered clearly what happened. Can’t deny those were the fun nights that you will always remember. Used to be able to enter Zirca through Rebel, sadly now they are separated.

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God created Thursday's for Rebel

I think Rebel is the greatest Singapore club in existence, losing occasionally to Phuture.

Rebel was the first club I’ve had the honor to go to after a long hiatus from clubbing. I was with just a female friend, and we were too early. It was Tertiary Thursday at 11pm and the place was so empty you began to wonder why you came and how did you go wrong. Alright bad lyrical jokes aside, me and said friend was pretty high from the pre-alcohol already so we decided to just head to the dance floor. No one around to be embarrassed to anyway!

Apparently 2 self-made, semi-drunk chicks were all it needed to kick start the night. People started popping in left and right, all the lazy patrons who were just drinking started dancing and it was a good night of great music (DJ Rattle is a god) and new friendships (beware of bad pickup lines – drunk us were too high to be a good judge) and more tequila shots (alcohol is the answer to everything).

I think Rebel’s slogan should be “go in strangers, come out best friends”. I woke up to a sudden influx of new numbers in my phone but neither me nor my girlfriend remembered who they are specifically so they all got erased. One thing was for sure though – we remembered we had the night of our lives.

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Fist-pumping music
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Once bitten, twice shy

Perhaps it is due to my years of partying overseas that I feel that clubbing at Rebel is a little too local for my taste. I remember visiting that club on a Saturday night, and had to pay a cover charge of around 16 dollars for entry and one standard drink. The cover charge was half-off before 10.30pm when I was there.

That one harrowing experience was enough for me to never want to go back there and always walk right past it without a blink whenever I am in Clarke Quay.
There is absolutely no space to dance on the dance floor, and the crowds spill into the drinking areas. I have to admit, the music is pretty good though, with Top 40 hits playing in a bid to get the party started.

However, be warned: horny guys are at every single corner! Be expected to feel a hand or two around a certain part of your body, especially in such a tight, confined, dark space. Going with guys does not really make much of a difference, because there will always be a sly hand slipping between the cracks of your male "bodyguard" shields, trying to get some.
Clubbing is supposed to be fun, carefree and safe. However, I feel none of the above when I am at Rebel.

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Clarke Quay
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Be prepared to Club Hop!

A pretty small area compared to most clubs, however, the choice of music is pretty much what I enjoy.
This is definitely not the place to go to sit and chat with your friends!

The entire dance floor is occupied, and you would really have to squeeze your way into the dance floor!
Drink a little outside as the drinks in there is kinda expensive, and you'd barely have space to sit and drink.
I went there on Wednesday which was a ladies night, which may explain why it is more crowded.
Also, on ladies night, Rebel is combined with Zirca, so pay one price and get to enjoy both clubs! Quite nice on the wallets!

Bring along a group of friends who are ready to just party the entire night away.
Do something crazy, something wacky.
Ignore those touchy guys who're only there to touch, Chat up a few other fun and nice people, enjoy the dance floor with your friends!
That's pretty much all that you could do there for.... a few hours.

It'd not be an ideal place to spend an entire night at. It gets too hot, too stuffy, and too boring.
Be prepared to club hop.

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Not the club to go to on your leisure nights.

Rebel is not really the kind of club I had in mind. I went there a few years back, and it felt like a cage. Or maybe, it is designed to be a cage. There were metal bars blocking out the bar from the dance floor. But I find them annoying as the club is already so small! The restriction of space makes it hard to breathe, needless to say, dance. It was quite a traumatic experience squeezing with the crowds, sweaty crowds at that.

Music wise, I thought they could be better. The songs did not really get my adrenaline pumping and I guess the whole ambience contributed a lot to my horrible clubbing experience. Never went back again and I don't think I will anytime soon! I guess it is more worth it to go clubs like Zouk and Butter Factory, the all time favourites!

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(Updated: April 08, 2012)


The jaunty and youthful vibe paired with decent mixes barely cover up the slew of turn offs.

From pretentious prepubescents to NS men deprived of gratification in a particular area, most of the clientele boasted is marginally depressing; but understandable for a "boutique club". The impetus is not strong enough to make me consider leaving, however, I doubt many would take kindly to prickly buzz cut jabs in the eye.

I strongly discourage patronizing this club if out with females in the group as you inevitably become the defender of modesty and honor from carelessly placed hands which demand the benefit of doubt simply due to the air-tight seal in between bodies on the dance floor.

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