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Malcolm Baey
Listing created by Malcolm Baey on March 20, 2012    

The interior of Attica is reminiscent of a bedroom. With its golden curtains, couches and chrome lighting, it’s hard not to associate the place with basically anything sexual. ( And you probably will not be too far from the truth.) It sets your inhibitions down, bringing you a whole different mindset of being jolly, friendly and just too receptive to others. No intimidating stone structures, no moody aura. Just a straight up provocative invitation. Further down, you will be exposed to the Courtyard. Set in a very Balinese style, complete with atap huts and a fountain, it’s where you want to enjoy your drinks while you rush off from the mad crowd. The open-air concept though means that you are subjected to the humidity. Well, if you’re not already hot, might as well define it in another way. Going through a velvet- decorated staircase, which by the way is really dark and has really steep steps, you will be introduced to Attica Too. In comparison, the place has a futuristic vibe to it. Almost trendy, it carries off the same interior designs of couches and mirrors. However, they have a big dance floor. Much bigger than their ground floored compatriots.

Music there is pretty solid too. Though the Djs are not as known as some of the Djs here, Titus of Attica, who spins on Wednesdays and Saturdays, injects back the old-skool hip hop feel into a pop-infused culture. Spinning tracks that date back to the early 80s, this is a much-needed salvation who are sick of hearing them rappers talking about their female counterparts in the most derogatory manner. We are not saying guns and drugs are better. But it feels odd to hear a 16 year old singing about his mojo and how all the ladies want him. On top of that, quite literally too, Attica Too provides house and progressive music for those who are more into the bass than the beats. Playing off against a kaleidoscope of colours, the feel there is more hard-core clubbing as opposed to Attica.

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Sun–Tue, Thu: 5pm – 3am
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Wed, Fri–Sat: 5pm – 4am
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A joint with many foreigners and expats

Attica is a club which attracts many foreigners and expats (for reasons unknown). Although it is not uncommon to see locals there, they are usually seen with a few other foreigner friends. It would be better if the decor had been kept slightly more simple though - after a few drinks I found it hard to navigate my way around the club.

What I didn't like about this place (and hence the low ratings):

1) The queue - we reached there early (before 10pm) but we still had to queue for about an hour or more before we were finally let in. That was a bit of a mood dampener.
2) The crowd - when we finally got in, we were stuck near the entrance for quite awhile because the place was too crowded and we didn't wanna squeeze with all the hot and sweaty party people.

What I liked about this place, though, was that everyone on the dancefloor made sure they had as much fun as they could, and I didn't spot any fights the night that I was there... Unlike in other clubs where intoxicated teenagers get into silly fights, Attica is a little more "sophisticated" in that sense. Even though that night was the one and only time I'd been there, I guess it is safe to assume that the crowd is generally less aggressive than the crowd at other clubs.

Won't be visiting that place anytime soon again though...

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This place doesn't go well with me. The last time that I talked about this place was when I was under age. It seems that this place is one of the easiest clubs to get in without being checked strictly. It seems to be the case that as long as you have a fake ID or look non asian, you can get in easily.However, despite its easy entrance, it isn't as tempting for girls to enter as it is akin to an entrance to a nightmarish night. Not to forget that you might end up having to go through an ordeal if the club suffers a raid (and yes, this place gets raided frequently).

The people inside this club are akin to wolves hunting for fresh meat - and yes, by fresh meat I mean sexually pure individuals. A note of caution, do not go into this club if you do not wish to be harassed constantly by sleazy old men who try to touch you at places they're not supposed to.

In short, not the place to be unless you're looking for some night time fun.

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Fun and one of my favourite clubs

It is hard to find a favourite for a person like me. But this club managed to change this fact. Attica is one of my favourite clubs in Singapore. I went there about 3 or 4 times and on ladies night. Just by looking at the long line outside, you'd be able to tell it's one of the best clubs.

Ladies would be provided with coupons for drinks. What's more, you actually get to choose what kind of drinks you want. isn't that awesome!

On top of that, there's a place that the allow you to put your bags for FREE. I know lots of clubs provide you with a locker provided you paid for it. But Attica acutally has a room for all the bags.

Talking about what's on the inside, what's special about it is that it actually has 2 floors. And both with dance floors! Getting tipsy on the first floor and going to a bigger dance floor on the 2nd floor is an experience you should try. :D

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dance floor, drinks, music, lightings
Clarke Quay
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(Updated: July 12, 2012)

Girls, looking good gets you everywhere..especially at Attica

Attica is probably one of the most happening clubs located along the bustling nightlife representative of Clarke Quay. No stranger to locals and expatriates alike, Attica is not your typical, run-of-the-mill club. The burly bouncers at the door and posh interior of the club practically scream exclusive. With plush, velvet sofas for the big spenders and champagne showers, and swanky decor to entice clubbers to come back for more, Attica is divided into three sections, mainly Attica, where most of the action happens, the Courtyard, where people can actually hear each other and mingle over cocktails and champagne, and Attica Too, located above the Courtyard, where the VIP section of the club is located.

Whilst the standard cover charge is $28, ladies generally get in for free [especially on Ladies Night every Wednesday]; only if you look good. Outside the club, girls hover in their tightest dresses and highest heels, hoping one of the bouncers will motion her and her friends into the club, past the snaking long queues of those waiting in line to pay. I was clad in a long dress and heels on a Saturday night, and immediately got ushered into the club in less than a minute.

However, Attica has developed quite the reputation for attracting SPGs, namely Sarong Party Girls, who are mainly looking for Caucasian counterparts. The age requirement for guys is 25, but most Western men get in regardless anyway. As a result, some local guys have expressed displeasure over the clubbing dynamics in Attica.

Despite the crowds at Attica, the music is good, themed-parties are exciting and frequent, and if you happen to be a good-looking, well-dressed girl looking for a night out of fun, Attica is the place for you to be seen, be heard, and party at!

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Clarke Quay
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