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Nicole Lee
Listing created by Nicole Lee on June 01, 2013    

Theater, mystery, seduction. These are to be the three reigning qualities of the newest addition to the Massive Collective Nightlife Family. Prepare to be wowed with world class electronic music DJ sets complemented by live performances; cabaret-style themed parties accented by beautiful VIP hostesses and dancers, and Massive Collective’s signature spotlight on premium bottle service and glamorous crowds, 6 nights a week at the hub of Singapore’s nightlife – Clarke Quay.

Bringing a sophisticated feel to the live entertainment scene with a Western twist on an Asian concept with plush VIP booths, delectable tapas and Asian/Western fusion bites, a night at Playhouse is always a mystery in the making. This elegant, versatile space with state-of-the-art lighting, sound and design serves as the perfect location to enjoy after work drinks with colleagues which will soon be proceeded by a raging, fist pumping dance party as the night evolves. Choose your poison every night of the week at Playhouse.

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Cheap !

Despite the ridiculously cheap alcohol (as compared to the other clubs in Clarke Quay), my nights and experiences at Playhouse are only mediocre.

The draw that Playhouse has is that you probably would only have to spend half as much there (or even less), as compared to any other clubs around the area. However, that's probably the only good thing about Playhouse. Firstly, the service staff at the door and in the club itself are unfriendly, slow and inflexible. After spending a couple of hundred dollars on alcohol, you would expect some decent service at least, but it takes about 20-25 minutes on average for your drinks to be served and for you to get your night started. Due to the cheap liquor being sold, you get hordes of young teenagers flocking there and drinking themselves silly. It is not uncommon to see the barely conscious bodies, of girls and guys alike, being carried out by the bouncers, or groups of testosterone-bursting young men being escorted out for starting fights in the club. I would have to say though that the music they play is quite good, though a tad loud at times.

I would recommend Playhouse for a simple, cheap night out for some drinks, although I would rather pay more for more quality service and a better experience.

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Cheapest liquor amongst the clubs

This place has one of the cheapest liquors in town. Definitely a place to be if my friends just want a chill night out to party and get thrashed by alcohol. Most of the time when I'm here however, I barely enjoy the music that is played. Most of the music is mostly mainstream and K-pop (Korean Pop music) which is not really to my liking.

This club doesn't leave a lasting impression on me other than the cheap liquor it offers. The other areas of service and enjoyment it tries to fight with - with the other clubs - pale in comparison.

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Too loud

Playhouse is like a lounge, without much seating. It’s decked out with plushy interiors, many tall tables with the bar situated at the back and the DJ the front. The V.I.P area or seating tables are only available if you’ve purchased more than a certain amount, which can be quite costly unless you guys are a big bunch. My friends and I had to stand the whole night and that's a pain. Things also fall off the tables easily, causing a lot of breakage here and there. I’ve only been there once but it was enough to deter me from repeated visits.

The music was way too loud for my liking and I exited Playhouse being close to deaf. To open a bottle in there is considered pretty cheap for many, which leads to over-crowding at times. I do love their toilets though, for it has many cubicles – this is a must for every club or bar. I hate having to queue up to use the washrooms when I’m tipsy and on a really high tide. Such agony.

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A levelled up drinking place

It's pretty alright.

It's a strange experience for me. I never been to a thai club so I've never actually seen professional dancers on a stage. This was the first time I did so I guess it count a little for surprise.

Everything else is pretty much. This is a glorified drinking place at best. There's groups of people drinking and having fun and there's no dancefloor, unless you want to take the catwalk stage away from the scantily-clad dancers of the night.

There's a standing patio for drinkers without tables and it's generally a very tame place, nothing much going on and most of the time you'd see people on their phones.

I really would have to think harder about coming back again.

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