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Nicole Lee
Listing created by Nicole Lee on June 01, 2013    

Now at the location of the defunct Zirca, Club DREAM is at the heart of Clarke Quay with its mind-blowing visual effects and aurally engaging sound.

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(Updated: July 31, 2015)

Just Once is Enough

Dream was one of the first clubs I visited as a teenager with no money and even less connections to get on the very coveted Zouk members guest list. To put it simply, it’s not the best club- but it’s pretty decent with the usual vodka and cranberry mixers. The vodka is harsh and aggressively burns my throat, but the sheer thrill of being there in the club with its pulsating beats and gaudy strobe lights was enough as a mental high. It doesn’t rank high in my greatest list of clubbing experiences but in its little shop house enclave at the heart of Clarke Quay, it will always hold special places in my heart.

The music was o-kay, your regular dubstepped autotuned remixes of top 40 hits you frequently hear on the 987 countdown. However, the sound system could do with a little polishing up- Lana Del Rey’s Summertime Sadness became more Summertime Screeches. But nevertheless, decent tunes. As it wasn’t an awfully popular club, one virtue it had compared to the Velvet Underground was its liberal dance floor space to actually, you know, dance for once as opposed to just shimmying to 128 bpm.

The first time you’re there and getting picked up by a boy you know nothing about other than what he looks like under purple neon light is thrilling and almost surreal in the flesh. In your teenage excitement everything does feel truly like well, pun intended, a ‘Dream’. However, the appeal soon waivers off as you experience the luxury of Brix or the world renowned DJs that frequent Zouk. But it doesn’t mean you should give it a miss on a boring Friday night! The main defining factor of a good night out has, and will always be, the company you go with.

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Pretty much just a dream

I've been here once on my friend's birthday. It's not a place that I would go back to very often. The dance floor is rather small, they're mostly chairs and tables around. So unless you're filled to the brim in your pockets to pay for those seats, it's difficult to get yourself comfortable in a club like this.

Their drinks are nice, but those are usually your standard cocktail mixes that any bar tender should be able to do. I will commend their lighting effects though, it makes the place look quite nice.

I guess the one good thing is the availability of lockers. I prefer this concept than to the ones at zouk where you leave your bag to someone else to look after. Here, they allow you to hold on to a locker key for just $2. It's an okay place, not too amazing, but their constant flow of new themed events are a plus for the place.

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While I have not been here personally, most of my friends end up leaving a bad impression of this place. Most of them tell me that their experience in DREAM always end up bad. Not only do they leave an impression that they don't have a good time there, they always complain about the fact that there are a lot of under age people that do make their way into the club.

If you think it gets better, it gets worse. Not only are the people under age, most of the other people that frequent the club are unfriendly which could potentially ruin your night if you happen to get into a fight or offend someone. Music wise, it is mostly repeating of mainstream music that most people can groove to.

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Why sleep when you can dream?

When Zirca was taken away from me, I weeped 7 days and 7 nights and told myself I'll never be happy again.

Then I saw Dream.

Like a jilted lover, I went just to see if they made Zirca any better. If this was worth giving Zirca up. And like that same jilted lover, I was bitterly disappointed.

Dream has a very Avalon feel to it. For the uninformed, Avalon is a luxury club over at Marina Bay Sands. I had honestly thought they joined management, because this place feels like the Clarke Quay version.

The dance floor is awkwardly small and there's space to dance, but unlike the old seats-to-dancefloor ratio of 1:3, it's now 2:2. There's a lot of fancy lit tables and pretty lights everywhere else, but it feels like it's turning more towards being a drinking place than a club now.

The music is great as always and the smoking section stayed the same. Everything was same same but different. It wasn't a pleasant first,nor second, nor third experience. I truly had expected more.

I'd still go, of course, because no matter what Dream is up and rising and it could even beat out Zouk one day.

And until then I shall think of sappy tweets in the event I find myself there:

"Why sleep when you can dream?"

"Dreaming it up!"

"Dreaming without sleep."

"And I'll see you in my dreams tonight."

I am the queen of all things punny and lame.

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Classy lights
Clarke Quay
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