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Listing created by Raine on February 25, 2012    

Behold the largest all-in-one clubbing destination in Singapore – St James Power Station. Set in an old power station that was built in 1927, this massive entertainment complex is home to ten different and interconnected venues each catering to a specific music genre. Music Genres: Funk, Mandopop, Jazz, Dance, Samba Features: Live Music, Dancefloor, DJ, Serve Food Recommended for: People who like Electic music and dedicated sports bars


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Weekday Opening Hours:
Wed-Fri 8pm-4am, Sat 9pm-5am, Sun 10pm-4am
Entrance Fees:
Be prepared to spent anything from $50-$100.
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Too overpopulated for such a big club

Been to St. James Powerhouse only a couple of times, but I didn't like the place enough to want to revisit it.

Having to queue for a long time to get in wasn't that much of a problem because I knew from the start that this is quite a popular place amongst the party goers so I didn't complain. The one and only thing I liked about this place was the layout of the place - it was pretty special, a little different from the usual clubs along Clarke Quay, perhaps because this was one of the bigger clubs I'd been to. I also liked that they had lockers for those who were afraid that their bags would be too much of a hindrance.

However, the music was too loud for my liking. Sure, the mix of songs was good (kudos to the DJ for that) but it was a bit too deafening. Also, reaching there at midnight on a Friday night was perhaps too late - it was impossible to find a seat and 4 of us had to settle for a small space at the bar counter and it was hard to have fun with that space constraint.

It didn't help that the couple next to us (foreigners) were insensitive enough to smoke in the club despite the many signs that smoking was prohibited. Worse still, I was shocked that no bouncers had noticed them and hence they were allowed to enjoy their smoke in the club, right next to us!

It was overall an unpleasant experience, and I don't see myself coming back here anytime soon.

P.S: Do note that my review is based solely on Powerhouse, they have different outlets which play different genre of music as well (i.e Boiler Room, Dragonfly).

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Personally, I do not frequent St James Power Station. Neither do I fancy it. It isn’t horrendous. I’ll rate it with a mere ‘O.K’.

My friends and I were residing at Sentosa several months ago. There was barely a thing to do when the moon rises there and our eyes could barely be kept shut. We were downright wide awake. Hence, we scanned the choices available to us that’s accessible. St James was first in line. None of us had been there before since we’re usually much more preoccupied by the nearby Vivo. ‘Shop Till We Drop’ is actually an applicable term for us. We usually fail to muster sufficient enthusiasm or energy to go to St James soon after the shopping endeavors.

I can’t quite recall the unique factors available at St James. I do know that I was mesmerized by the ceiling. Boy, were they high!

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I like how this place appeals more to the older generation who likes to club. In its essence, there is a huge diversity in terms of age group in this club. However, since it is catered to people who are in their late 20s, the atmosphere of the place is more suited for chilling as compared to the other clubs which are more upbeat and noisy.

However, the upside of this kind of ambience is the fact that the people who patronise the club tend to mind their own business and not find trouble without reason like the teens in the other clubs. In fact it has been more than once since I've actually seen the young gesturing at each other suggestively and provocatively as if about to start a fight.

If I remember correctly, this place used to also host underage events which was good due to the big space that they have. All in all a good place to chill if you actually just need some time away and just some music.

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Not my preferred nightlife venue

By right this should be a place where I am completely spoilt for choice in terms of nightlife options. With over 10 different spots to drink, dance and party the night away, there really shouldn’t be a lack of places for a great night.

But herein lies the problem, with that many pubs, there seems to be a lack of a common identity that makes me want to return to this place. While zouk, butter factory and some of the pubs in clark quay have some really good DJ sets and a unique crowd, I find St James to be lacking in this aspect.

It is not exactly a bad place to party, its just that there are much better places to spend a night in singapore.

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Perhaps my expectations are too high, but I have to say it. I hate this place. With a passion.

No offence to the owners, but when you operate a club, don't you have to make sure the patrons are of legal age? Or they behave as best as possible given the state of intoxication most of the customers will be? I've been to St. James several times, and each time a conflict took place (which is practically every other night), the 'combatants' have to be separated by their friends. Either the bouncers are slacking off, or the people that enter here really are just itching for a round or two.

This club could have been so much better, if only the quality is upheld.

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Fight Club

Never am I going back to this club again. This club is filled with young hooligans (locally know as "Ah bengs" for the guys and "Ah lians" for the girls) who are easily angered into fighting. In 1 night alone, I witnessed 3 fights and during 1 of them, the guy was sent flying to my direction when I was just innocently dancing with my friends. Not a good experience at all. While trying to escape all the madness, I bumped into a girl who totally lost it and shouted at me. I have no idea how I was supposed to avoid coming into contact with anyone at all in a crowded club.

The music played at the club was decent, not that it mattered since most of the time was spent trying to avoid getting a black eye rather than dancing.

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Heh heh heh

My first reaction when I found St James listed.

Let me tell you what St James is. It is a place where our local "ah lians" and "ah bengs" make their debut into the clubbing scene. Forget Zirca and Zouk, this is where you will find every underage smoker and clubber!

Will St James bounce me out for this? But anyway, I've had the pleasure of stumbling on the fact that St James love their ladies and offer 15 free drinks on Wednesday nights. So here is my enchanting tale.

I went on a Wednesday with 2 other girls. We were offered the necessary coupons and hence had 15 drinks on our table. It was a sight to behold. And it was all free.

The dares started and because St James had this "jail bird" kind of theme, we decided to follow suit. My girlfriend's dare was to go and ask the bartender "hey, what'd you do to get in here" and mine was to tell a cute staff, "let's commit the perfect crime, I'll steal your heart and you'll steal mine" or something equally horrendously cheesy.

It was either that penalty or down a shot and the shot I chose!

A great place to pre-club for the drinks, come for the drinks and the quirky music. For all things else, you may want to head to another club.

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Satisfactory but not enough

I went to St James once before on a Ladies Night. Being a lady who does not club often, Ladies Night in any clubs are much too frightening for me. Then again, it never hurts to try something crazy for once. Or twice.

When I first got there, the long queue at door was already making me exasperated and the youthful crowd there made me feel old. Mind you, I was only 20 years old then. When me and my friend eventually got inside I was drawn instantly to the music and atmosphere and I really love the vibrancy that hit me. The staff were busy so the service was not that great.

I love the fact that the highest level of the podiums is ladies only and no men can go up there. This means its just girly fun from there on. The remixes are great and I love the layout of the club. To be honest, my initial fears of ladies night are being washed away with the music and environment. I guess that’s what clubs and music do to you!

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Could be better

I used to visit Powerhouse with my workmates after work and I used to love it there. Not only does it has the biggest dance floor amongst all the other clubs in Singapore, the DJ also spins really awesome remixes from 11pm all the way till 5am in the morning, at least a good two hours later than Zouk and Butter Factory. I cannot say the same for the music today. I suspect they had a change of DJ, which is why the music has changed from popular R&B hip-hop previously to more of trance today.

If you visit the club before 10pm, you get to buy bottles at a cheaper price as well. My friends and I would usually buy two bottles to share, and if we could not finish it on that night itself, the club also offers storage for the leftover liquor for up till a month. Dividing the price of two bottles would sum up to about $20 to $30 each depending on the number of people sharing, and it would be just enough to keep you intoxicated throughout the night.

If you are a student, reach before 11pm on Fridays and Saturdays and you'll be allowed free entry into the club as well!

For those who are a tad older and are not keen to mingle with the younger crowd, they can also choose to drink at Dragonfly instead, which restricts entry to those under 21.

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