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Debuted in 2011, Mink has taken its cue from the hottest nightclubs in Los Angeles, San Tropez, & Las Vegas with its luxuriously appointed interiors, dance podiums, premium bottle service, and has successfully taken the Singapore nightlife scene by storm by creating the most high energy party atmosphere in town. With a focus on the Las Vegas inspired House/Electro Music sound pioneered by Avicii, The Swedish House Mafia, & Kaskade, Mink has established itself as the premiere venue in town to listen to the best in electronic music, receive attentive, premium bottle service, network with a mature, fun-loving crowd, and most importantly, create unforgettable memories. Mink has brought in a host of world renowned DJs including award winning producers Clinton Sparks (US) and Jump Smokers (US). Stay tuned for much, much more in 2012.

ENTRY: - Guestlist by invitation and referral only. - Cover charge entry $28/1 Drink (Weekends) - Cover charge entry $28/3 Drinks Wednesdays (Guys), Free (Ladies) - Age Limit: 23 Guys, 21 Ladies (Weekends) - Age Limit: 21 Guys, 18 Ladies (Wednesdays) DRESS CODE: - No shorts - No jerseys - No baseball caps - No slippers

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Much more fun than its rivals

I ended up in Mink the same way I end up in most nightclubs, my friend was the newly recruited promoter and he needed to drag along as many girls as possible. Promised free entry and a large group of friends going to the same club, I put on my comfiest heels and prepared myself for a night of fighting to get served at the bar. Surprisingly for me, I found it to actually be one of my better night out, the place itself was way too small for the amount of people there, but the outside area actually meant that I could chat and take a break from the blaring EDM inside.

The bar wasn’t too busy, there were lots of sofas which weren’t purely reserved for people that had paid, and the music was much better than typical bad remixes found in other clubs. The highlight of my night was befriending a large group of friendly Singaporean women who decided they would share all the drinks on their table with me, I was a fan of the sweet drink they kept encouraging me to drink, the whiskey on the other hand was not for me.

Entry was free, and I reckon that if you weren’t on a guest list or knew someone who worked there then you would have to wait for a long while to get in as the queue was massive. Overall, quite a fun night even though it was too packed for my liking. Felt more like a busier, slightly noisier bar than a club where people are all sweaty and rubbish music is playing, so my kind of place.

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Average Club, Younger girls Older guys

While this place seems to be a popular hit for the younger generation, the party only gets started from 130am. Based on personal experience, the music is usually sub-standard from the time of 11pm-130am, making the night a little slow before the "real" party starts.

Although I must admit that I've observed that the crowd is generally filled with older guys trying to hit on or pick up younger girls - just especially so in this club - in the crowded small area of MINK. However, the podium is usually empty here, which is a good place to dance without being jostled out - or off - by overly enthusiastic or drunk girls in other clubs.

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best night club in sg

bar none, it is the best place for hot girls. its expensive, but it always is a great time. i go there a few times a month. i would say the best night clubs are mink, filter, and pangeaea in singapore. they are all very pricey, but worth it because the hottest girls go there :)

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Greatest attraction of Pan Pacific

Personally, I think the biggest attraction of Pan Pacific Hotel is not their service, guest room or facilities. But rather, it’s this club located within the hotel.

I have been to Mink twice and enjoyed myself thoroughly. There are 2 different sections in Mink, playing different music. Basically, both sections are enjoyable so do hop around if you are heading there!

The price of the drinks is generally comparable to those other clubs outside. The crowd is great too, you will not find many youngsters there. Instead, most of them are the working professionals.

One thing I like about this club is the lighting as well. It’s not too dark but dark enough for you to dance crazily with your friends!

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Not a bad place, but crowd issues are mounting

Mink is where the cool kids hang out now. And apparently, those who could take a lesson or two from the fashion police as well.

I first visited Mink when it was in its infancy. With it's higher than usual age limit, it is more exclusive, only guys above the age of 23 can enter. As time passed and it got more popular, it's unfortunate it got laxer as well. I'm not ashamed to admit it, I'm 18 and I can just go in with the bouncer CHECKING my iC, and still allowing me in.

Perhaps I just look mature. Sure, it may lead to exhilaration, but lately, I noticed an influx of younger youths getting as well. I may be stereotyping here, but when drunken youths start to gather in groups, bad things tend to happen (hint, hint St James). I can only hope that Mink starts to tighten up their grip, and not just let anyone in a suit in.

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The classiest place to get wild in

Mink is a really tasteful place.

It had the kind of vibe that says "hey, it's alright to be wild, I'm not going to judge you". At 10pm, it even looks beautiful. There are 2 lone mounted poles on the stage, and classy seating everywhere. At 11pm, it can still pass off as a cosy get-together place for drinking and socializing. At 12am, that place morphs.

By 12am, the stage is full of tantalizing girls and men who can dance to save their lives. At this point drinks will come out of nowhere and straight into your mouths (for chicks). At the point, the music is weeping brilliant and is visibly pumping everyone up. At this point, there is no one in control anymore.

Mink is truly the wildest club I've seen in a long time.

All the office men and ladies coldly smoking outside before were now on the stage shouting and dancing and drinking and causing spillage. All the indifferent girls standing around before were now warming up to their guyfriends on couches making out or drinking seductively. Designated party girls were everywhere with their dazzling smiles and alcohol. Everybody was happy.

I think Mink wins hands-down for their pretty lights in their equally pretty drinks. It is no secret that when high, everything is fascinating, and seeing fire sparkles and lit alcohol was a hit amongst everyone.

This is the one place to go to forget, to be wild, to drink till you forget your father's name. No where else.

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The stage, the pretty alcohol
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awesome fun!

I was at Mink on a Saturday night and I loved everything about the place.

First, the music was good, with the DJ spinning rnb hits throughout the night. The dance floor is a raised platform in the middle of the club. There were also two poles in the middle of the dance floor and not too much crowding around it. The raised platform's not huge so it can get crowded but it isn't as bad as what one would expect at butter or zouk on a saturday night. The crowd at Mink is also less rowdy and less sleazy compared to butter/zouk. Expect to see quite some non-locals at Mink. Also, the crowd at Mink generally dress better and spend more.

I also liked the decor and the lights at Mink - plush and also very trendy

I had drinks at the royal room (connected to Mink), where the tables were spacious and the seats were comfy. Service was prompt and good and the staff were attentive, though prices are slightly higher than usual.

toilets at Mink are also less crowded and cleaner than those at zouk/butter. Mink's a rather small club so it's cozier than zouk/butter and it's less crowded so you wouldn't find yourself spending the bulk of your time squeezing through throngs of sweaty bodies on the dance floor just to get to the bar.

all in all, Mink is really good fun and worth a visit!

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