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#05-20 Orchard Plaza 150 Orchard Road Singapore 238841
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Listing created by delilah on November 03, 2012    

A popular Thai club with great bands at Orchard Plaza.

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Will your mind ever land?

It seems that recently every of my friends who used to frequent the clubs have turned into Thai Disco Khakis. Not only do they frequent Neverland (as seen from their foursquare check ins), they also post photos of themselves clubbing to the bass-y music or drinking alcoholic shots. Notwithstanding the funny name of the cub, this place seems to be the most popular Thai Disco amongst Singaporeans today.

For me, I find that this place seems to be more of an alternative choice for teenagers who are used to clubbing. Since those most frequent the same clubs often, Neverland just provides a new environment to chill out and destress in when they're tired of their same old haunt. Most of the time people just open a table at Neverland and chill out with their friends there while remaining largely reserved (by reserved I mean dancing around their own tables instead of going out).

Seems to be if you're looking for a place to go but can't decide if you want to find any place to land, then Neverland is the place for you.

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(Updated: January 15, 2013)

Patpong in Singapore

I find neverland to be one of the better Thai clubs here simply because of the better service, live music and atmosphere that I get here. I do get quite irritated at some Thai discos when girls selling garlands repeatedly approach me. Fortunately at Neverland, they are able to go about selling them without being overly intrusive into my gathering.

Neverland is also one of those Thai places where they sing predominantly popular English and Mandarin songs. That makes it really easy for my friends and I to join in the singing while having our drinks.

With a interior design similar to some of the discos in Patpong (bangkok’s clubbing street), this is somewhat akin to spending a night in Bangkok – albeit a more expensive night.

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