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#03-01 Gardens by the Bay 18 Marina Gardens Drive
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Nicole Lee
Listing created by Nicole Lee on November 02, 2012    

SuperTree by IndoChine is the latest release of The IndoChine Group. Strategically located at Gardens by the Bay, in the heart of Marina Bay. As the only establishment atop the SuperTree Grove, it is situated perfectly on the tallest structure, so you will be able to sip martinis and enjoy intimate dinners under the starlit skies. Choose between the world’s first alfresco rotating rooftop bar, or the fully air-conditioned lounge with a 360-degree, unobstructed view of the entire Gardens by the Bay on one side and the Singapore Central Business District on the other.

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Full house

At night, the bare structures of the trees transform into a whole new galactic universe that fills the black skies with bright shining LED leaves. From a dull colour in the morning, the trees seem to bloom overnight. With this restaurant situated at the top of the trees, just being in the restaurant will leave you in the midst of the stunning bloom of the trees in the dark - how romantic.

Sadly for me, all the times that I've wanted to visit this place, the planning got in the way and we never did manage to get in. Last year during Valentine's day too - while my dad had planned to bring us there as a family, he called to place a reservation too late which meant that we were not able to go there and had to choose another location instead. Hence, it is definitely a better choice to call in advance to book a reservation on special events - this place is usually a full house!

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Overrated. Overpriced.

The place seems pretty cool, I mean you are dining right at the top of a Supertree and the view around is perfect. So what could go wrong? Everything.

The food was overpriced, the dishes were all priced rather steeply and yet the quality of the food failed to match up to their price tags. The staff were far from friendly and service was slow. We had to wait at least half an hour for our food and by the time the food arrived, most of us have already lost our appetite. The decor looked great from afar, but lacked details, and if you stepped closer, you would realise how cheap it all looks.

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This is a great idea that is spoiled by two things: the supertree itself and 2) the decor.

On two levels, let's start with the entrance. Pay your $18 and you are allowed in the lift. I should have known. The lift was decorated with flowers and leaves. Plastic. Fake. False. Counterfeit even? Hello? We were in Singapore's billion dollar garden. Why were we in a lift decorated from stalls left over from Tekka clearance sales?

Oh well, thought I, when we reach the top floor it will be different.

Was it? No. Whoever decorated this place needs a shake up. Massive collections of fake flowers don't make for anything apart from a massive collection of fake flowers. It made the place look cheap.

And then we sat on the outside walk, where tiny tables and tinier chairs were squeezed into the narrow walkway so that you could peer through the bars of the prison, sorry, the supertree superstructure, at the cityscape below us. It could have been impressive. It was not. Looking at the world from behind massive girders is only nice if you are in a glass lift on the Eiffel Tower.

I understand that originally they intended the superstructure beams to be covered with climbing plants. That may well happen sometime in the future, but it does not look as if it is happening yet. Meanwhile, you must wonder at the fact that the supertrees are simply fancy scaffolds surrounding cramped and inadequate space.

So we sat in our cramped chairs as if we were traveling on a down market version of Air Asia and waited for our drinks.

'Excuse, me sir,' said a passer by and his partner, ' could you let us past?'

We stood up to allow the couple to walk past us. This is quality? If that walkway is not wide enough for comfort, don't place tables there.

After fifteen minutes it dawned on me that we had not yet been approached for our complimentary drinks. Complimentary in that we had already paid for it downstairs. I managed to find a waiter. He took our order. G&T all round. We got the T but only a small g. Eventually. After we asked. Twice.

Maybe they were still having settling in problems, or perhaps the service staff were also plastic?

Finally we were offered the menu. We opened. We read. We choked. We finished our drinks and decided to leave. As we approached the lift we noticed stairs leading upwards. We walked up them. They were dirty.

The floor above was perfect. No cell bars from the supertree: just open space and open views. This is more like it. They even had four or five real trees planted in large pots. If and when they grow, this will be the place to enjoy your drinks and meal. One of the waiters said that the floor would revolve. Eventually. Whoopdee doo.

We walked down the stairs rather than take the lift. Rubbish littered the staircase. Cigarette butts. Plastic bottles. Cardboard boxes flattened to form day beds on the landings. No doubt for the foreign workers? I was appalled. I mentioned it to the $18 charging guard downstairs.

'It is still under construction, sir, and you are supposed to use the lift.'

I see. So the principle is, what you can't see can't hurt you. Two things wrong with that: 1) it is not a good policy for a restaurant and 2) what we could see already hurt us.

I am no cheapskate. I have been to other Indochine establishments and they are, whilst expensive, generally excellent. I hope that soon this one will catch up with the rest. Meanwhile, enjoy the iron bars and the plastic if you must. I suggest though you go upstairs.

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I've attended the media launch of IndoChine SuperTree (p.s: look out for my article in one of the local magazines, try and catch me if you can!), and I was pleasantly surprised to say the least. I have grown tired of the IndoChine outlets in Singapore, and was expecting the SuperTree outlet to be the same.

Close to 50% of the menu is exclusive to the branch, and they are all rather delicious. Using premium ingredients such as King Prawns, the dishes may be a little on the high side, but I recommend bringing a date here if you want to impress. The view is magnificent, and the overall ambience is delightful.

Recommended, but beware, prices may be a little shocking.

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The mother of Avalon

SuperTree is either a "new and improved!" version of Avalon or the mother of all glasshouse clubs.

This place provides an almost-celestial beauty. Singapore has not much view to speak of except Marina Bay and thank god for places like this that brings out our finest. I did not try the alcohol mixes here so I cannot comment much on that, I did have a beer though because honestly, the good things in life and meant to be enjoyed drunk.

The food was superb. I came with a group of friends who were celebrating the recent return of a friend overseas and they were ready to splurge. I wasn't, I had my beer and a 7-11 dinner and I was content.

But as the food came out, my resistance died and I started looking at the food sadly so I managed to try a little bit of everything. Till this day I regret eating the one thing that's gonna kill my expectations but try their King Salmon. You'll wonder if you'll ever fall in love with another fish-related dish again.

Come here for the view if not the overpriced food, it'll be worth your everything.

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