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Listing created by farshafarsha on April 03, 2012    

The Arena Singapore has propelled itself into being the biggest R&B, Hip Hop Club in Singapore. Located at the prime entertainment hub in Singapore-Clarke Quay, The Arena has established itself as a one stop entertainment venue. Having played host to international bands from US, UK, Australia and Asia and also being home to some of the finest DJ talents in Singapore, The Arena has firmly established itself as a premiere venue for nightlife entertainment.

Spread over a sprawling 10,000 sq. ft area and costing S$3 million to renovate, The Arena is clearly in a league of its own. Super-cool and luxurious with meticulous attention to detail throughout, and boasting the world's most technologically advanced lighting, sound and pyrotechnic equipment has made The Arena a choice venue for many corporate and commercial events.

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Nice place with not so nice crowd

I used to be a faithful customer of The Arena @ Clarke Quay, and I would frequent this joint every single weekend without fail. I liked that unlike other clubs, this place had a live band, a DJ and a dancefloor as well. It was a good place for me to relax after a long week, and also a good place for me to go crazy and have fun with my friends. On an insane night there we could even make friends with a couple of good looking Americans.

However, the crowd has since changed and the place is now filled with many China nationals, and they tend to get unruly and rowdy when they get drunk. It's not a surprise seeing many of them getting into fights when they get drunk and hence getting thrown out by the bouncers. The Arena has changed so much that I haven't gone back there for a revisit in a long time.

The good thing, though, is that this place closes late (at 6am, if I remember correctly) so you can literally party the whole night through unlike other places like Zouk which close at 4am or so. Sad to say, that seems to be one of the very few redeeming qualities of this place...

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Freedom to Move and Breathe

Baybeats will rock this stage, I swear. With all that music blasting from the loudspeakers, I doubt anyone would even have anything else to distract them.

The last time I was here, it was to watch a school teacher's band's performance at The Arena. Wow were they good. I still remember people head banging to their original songs before cheering for them and moshing for them at the front of the stage. Even though this place is concert style, the thing that I love about this place is the space that it actually provides. It is not a stipulated cordoned off area like other concert spaces. Instead, it is an open stage set in a wide area of space which makes it good for breathing and freedom to move around too.

Definitely a place to go when there are concerts around.

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I wish I stayed home

I'm pretty sure The Arena serves some other purpose, but for the life of me I'll never figure out what.

I went on a Thursday night after my girlfriend was unceremoniously bounced out of Rebel for being too drunk. We were quite convinced there's no other Thursday clubs so we decided to settle for Arena. We paid the hefty entrance fee, which came with 2 complimentary drinks, and had the shock of our lives.

Arena isn't a club. It doesn't even vaguely resemble one. It was a movie theater with a pretty stage. There were seats everywhere but 3/4 of the place was a dead town. A band was playing and as much as I support local music, it was not what I was looking for. Expect no mindless club anthems here, it's honest-to-god reflective music and slow r'n'b.

I wish I could say our night in Arena was saved but it wasn't. We tried to stay for another half an hour and gave up then tried to get into Rebel again and thankfully we got in.

I would go to Arena if Mayday Parade somehow stumbles in and plays one day. For everything else, I think I'd rather sleep at home.

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(Updated: April 11, 2012)

Not a choice

first of all the entrance fee is quite expensive and the coupoun has limited amount of alcohol u can have and the places for u to sit is pathetic. Only if u spent big bucks, open a few bottels of liqour then u will have the good seats.

Raletively , arena is a place you go with ur friends and have a light entertainment with the band and relax and enjoy. The dance floor is not very very big and not really many people dancing to the band . The DJ mix only comes after around 1 or 2. Definetly not a place to go if u want to hunt for a girl or boy. Thats my point of view as i am sort of party boy and enjoy high musics.

However , i believe it is the best place to hang out with friends. The service is alright as they will refill ur mixers quick and check up on u . A nice environment to celebrate birthday parties as the club wouldnt get too crazy and not too quiet.

Crowd is a really mixture of singaporeans and china youngsters .

Take note that short pants for males are not allowed in and girls in slippers too. Arena is considered a moderatly high class club.

I have only visited Arena twice and if you were to ask me to go again, the crowd of friends who asked me must really be my gooood friends.

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Used To Be The Best.

The Arena has always been my old time favorite but now things have changed a lot ever since i came back to the scene a year ago. When the first time i went there, the crowd was totally different from what you are seeing in other clubs in Clarke Quay. There are live bands and the crowds come from all over the worlds, from different countries and nationalities.

You can simply find some westerners or latin americans, africans and middle easterns around this place and enjoying their night away. It was one of my best night to have such crowds and looking at something different. I have seen other clubs, having local crowds and it gets boring seeing all the locals both outside and inside the clubs.

But when i came there for the second time, the crowd was not there anymore. Now the club is invested with more locals and the live band is not as good as before. The scene has become more choatic and not much of enjoyment.

The drink is not as generous as before. I remember i could taste how strong a Lychee Martini is but now i only taste more of the water and the melting ice.

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