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Singapore Repertory Theatre is the first Singapore-based professional theatre group. The SRT's mission is to stage theatre of the highest calibre, collaborating with the best talent from around the world.


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Bringing people from all walks of life together

There are not many places available for Asian artists to perform. One of it is the Singapore Repertory Theatre – a place that brings people from all walks of life together. Besides its repertoire of original work, they produced a number of popular productions as well.

For the past few plays I caught, they were of high quality and included the important elements such as costumes, lighting, scenes and sound effects which allowed a better comprehension of the play for the audience. All possible spaces on the stage will always be fully utilized by the designers and there was an elaborate construction of the scenery of the set.

The prices of the tickets are kept at a reasonable price; do visit their website for the latest play available! The theatre is well equipped with comprehensive lighting and sound facilities. It does not have an overly large seating capacity and even if you are at the last few rows, you will still be able to clearly see what is on stage.

Overall, to catch a quality production with a good set of cast, thoughtful costumes props as well as a well-written story with plot, head down to Singapore Repertory Theatre today. I will definitely be back to catch another production sometime soon.

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(Updated: March 21, 2013)

A key contributor to Singapore's arts scene(:

As a performer myself, I am really supportive of SRT"s efforts to bring theater to the masses in Singapore through many fun and experimental ways. For example, I watched the self-devised shows 'The Guru of Chai' and 'Krishnan's Diary'. They were wonderful! The scripts were well-written and will make you laugh and cry. Excellent acting too! SRT is a strong theatre-company that draws inspiration from many different theatre experts globally, making them an attractive performing hotspot.

It's good that SRT experiments with different theatre forms, although I admit, I did not really like their Shakespeare in the park series. Despite the unique atmosphere and concepts,the acting failed to come through effectively.

SRT is still a relatively new theatre company with a mix of successes and failures. Despite the mixed record, this theatre group will definitely grow and energize the arts scene in Singapore in the years to come!

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This word sums up the SRT. If anyone thinks that Singapore loses out to the West in terms of the arts, they are so wrong. I have watched plays by the SRT on numerous occasions, the latest being 'Lord of the Flies'.

It was brilliant, completely spot on. Every single actor was wondrously in character and when the characters started dying, it was so dramatic that some people in the audience actually screamed when the lights went out.

Other than in the theatres, in Shakespeare in the Park as well, when I watched 'Twelfth Night' and 'Macbeth', I was once again blown away by the standards of the SRT. They were professional and splashed just enough humour and suspense into every scene.

Definitely, the SRT isn't as good as Broadway yet, but with this upward trend, I see it getting there.

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Out of the way but worth the experience

As a former literature student, we used to be invited by our teachers to watch plays, most of which were held at SRT. The first few times I went, I really hated making my way there because it was (to me) in the middle of nowhere, and I basically took a cab every time I had to go. But after a while I started appreciating SRT more because theatre at that time was not very popular in Singapore, yet it was underrated.

SRT performs the very important function of entertainment, and seeks to provide an alternate way of interpreting life, and for that I applaud it because its efforts are really commendable.

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The first play I watched (well other than the annual amateur Total Defence and Racial Harmony school plays put up by my primary school) was one by the Singapore Repertory Theatre.

My friend was an amazing writer and wrote beautifully, and she entered a script writing competition. Her script was selected as one of those to be brought to life by the talented actors at the Singapore Repertory Theatre.

And brought to life it was. The actors were absolutely brilliant, and they were so in character and on point throughout the play. My friend wrote a comedy, and their acting made us laugh till we teared. The jokes were delivered with finesse and the speech (rather ironically) didn't seem scripted at all. Their acting was so genuine.

Summarizing the organisation in a word: Talented.

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