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Rui Ling Teo
Listing created by Rui Ling Teo on December 21, 2012    

Iora started out as a middleman specializing in women's apparel in 1998. Iora has since seen gradual success, and currently has 11 retail outlets in Singapore, as well as 6 in Malaysia, 3 in Myanmar, and 8 in Philippines. 


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Nice quality and design.

Iora is my mom’s favourite clothing store. She loves the quality and design of the clothes here, and judging by the number of women who patronise this store, I’d say she isn’t the only one.

My mom is a faithful follower of Iora – it’s the first store that she thinks of when she wants to buy new clothes. Now, I’m no middle-aged woman, but I can definitely see why Iora has so many customers. Its clothes, designed according to colour scheme, are lightweight, nicely fitted and of excellent workmanship. With details like lace, buttons and pleats, the designs are flattering and unique, without being over the top. Definitely something that I can see myself wearing in 10 years!

Iora also carries bags, belts, necklaces and other accessories to help customers put their outfit together. The store assistants are really friendly and helpful, and will help recommend pieces to customers, according to what they like. They will even help customers to accessorise, so that’s definitely great service.

The prices at Iora are slightly steeper, at around $40 to $50 for a top. However, I do think it is worth it for the quality and design. Great place to shop!

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Good quality and design
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White Sands Shopping Centre
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Affordable prices but poor customer service

Visited the IORA flagship store in town to purchase outfits for Christmas event. I was surprised to see that they have changed a lot in its concept and design. It seems that they have changed their strategy to sell affordable priced working clothes, with modern designs.

However, I am quite disappointed with their poor customer service because of the following:
1) I need to take a photo of my tried on outfit to show a friend. This was taken during a normal weekday night where the store was not crowded with customers. However, the sales girl seems reluctant to help me take the photo. When i took more clothings to try, she displayed a "unhappy" facial expression.
2) I was making payment using a voucher. When the cashier received it, she seemed to doubt the authenticity of voucher and asked me where i have received it from.

Honestly, without the voucher, i would not even have shopped at this place. Doubt I will be visiting this place again.

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Iora online store

Some of the items on iora online store are hardly what they display in the pictures. the items I purchased look very different from what i have expected them to be, based on the pictures provided.
They too, have a cumbersome exchange policy. whereby the items to be returned have to be brought down to the physical store for pick up. Thereafter, i have to select the item i want to exchange with online again, and arrange for another delivery, or make a trip down to the physical store again for pick up.
The fact that the online store credits cannot be used in the physical store makes it extremely inconvenient for the consumer.
Moreover, the refund policy that they indicate on their site is not applicable.
More should be done to synergise the operations between the online platform and the physical store.

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Online store
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Mid-range simple clothings suitable for both work and fun

I just bought an office skirt from iora over the weekends. Their style are pretty simple - suitable for both office and casual - though rather common. There is a tendency of seeing someone who wears the same as you.

Amidst the stiff competition, their staff have a tendency to let you try many many varieties, hoping that you will find something suitable with more tries. Though this is useful, at times it can be frustrating when you are just simply not interested nor have the time to try them all out.

Also, I notice that their prices have increased by quite a substantial bit (thanks to inflation!). A simple blouse used to cost around S$25 about 8 years back and now they are easily around $35.

All-in-all, iora is a place to go for some simple office or off-work clothes (mid-range). If you are looking for something more unique, it would be better to go elsewhere.

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(Updated: February 24, 2013)

You Get What You Pay For

I have mixed feelings about Iora. Their clothes are trendy but classic, with good cutting. Prices are low. I even have a membership card there.

I patronised the branch at Suntec and I like the brightly-lit store. The clothes are neatly displayed. However, I don't like their fitting rooms. They have no mirrors, and this forces the customers to come out of the rooms and look at themselves at the common mirror. At this time, the salespersons would immediately approach the customers to offer their assistance if needed. I dislike retail concepts like that, because it makes it more difficult for customers to reject clothes they don't feel comfortable with.

I wore their clothes for some time, and after some years, gave them away. Their clothes just don't last. The materials are of inferior quality, and after some time, they either got damaged or look old or I got sick of the design.

It is such a pity--Iora got it right in some places, but the biggest improvement they should make is by choosing better quality materials for their clothes.

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For the working ladies

A few years ago, when my mother was still working, she'd drag me down to Iora regularly for some shopping, and she'd always emerge, arms laden with shopping bags.

Iora is probably one of the better stores for work attire in Singapore. Usually, stores selling workwear just appear outlandish and OL-ish to me, but Iora is probably one of the exceptions, along with the likes of Zara and G2000.

Iora comes out with seasonal collections, and their clothes are usually based on trending colours, so it offers women workwear in various fashionable colours. The clothes in the store are also arranged by their colour, so it's easy for shoppers to navigate around, as they can simply head towards a rack with clothing of their preferred colours.

The service at Iora is pretty commendable as well. Back when my mother was an Iora-addict, the staff would offer her countless fashion advice on how to match up certain pieces of clothing, and even give her their honest opinion on whether it's flattering or not.

Although workwear has yet to appeal to me, Iora certainly seems like a pretty good place for me to grab a quick work outfit if I ever need one in the near future.

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White Sands Mall
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