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Bryan Choo
Listing created by Bryan Choo on August 30, 2013    

City Harvest Church has to be one of the most influential Churches in Singapore. Founder Kong Hee and built it from a small congregation into a powerful business with investments even in Suntec.

In recent times, its leaders went under trial for the misappropriation of church building funds. They covered the trial on their own City TV news to present a different view from mainstream media which they felt did not cover the proceedings fairly.


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I once attended a City Harvest service at Suntec City years back, and one visit alone left me with a feeling of disgust and a resolution that I'm never coming back for services again.

Firstly, the atmosphere, whilst vibrant and noisy, was filled with un-friendliness. Nobody interacted with me with the exception of my friend, and that was throughout the length of the service. I got the impression that this church was not very welcoming of new-comers, which is different from others since other church forays usually brings me into contact with friendly people who wants to introduce me to Christ.

Secondly, the frequent pleas for donations and the bag being passed around irritates me. I'm the type of person who gives according to assessment of the degree of need. And the sight of well dressed preachers pleading for money didn't really move me. Moreover, the recent reports of embezzlement and misuse of church funds served as a validations to my personal reservations from all those years ago.

Thirdly, they don't have cell groups, which I felt were crucial. Small groups are able to reinforce religious messages. Furthermore, the bonds formed make for a fun church experience and makes us all look forward to church! Hence, I felt that theres not much meaning for me here.

In conclusion, I don't feel included in City Harvest Church services. Moreover, with such a tainted reputation, I'm not sure I want to visit it ever again. I'm sticking with churches in my neighbourhood instead.

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My first ever visit to City Harvest Church was back when I was in primary 4 or 5, when a friend invited me over for their Easter event. I remember arriving there not knowing what to expect, and was utterly blown away and taken aback by the concert-style praise and worship. Personally, I like such types of worship because it provides a great way to get into the mood of worship but however of course, others prefer the more traditional styles.

But as the service went on, I began to feel as though it was more of a high-class social event than a church service which I disliked immensely and hence, I never returned. Of late, CHC has been in the news for embezzlement of church funds by head pastor Kong Hee for his wife, Sun Ho's music career. Personally, I do not condone his actions and I think that it is wrong but at the same time, I understand that pastors, being humans, also err and we should never be too quick to judge.

It remains to be seen what will happen to CHC as the saga goes on. In the end, I do hope the church will unite and Pastor Kong Hee and his wife can learn from their mistakes and focus wholly on leading their church to further glorification of God.

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