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Zou’s Kitchen is a casual Chinese dining concept, catering to the palates and pockets of diners from all walks of life. 周庄 (Zhou Zhuang) or Zhou’s Kitchen refers to the Zhou’s family kitchen where the family’s treasured recipes are concocted. The complexity of Chinese cuisine is distilled down to quick and fuss-free meals for the discerning and time-starved local diners. The restaurant offers all-time Chinese favourites, as well as well-loved private recipes of the Zhou family.

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Zhou Kitchen boasts a wide assortment of chinese dishes that aims to please your tastebuds. The wide variety of dishes range the gamut, from the standard san bei ji (3 cup chicken) all the way to unique house specials such as the mouthwatering braised lamb shank. Each individual dish is tastefully crafted by the professional chefs, resulting in a dish that not only looks but also tastes delicious.

My personal favourite is the "Xing Hua" traditional homemade noodles. My grandmother used to cook this dish for me every Saturday when I was just a little girl. Being one of the minority dialect groups in SIngapore, finding this dish in the menu has been a challenge. Finally, I am able to have my favourite noodles without needing to trouble my dear old grandma.

Apart from the usual menu, Zhou kitchen seasonally introduces dishes such as Hairy Crab. This is a real treat as it provides an opportunity to expand my palate and explore some hard-to-come-by culinary sensations. In the afternoons, high tea is served. Each dim sum dish is delectable and does not disappoint.

The atmosphere in the restaurant is of a casual diner. It provides a relaxing atmosphere that allows for unbridled enjoyment of the sumptuous meals or simply to have a chat with friends and loved ones.

I highly recommend Zhou kitchen as an excellent restaurant to have a normal weekend dinner with the family. The atmosphere is casual enough to bring the kids while still maintaining a high standard of food. As an added bonus, the food in not too expensive, providing a treat for both your stomach as well as your wallet. I rate it 4 out of 5 stars.

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(Updated: May 09, 2012)

weekday high-tea buffet: good variety for its value

The high-tea buffet at Zhou's Kitchen is something not to be missed. It is priced at a very affordable price at $13.80 (adult) before taxes. The atmosphere of the restaurant is pretty good. On a weekday afternoon, there wasn't much people and it was quiet and pleasant to dine at. The interior and design of the place feels very in-sync with its oriental theme as well.

On to the food, the servings are quite small but since it's a buffet, I would recommend ordering various types of food and try a little of everything. Maybe that's why the portion is small. There are hot and cold appetizers, dim sum, soups, rice, noodles, porridge and dessert. Talk about variety for $13.80! I loved the Siew Mai (steamed pork and shrimp dumpling) so much so that I had double servings of it. The BBQ pork pastry is something worth ordering as well. The pastry is crispy and the pork is really succulent.

One thing I did not like was the Hot and Spicy soup. It is braised so it comes out sticky. The soup was too sour for my liking. Felt like it had a lot of vinegar mixed into it. The ingredients are not that present as well. Makes me feel like I am eating sour glue. It is as bad as it sounds. Definitely skip this. The 'glue' will fill your stomach faster than expected as well since it's full of starch. Save your stomach space for proper food instead!

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