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Specialising in the best of Singapore-style seafood prepared with the usual quality and standards synonymous with the Tung Lok brand is Tung Lok Seafood.

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The Arena Country Club
511 Upper Jurong Road
Singapore 638366
Tel : +65 6262 6996
Fax : +65 6262 6776
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quality chinese food!

My family is a fan of Tung Lok's Chinese food, and we make it a point to visit the branch at East Coast once in a while. The servers are warm and friendly, almost always with a smile on their faces. Even if the place is packed and they're terribly busy, we've never seen them being brusque or impatient with customers.

In terms of the food, I would highly recommend the Peking Duck. It's similar to the real deal in top Beijing restaurants! That they carve and prepare it right next to your table makes the whole experience even more enjoyable and unique.

While I'm usually not fond of rice and/or porridge, I really liked the porridge here as well. It's very thick, with a lovely flavour that doesn't have a weird MSG aftertaste or too much saltiness.

Unfortunately, prices are quite steep, but the classy ambience and good food makes it worth a visit!

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Nice ambience

To make things clear, I am not a regular customer of Tung Lok who frequent it on a regular basis. Rather, I am a customer who happened to stumble across the restaurant and decided to patronize it on a passing whim. And I would say, my first impression of it that the interior was very nicely done up, with a classy and elegant feel. I actually liked the ambience of the restaurant, which in turn made my dining experience quite pleasurable. At least at the East Coast Branch.

It’s a good thing that I happened to dine at that place during off-peak periods. I didn’t have to wait for very long for a seat, as the place was rather quiet with few customers. The food that they serve was also delicious, but the only two dishes that I particularly enjoyed with great relish was the Salmon Sashimi and sliced smoked duck. I loved the salmon sashimi especially; it was served fresh and chilled, just the way I like it!

However, it’s a little on the pricey side. Well, if you’re not deterred by the price, you should give Tung Lok Seafood a try!

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(Updated: December 13, 2012)

Dont come here

Tung Lok Seafood basically provides ala-carte buffet at $30 ++

I'm not sure if I can say the same for other branches, but the one i went to, at Jurong, was absolutely dreadful.

Let's begin with the food. Food is mediocre, other than the chili prawns which are delicious. There was no presentation or quality in it whatsoever. It's much worse than what you can get from usual coffee shop zi char stores.

Next, ambiance. There was no ambiance actually. We were seated at a round table with what looks like cheap green tablecloth and dirty utensils. I know this is not supposed to be very classy given that we paid $30 only for the buffet, but they seriously has a lot to learn.

Take a look at Kiseki, for the same price you get clean and pretty utensils, good service, fresh food etc.
So as a word of advice, if you want to spend that $30 on a buffet, try kiseki or sakura instead!

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Could have been better

Tung Lok Seafood is yet another restaurant that is a victim of it's own success. After wowing gourmets and foodies, their reputation precedes them, and although they are still good, I feel that standards have dropped since the last time I ate there.

Everything is delicious enough, but service has dropped to a level that is rather alarming. Perhaps I visited during peak hour, but there is still no reason for the staff to be so brusque when I asked for the menu. Instead of telling me to hold on for a bit, she shouted across for me to get it myself. Granted it was just on a nearby table, but damn woman, take a chill pill!

The pepper crab that I enjoy for so many years is still pretty good. But I fear that the quality of food there will deteriorate further in time to come - definitely have to enjoy it while it's still here.

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Not bad

I have tried two branches - one at Orchard Central and the other one at Upper Jurong Road. I realised that the quality of food and service differs. The Tung Lok at Orchard Central is my preferred one. The service is fantastic and their staff is always at your service. The food is also very good - the mayo wasabi prawn is one of their specialties. However, I was slightly disappointed when I ordered their fish (for both the Upper Jurong and Orchard Central outlets), it was not as fresh as I hoped it would be and the price tag made it even less value for money. On both occasions, I ordered the steamed sea bass.

Overall, if you are not ordering any fish dishes, the food is quite good (especially at the Orchard Central) branch.

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Good for the seafood

Aptly located in east coast park, perhaps the best way to get there would be by car. I wouldn't exactly call this a high end restaurant though, it's really more of a classier family restaurant despite it's price.

The highlight would definitely be the seafood, which does not disappoint. The chilled prawns were so succulent that one dish was not enough for us. Then came the steamed fish ( we ordered green wrasse or qing yi in Chinese) which was about $80 for the dish but worth every single penny spent. The flesh was sweet and nicely cooked and with the soy sauce, was absolutely heavenly.

They offer both buffet and ala carte menus and the buffet was not too bad although I would choose the a la carte for a family dinner or a small gathering. The buffet may be a good idea for larger gatherings. We had the buffet for a dinner of about 20 and it was worth the money spent, everyone was full to the brim!

Service is average and definitely not that of a high end restaurant. Tea refills took some time before they came around. However, the goodness of the seafood made up for it. If you're willing to fork out more for better quality seafood, then this is the place for you.

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