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Alleys scavenger
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Enjoy delicious lobster porridge right here at The Orange Lobster.

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(Updated: January 18, 2013)

There goes my lobster porridge

I loved the place for its lobster porridge, which I felt was really delicious and in fact, value for money too. Well, the serving was always huge with so much ingredients. The lobster is just there staring at you! Maybe that's why the business has folded, I don't know. I've been to the restaurant a couple of times and have always wondered why is it always so difficult to call and make a reservation when the place is always empty.

My parents were there couple of months back for its buffet that they were selling on Groupon. As much as the place looked really quite posh (if you've been there, you'd know), they actually used paper plates (yeah, those you use for kids' birthday parties) to serve. They call this the buffet style. The staff mentioned that it is easier for them to clear up their mess too. Oh my...

Was at Orchard Central in December and was rather surprised (but come to think about it, not really too) that Orange Lobster has closed down.

Never understood why does it take the staff a long time to attend to their customers when they always to be having a great time chatting among themselves. Now that the restaurant has closed down, I finally understood why.

But awwwww, I still miss their porridge! Is this poor business management or is the economy doing really bad?

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