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#05-08/09 Ngee Ann City 391 Orchard Road Singapore 238872
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Established since 1989, East Ocean Teochew Restaurant is well-known in Singapore and the region for serving the best in Teochew cuisine and dim sum.

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(Updated: March 07, 2013)

One of my favourite dim sum places

The place is crowded, crowded, crowded on weekend afternoons. Even making a reservation prior to a lunch date resulted in a 20-minute wait for a table. The entire restaurant was bustling and slightly chaotic.

When finally seated, I began to order thinking that it was a buffet but nope! Prices are on the high side but the quality of the food did them justice! The favourite items from the table are the custard buns, har cheong gai (prawn paste chicken) and fried banana (and prawn?) fritters.

Truth to be told East Ocean surpassed my expectations with the quality of food and service. Despite the full house, our food came within a reasonable amount of waiting time and service was impeccable.

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Authentic Dim Sum

My family often comes here for dim sum, and that's saying something about this place as my father is from Hong Kong.

I can't recall if they still push the dim sum around in pushcarts, such that you are able to simply pick those you like, but they used to do that when I was younger and looking at them always made me feel as if I were back in Hong Kong.

Their dim sum is excellent too, at least based on Singapore's standards. It's pretty hard to find good dim sum locally, but the price at East Ocean makes it a little inhibiting to dine here often.

You should also try their deep-fried spicy beancurd, it was a must-order at our table and my siblings and I could easily wolf down 2 to 3 plates.

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Excellent dim sum

The last time I ate their teochew specialties was donkey years ago, so I will not comment on that. More recently, I have patronised them in the morning/afternoon for their dim sum and other foods available at the time. I must say, the dim sum is extremely delicious, the ingredients are fresh and the textures of the different dim sum such as har gao and siew mai is just right.

I have also taken some of their other dishes, and they do not pale in comparison to the dim sum, items such as the roast pork, fried silverfish and the desserts are all of a high quality, especially roast pork, which is served without the hard parts of the meat, leaving only crisp skin and melt in your mouth fat and meat.

There is nothing to complain about their service, and the quality of the food comes with reasonable prices, while being higher than other small eateries, their prices are still more reasonable than other restaurants such as crystal jade which serve about the same food at a lower standard.

To add on, do give their mooncakes a try during the mid autumn festival, they are my favourite mooncake makers with the exception of eater palace.

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experience delicious Teochew cuisine

I ate at East Ocean for an extended family gathering, and even though we had made a reservation beforehand, we still had to wait for around 15 minutes as the place was packed full to the brim! I sympathize with those queuing with no reservation! Goodness knows how long they waited..

As I stepped in, I realised it was one of those restaurants where you would order from the waitresses as they passed by with various dim sums, calling the names of the various dishes loudly. I have to say it really sounded like a fish market, as the combined noises of the waiters/waitresses calling and conversations from neighbouring tables added to the busy atmosphere. However, that does give you a taste of a busy street in Hong Kong!

Dim sum served is simply delicious, and there are also various dim sums shaped in animal forms, such as a dog, penguin and a fish, which can bring joy to the younger children and bring fun to eating. East Ocean also has various promotions according to the seasons, such as the upcoming Chinese New Year. Staff are friendly and helpful too (:

I recommend making a reservation beforehand before coming here to have a taste of Teochew cuisine.

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good service!

My mum is a member of East Ocean and we were given $100 dining voucher. So, we made our way to have dinner at East Ocean. The service was really good! While waiting for our table to be ready, we were served some chinese tea at their door. Before we could sip our tea, the table is ready. Talk about good service and efficiency.

We ordered some dishes, which include double boiled soup, meat, bean curd, abalone with mushrooms and vegetables to go with rice. Everything was delicious. I personally liked the bean curd very much. If I am not wrong, its their specialty clay pot bean curd. The clay pot bean curd comes with bean curd, prawns, vegetables and mushrooms. The bean curd is soft and absorbs the gravy very well. The gravy is neither too thick nor too diluted and was just right.

Overall, the dining experience was pleasant at East Ocean. They sell great moon cakes too!

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Better than your average Crystal Jade

The place is always packed to the brim, so making a reservation is most recommended. Any Singaporean would recognize this place from their aggressive advertising back in the days before Lido was renovated. It's probably proof that advertising DOES work, really.

They've since moved to Ngee Ann City instead, a place jam packed with eateries - quite impossible to get a seat at any of these on a Sunday. They're definitely famous for their animal-shaped dim sum, so those you have to try, just based on how adorable they look!

Other dim sums that I would recommend would be the Steamed Custard Buns. The golden lava just oozes out .. a pile of molten goodness. Not too sweet and not too salty, the chef has got it nailed. I did like the pan-fried beef pepper bao as well, something you wouldn't find in usual dim sum restaurants. Har Kau and Siew Mai were above average, but not anything to scream about.

I'd definitely come back here again, and with more space in my tummy!

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Dim Sum
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