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Famous for its delicious and healthy house specialties – Din Tai Fung is renowned for its Xiao Long Bao meat dumplings.

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Junction 8
Tampines Mall
Wisma Atria
Raffles City
Jurong Point
[email protected]
Baits @ Resorts World Sentosa
Marina Bay Link Mall
nex @ Serangoon Central


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(Updated: June 23, 2013)

Worth your money.....

I was in Central World shopping mall in Bangkok on a recent trip when I spotted Din Tai Fung... a happy feeling came over me. That feeling of familiarity, of great taste and great time,.. such is the feeling that DTF gives me. Sure it's a personal opinion...but I do believe the healthy crowd of diners either here in S'pore or Bangkok should have the same mindset.

One of the great experience dining at DTF is the open concept kitchen, where busy cooks and chefs busy preparing their signature steamed dumplings and many other foods can viewed through glass wall. The masked and gloved assures your food are prepared hygienically...and the efficient serving system that keeps diners moving through makes dining a pleasant affair (or at least during all trips in their outlets).

Must-eats are their delicate steamed dumplings, braised beef noodles, pork chop fried rice and traditional chicken soup. But of course, there many on menu that ensures you are never out of choices. The prices are reasonable considering the quality and branding factor.

Of course, like they all say...a happy customer, is a returning customer. At DTF, there are lot of returning customers...cause they're happy. "Chicken & egg theory" solved here.

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Best Part:
Xiao Long Bao , Porkchop rice,
Branch Location:
Jurong Point Shopping Centre #B1-68
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(Updated: April 30, 2012)

Baos Galore

From the same chain as breadtalk, toast box and ramen play, din tai fung is the house of xiaolong baos. Famous for its steamed buns, it is as good as a sin to have eaten here and nt tried it. This place has so many things to comment about that it has my thoughts all disorganized.

Let's start with the ambiance. All of the restaurants have the same layout and interior design, it has an open concept kitchen that display the skills of the chefs as they make the buns and handmade noodles. Customers are usually very drawn into the restaurant by how precise the chefs work having to weigh every single thing to its slightest measurement. It is clean and simple, leaving customers usually very satisfied and comfortable dining in such a place. All of the restaurants function on a very efficient customer service line that serves food and delivers seats and food very quickly. A hungry man is an angry man, I too would go mad without food thus I am usually very pleased with the service as its efficiency is the best I've seen so far for a restaurant. As I have mentioned, the xlbs are really to die for. Each and every single bun are handmade and they contain soup which is a marvel as to how it is even made. Given its unlikely possibilies but in the event that the bun sticks to the cloth of the basket, the restaurant would even replace it with a new one. The noodles are also handmade by the chefs everyday.

The chain has opened up many more branches from the few it started out with, being available in neighbourhood malls like bishan and katong i12. For those who haven't tried, you have no idea how much you're missing out on.

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affordable chinese restaurant

I vaguely remember when Din Tai Fung first opened in Singapore, everyone was going mad over it and the queues were insane. Alas when I tried it, I could see what the hype was about.

Din Tai Fung is known for their Xiao Long Bao, which is basically steamed dumplings with broth encased on the inside. The dumpling skin was soft without being mushy, the meat tender and flavorful, and the broth was hearty and light. You could eat 10 dumplings in a row without feeling jelat.

Din Tai Fung has pretty decent handmade noodles too. My favorite is the Ja Jiang Mian, which is minced pork with a special sauce atop handmade noodles. They seem to have changed the management of Din Tai Fung because some things are different as compared to when they first opened.

Overall, Din Tai Fung is a great place to have dinner with a friend, date or family. They never fail to satisfy

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Best Fried Rice

Din Tai Fung is famed for its Xiao Long Bao, but that’s not what I always go back for. The thing that keeps me coming back is fried rice.

The fried rice here is one of the best in Singapore. Fragrant and coated with eggs, and topped with a generous slab of pork chop. The pork chop itself was delicious - slightly crispy on the outside, but tender on the inside.

Contrary to popular opinion, I don’t find the Xiao Long Bao at Din Tai Fung good. Although the skin is indeed paper thin, a hallmark of a good xiao long bao, the meat and soup that lies within is not flavourful enough for me. If I want to eat my fill of xiao long bao, I’d head over to Crystal Jade Xiao Long Bao and La Mian instead.

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Juicy Pork Chops

Hailing for Taiwan, Din Tai Fung has been doing pretty well in Singapore. There is no queue during peak periods because it would be impractically long. Instead, they will give you a queue number. If you number is significantly larger than the one on display, ask them for an estimated waiting time, and go shopping nearby first.

I always eat the same thing at Din Tai Fung, and I never get bored of it. I could eat here three times a week and still wouldn’t mind more. My standard order is Fried Rice with Pork Chop, and the Steamed Pork and Shrimp Dumplings. I fell in love with the Pork Chop on first bite. The meat is chewy but not tough, with hardly any resistance as you sink your incisors in.

Although the Xiao Long Bao is what they’re famous for, it is quite overrated. You can get the same juiciness from the Pork and Shrimp Dumplings, and with a sweeter meat. The dumplings are less fragile too.

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One of the best Chinese restaurants with affordable Chinese food

Before that, I did not know that Ding Tai Fung actually got awarded one Michelin star and is ranked as one of the top ten restaurants by The New York Times. It is one of my favourite dining places if I am craving for Chinese food, especially steamed pork dumplings (xiao long bao). It will usually be crowded during peak-hours and expect to queue for up to an hour depending on the queue.

I have got a few favourite dishes that I would definitely order each time I am there. First would be their steamed chili crab and pork buns. The buns will usually come steaming hot and one bite down, there will be savoury gravy flowing out. There is a generous amount of crab meat mixed with pork.

Their braised beef noodle soup with beef brisket is also recommended. The rich flavour of the soup as well as the well-cooked noodles will win you over. If you are looking to get rice, try their friend rice with shrimps and eggs. The rice is fragrant and there is a generous amount of shrimps and egg in each serving. For all the times I tried, the shrimps did not disappoint, always fresh and juicy.

Their steamed chicken soup is good too. However, this pot of soup that is simmered for over six hours, will usually sold out by dinner. Go early to avoid disappointment! Other than that, the rest of the dishes will not be too bad. Along with reasonable prices, go ahead and try them too.

Lastly, good service will always be a plus point. Ding Tai Fung’s staff are well-trained and they are generally polite. They are attentive and will attend to your needs in no time, for instance to top up your cup of tea. Looking for a place with good service and even better food? Head down to Ding Tai Fung today and you will not regret.

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(Updated: July 10, 2015)

Must Visit Chinese Restaurant

This restaurant lives up to its reputation. No wonder everywhere you go, there're long queues during meal time. A few months ago, I first patronised the outlet at Bedok Mall. As usual, we went for early dinner. Our order consists of chicken soup with noodles set, fried rice with egg,
zhajiang noodles and of course the famous xiaolongbao.

How delicious is the food? Let's look at how a 2 year old girl finds the food. A fussy eater and sick at the time, she ate lots of the fried egg rice which is soft, fluffy, not salty or too oily.
The girl also ate some of the soft noodles but her favourite is the xiaolongbao. After the first bite,she cried for more and have many helpings.

The chicken soup was surprisingly tasty and portion just nice. For me who dislike noodles, the noodles are soft and tasty.

Overall, the service was prompt, outlet was bright and spacious enough and we had an enjoyable dinner. The only complaint will be the seating a little too close.

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Best Part:
Xiao Long Bao, Fried egg Rice, Chicken Soup
Branch Location:
Bedok Mall
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My family's favourite!

I think a lot of attention has been given to Tim Ho Wan for being the cheapest Michelin Star restaurant but I think few Singaporeans are aware that Din Tai Fung is also a Michelin Star restaurant which is almost equally as cheap.

My family and I really enjoy going to Din Tai Fung because of its reasonably cheap and good food. My mum is a vegan and sometimes it's difficult to find a restaurant that caters to both my vegan mum and dad who loves to eat meat. Din Tai Fung does just that - all you have to do is to tell them nicely that you are a vegan and they can adjust certain items on the menu to suit your dietary preference.

I personally love their fried rice with pork chop and of course, the signature xiao long baos. The zha jiang mian is pretty good too!

The downside is that despite the relatively large sitting capacity of all their outlets, it is highly likely that you have to queue for at least 15 minutes before you get a seat. Great restaurant nevertheless!

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Scrumptious xiao long baos !

Din Tai Fung is my number one choice when opting for Chinese cuisine, especially to satisfy those xiao long bao cravings! For tourists who don't know what xiao long baos are, they're basically buns made out of very thin dough, filled with meat and soup. Be careful when you take your first bite, the hot soup flows out of the skin very easily. Other than burning you tongue accidentally, the explosion of flavours is simply marvelous!

I've eaten at Din Tang Fung many times. Every visit, I'm sure to order the xiao long baos. Although, if you're there for a meal and not just high tea, Din Tai Fung offers an entire range of Chinese delicacies to try! Their deep fried pork chop and the wantons in chili oil are two of my favorites! You must try their fried rice! It's not overpoweringly salty, and yet the balance is perfect when matched with their pork chop. If you're in a mood for soup, go ahead and try their hot and sour soup! I enjoyed it so much, because it's not too spicy for someone who can't take spice like me, and yet the spiciness and sourness complement each other very well.

I find the prices quite affordable, although they do charge an extra dollar for the tea they serve. Don't refuse that, because their tea is very well brewed and it helps to detoxify your body from the oiliness in the food.

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Awesome Chinese Food

As a huge fan of steamed soup dumplings, more commonly known as Xiao Long Baos, I've got to say that Din Tai Fung serves one of the most affordable and tastiest Xiao Long Baos in Singapore.

The dumplings have thin skins, as compared to the thick and floury ones at some other restaurants. The soup base is very light and flavourful too, going well with the succulent meat and dumpling skin. My favourite dishes also include the pork bone soup lamien as well as the zha jiang noodles. Yum....

I like how all the outlets have an open kitchen concept, whereby the customers can view the chefs hard at work through a huge glass window. I remember when I was young, I always ran up to the window to look at the food being prepared while waiting for my own food.

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A Chinese Restaurant that never disappoints

Din Tai Fung is one of my favourite restaurants to go whenever I have a craving for simple chinese food. Their items are generally above average, affordable and delicious at the same time.

Being a well-established chain restaurant that is under the same organization for popular brands like Bread Talk and Ramen Play, quality of the food here is maintained at high standards.

DTF is known for it's xiao long baos, which they claim to have 18 folds each. But honestly speaking, no one really bothered to count when it arrives! I have been to the flagship outlet at Taiwan and was taught the proper way to eat a XLB:

1. Add 1 part soy sauce and 3 parts vinegar to fresh ginger shreds
2. Dip a XLB in the sauce
3. Place in on your spoon and pierce a small hole using your chopstick to release the hot soup and drink it
4. Add a few ginger shreds on top and shove the entire concoction into your mouth and ENJOY

Din Tai Fung's XLBs were substantial with thin, translucent skin and really comforting.

Another one of my must-order in DTF is their Pork Chop Fried Rice which is one of the best fried rice I've ever had. Yellow egg bits surrounding each individual rice grains that glistens, it was truly amazing when paired with their deep fried, marinated and juicy pork.

Really glad to see many more branches opening in Singapore, hopefully the queue during peak hours will reduce!

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Best Part:
XLBs, Fried Rice
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Affordable and tasty Chinese food

Din Tai Fung is always one of my top choices for fine and affordable Chinese cuisine.

Food I like best at DTF would be of course, their Xiao Long Bao, Black Bean Paste noodles, Chili Wantons, Pork cutlet fried rice as well as the Fried prawn pancake. Sometimes, I even order an extra plate of fried rice to-go as my next meal because I can simply re-heat it and it tastes just as good!

Though the queues may be quite long at meal times but their food is always quick to arrive.

Usually, you will be given a menu upon joining the waiting queue so you can have your choices made and the order keyed in immediately upon you settling down at your table. This quickens the whole process and surely saves your grumbling stomach!

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