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Established on 6th Aug 2010, Swatow Seafood Restaurant had Teochew cuisine as its forte. Coming from a Teochew background, our founder, Mr Jimi Tan reminisces the culture of his roots. He hired renowned chefs from Asia Pacific region to fulfill his passion. Teochew cuisine is traditionally known for its healthiness and freshness of its food especially the seafood dishes. Serving not just seafood delicacies in the evening, Swatow Seafood Restaurant also offers handmade Hong Kong dim sum in the day.

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Get some Dim Sum

Swatow Seafood was where I was first introduced to dim sum buffet, and became my family’s go-to for our dim sum fix ever since.

There is really no effort to be put in by diners here. Staff usually roll trolleys around asking you whether you wanted what they had, and a simple answer of how many sufficed. Since nobody in my family spoke great Mandarin, we usually take whatever they had, and regret afterwards when we couldn’t finish all of it. My personal favourites are the crispy fish skin, sesame buns (which are black in colour), and liu sha baos (which are blue in colour). The salted egg yolks of the liu sha baos weren’t too runny, which, while not exactly food-porn worthy, are much easier to eat and yummier too.

At only $22.80+ on Weekends, Swatow Seafood is one of the best value-for-money options for dimsum around Singapore!

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Great food in a noisy restaurant.

When I first heard of this restaurant, the name tickles me! It sounds like it had just moved in from the mountains. Seeing its name appearing on the many coupon websites, I decided to give it a try. We had the fried 'Mee Sua', 3-egg stir-fried spinach, oyster omelette, prawn rolls and cereal prawns. I really need to rave about the prawn rolls (hei-cho). They are surprisingly not oily after all the deep frying and tasted so heavenly. And being priced at $10 for a relatively big portion, it makes the dish even more delectable. I rate this dish 10 on a scale of 10. The rest of the dishes are above-average and have a very strong flavour of Hokkien-teochews. I've seen some patrons having dim sum items but the food didn't look too appetising so I do not think I'll try them any time soon.

Overall, dining experience here is good and will be even better if it is not so noisy. Will definitely visit again for the hei-cho!

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Was my expectation too high?

I passed by this place a number of times and also saw a signboard for Fortunate outside the building and I always thought it was Fortunate. When I finally went there to eat a couple months ago, then I realise it was Swatow which was also affiliated with Fortunate.

When I went that Saturday, there were no queues and it was not very crowded. There were still ample seats around. According to my friend, the business had dropped significantly as she remembered that there was always a long queue at this place.

As we sat down, I saw that this place uses the trolley concept to sell their dim sum. They had sufficient variety, and the ones that we always see such as har kow, shiu mai, porridge, chee cheong fan were all available. I was expecting that the items would be of very high quality as this was a well known place.

However, when I bite into their prawns, I was a disappointed as the prawns did not had that crunchy fresh feel. It is not a case that the prawns were not fresh, but they lack the crunchy feel that makes it feel that the ingredients were fresh prawns and made on the spot.

Deep fried items were also pretty cold after "strolling" around for many rounds without any takers. They probably could use some warmer to keep them warm on the trolleys. The dim sum was hot when served, but cool down quite quickly as the air con was high.

However, the saving point was that the service given by the uncles and aunties down were pretty good. One of the uncles was very polite and friendly, and when we asked if the lotus rice was available, he even apologised a few times that it was not available, although it was not really his fault in any sense.

In all, although service was good, it would probably not be my top choice, as the dim sum was not outstanding and taste the same as those that I would get at coffeeshops.

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Green liu sha baos!

I went to Swatow for dim sum buffet a couple of months back, thanks to a voucher which I bought online. It was a weekday afternoon and when we reached, we were greeted by a long queue outside the restaurant. Thankfully, I made a reservation prior to this and was seated within minutes. The concept of Swatow restaurant works like that of Red Star, where the staff will push a trolley full of food and you can decide if you want to have that dish.

The dim sum dishes that were available during the buffet were the usual siew mai, har kao, chicken feet, pork ribs in black bean sauce, prawn dumpling, chee cheong fun, etc. All of which were delicious. However, was blew my mind away was the liu sha bao also known as egg yolk custard bun. The green buns were oozing with yellow goodness the moment I peeled open the bun. The filling was a mixture of sweet and salty and definitely left me wanting for more. We ordered an additional serving of liu she bao.

Would definitely head back to Swatow for the dim sum buffet as it is very value for money, considering the wide variety of good food available.

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(Updated: September 23, 2012)

Great Dim Sum!

I went to Swatow for a Dim Sum brunch. One of the great things about Swatow is its pushcart system, which is rather difficult to find these days. I love how the staff pushes around these carts full of dim sum, it just makes the experience more fun, and it helps you get a sense of what you’re ordering.

The dim sum at Swatow is tasty and fresh, and has a great atmosphere too. I would strongly recommend the custard yolk bun, which is big and has creamy custard that bursts out upon your first bite. Other dishes I enjoyed include the shrimp dumpling, the chee cheong fun with shrimp/scallop, and the fish porridge.

If you are going on a weekend, it’s best if you arrive at 11ish for dim sum, as it tends to get really crowded at lunch time.

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(Updated: August 09, 2012)

Great food!

Swatow restaurant not only serves Teochew delicacy, but also serves Cantonese (Dim Sum) and Hokkien (Fried Hokkien Noodles). If you love Teochew delicacy, you're in for a treat. My personal favourites are the steamed fish and the deep fried pig trotters.

The steamed pomfret fish was not overcooked at all, nor was it undercooked. The texture of the meat remained chewy, and the skin still smooth, which will not occur if the fish is overcooked. The pig trotters, on the other hand, had a crispy exterior but yet a juicy and chewy interior. If you're ordering the pig's trotters, make sure to prepare napkins as the juices spurt out as you take a bite!

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Best Part:
Steamed fish!
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Toa Payoh (Used to be Xin Fu Yum Cha)
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great dim sum, but there is need to pace the eating speed to be able to try all the dishes as they are only served one at a time

Swatow sells delicious seafood and dim sum throughout the day.

The daily dim sum hi-tea buffet, between 3pm and 5pm, serves a wide assortment of dim sum, drinks and desserts. It comes with a complimentary bowl of sharks fins soup and lobster kueh-pie-ti, and a big piece of sharks fins and lobster can be tasted in each. Sadly, these two dishes are only served once. Unlike other buffet styles, at Swatow, each dish is served by the servers individually. Thus, it is important to pace the speed of eating the food, to be able to try all the dishes. The fried beancurd skin roll with shrimp, egg tart, baked barbeque pork puffs, and mango and shrimp roll are a must try. The custard and egg yolk buns, sticky rice with chicken and the mango pudding are worth a try as well.

This buffet is worth going to for the wide assortment of food choices and quality of the food. It is recommendable to visit the store during weekdays, as the restaurant is very crowded on the weekends. Also, the servers are patient and polite despite the crowd attempting to urge the servers to move faster with their constant glances, which makes it a pleasant eating experience.

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(Updated: April 17, 2012)

Underwhelming dim sum buffet

I am always up for dim sum buffets. So, it was with high hopes that I went to Swatow with a friend who kindly introduced me to the place. Seeing the long queues that were already formed prior to the opening of the restaurant only confirmed my high expectations of the place.

The buffet was not so much of a buffet; instead food was served restaurant style. I eagerly watched and waited as staffs pushed trolleys of dim sums from table to table. I had a little of everything that came our way (ngo hiang, fried hokkien noodles) while waiting for my favourites.

The porridge, which I was anticipating, turned out to be quite disappointing in texture (taste was average). Overall, I find that the standard of the dim sum hardly justifies the long queues that I'd witnessed.

Because of the serving style that they have adopted, it is impossible to ask for second helpings of say, the second dish that they had served earlier because it would either be cold or given out completely. This is ironic, considering the fact that it is after all supposed to be a buffet, thus translating to unlimited helpings. The way they deprived me of my second helpings made the experience a disappointing and shocking one.

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