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Listing created by farshafarsha on April 16, 2012    

The Summer Palace, one of the grandes dames of Singapore Cantonese restaurants, shows no sign of slowing down. The service remains smoothly choreographed, everyone speaks Cantonese and its fried rice – perfumed by wok hei and each grain falling separately – is still the one to beat. Begin the meal with a fragrant pumpkin soup, and pair the fried rice with cubes of seared Wagyu beef or braised vegetables. If you’re throwing political correctness out of the window, the shark’s fin soup is appropriately unctuous and sweet.

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Nice place to enjoy good food.

I am a huge fan of Cantonese food, so this place really catered to my taste buds. I really enjoyed the ambience because I was there to celebrate my grandmother's birthday. We had a lot of fun sitting down and chatting with one another. Coupled with the helpful staff and great service, the location was perfect!

Food wise, the sharks fin soup was of top notch quality and it was definitely something that I had enjoyed the most. Apart from that, most dishes were well-prepared despite the slightly long wait. Overall, i would say that this place is great for having family gatherings, especially if your family enjoys having delicious Cantonese food!

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Great food, bad dessert.

I recently went to Summer Palace to celebrate my father's birthday because we're cantonese and he loves cantonese food. The decor is pleasant and quite grand, fitting for a fine dining restaurant. The service was ok I guess, before going I had heard that the service was supposed to be top notch - they don't leave the teapot at your table because the staff is supposed to be so attentive that you don't need to pour your own tea. However, when I went there I did not find the service to be that good; we did go on a quiet weekday though so maybe they did not have that many waiters on hand.

The food was really good though. The best dish would be their pumpkin soup; this is nothing like the western kind of pumpkin soup, which is thick and creamy. This pumpkin soup was served in a small pumpkin. Scooping the pumpkin flesh and eating it together with the soup was heavenly! The pumpkin is so smooth and sweet it's like ice cream and the broth was light but still tasty and flavorful. My entire family thought that this was the best dish, and that we could just order that soup with one bowl of plain rice and have that for dinner. It’s that good.

Another good dish would be the 'ba bao' fried rice (8 treasure fried rice). It takes some time to be prepared so order it quickly if you are hungry. It's the ultimate comfort food, the rice is so tasty and they don't stinge on the ingredients.

Other dishes you might want to try would be the wasabi prawns (i love them!), you can order the appetizer platter and try the prawns together with the soft shell crab (which was really good too). For a healthier choice, try the tofu with crabmeat and spinach which was very pleasant and tasty. We also tried their dessert of almond cream and young coconut - it was bad and the standard paled in comparison to their savory dishes. The almond cream was watery and bland and there was no coconut taste in the desert at all.

Overall, despite the uninspiring desert it is still a great place to go for dinner! Just head somewhere else to satisfy your sweet craving!

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