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111 East Coast Road Singapore 428801
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This is a restaurant founded by Mdm Lee Kim Choo, a Peranakan. Her story traces back to a post-war Singapore in the late 1940s, Madam Lee was only 12 when she first learned the secret recipe to making traditional Nonya rice dumplings from her Peranakan grandmother. Selling their home-made delicacies every year during the Dragon Boat Festival.

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An authentic peranakan experience!

Located along the stretch of food places opposite the new mall, 112 Katong, they are pretty popular in the Peranakan food scene, selling an assortment of rice dumplings and biscuits. It is like a shophouse where they have two levels of seating space for diners. We ordered their nyonya chap chye, babi pongteh, assam snapper and a savory meat dumpling with egg to share.

The food came swiftly, which i was rather impressed. But it was probably most of the dishes were already cooked beforehand and left stewing and brasing. The babi pongteh came braised nicely and softly, however, one grouch would be that the dish was too oil. The oil layer was thicker than the sauce given, which put me off. The nyonya chap chye was stewed nicely, very flavorful and soft with a chockful of soft braised cabbage. The hei bi smell was very strong, which pleased my family.

As for the savory meat dumpling with egg, it was much softer and flavorful than the other franchises. The assam snapper came in a sourish spicy type of soupy gravy, and came with a chockful of vegetables. The vegetables were soft and the snapper soft.

All in all a delightful meal and most importantly there is no service charge and GST included so i would gladly go back there again.

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