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103 Frankel Avenue Singapore 458275
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The Nonya restaurant features authentic, traditional Peranakan cuisine ranging from seafood, meat, soup, and vegetables in a culture-rich décor that brings out the warmth within the Peranakan community.

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Great Nonya food and experience!

House of Peranakan Cuisine is in my opinion one of the best Nonya restaurants in Singapore. They used to be at the former Negara Hotel at Claymore Road but they are now housed in a cosy shophouse along Frankel Avenue. My husband and I loved their Curry Fish Head as it has a really good assam kick to it and loads of vegetables in the gravy.

You should also try their Babi Assam which is very appetising due to the complexities of the flavours. Their Itek Sioh gravy is thick and fragrant compared to other watered-down versions in other restaurants. It's reasonably priced too. Best to wash it all down with their lime juice with agar agar.

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Delicious Nonya Food in the East
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103 Frankel Avenue
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Great Nonya experience

I really can’t say I’m a fan of Peranakan food. I can’t even remember if I had tried or had contact with nonya cuisine before my visit to House of Peranakan. However I enjoyed every bit of my lunch there and got to try lots of new dishes I would never have the chance to elsewhere.

The first thing that strikes you upon entering is the decor. It looks totally different from the nondescript shop front along the quiet Siglap street at the outlet I went to. It was furnished with dark wooden table tops and traditional walls, giving off an olden nostalgic feel down to the tiled flooring. It was almost empty when I went for an early lunch but slowly filled up. The food must have been the attraction. We had to order the nonya ngoh hiang, of course, and it was juicy and crunchy, very tasty. The other recommendations from the waitress were faultless too, from the Ayam Buah Keluah curry chicken (my first time trying the nutty savoury fruit!) to the braised claypot duck. Plus everything was novel and perhaps therefore more delicious to me.

One thing about the service though. It took hours of calling before we could reach someone to make a reservation the night before. The phone rang more than once and was left unanswered when we were there. Maybe they are understaffed. But the service itself at the shop was helpful and polite. The siglap outlet I went to may be a bit inconvenient to get to, but I would love to go back someday. They even have two pianos and a bar there, looks like it could make for an enjoyable evening.

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