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Long Beach is a large chain of seafood restaurants. It also claims to be the Creator of the Original and the Best Black Pepper Crab of Singapore.

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East Coast Park
Dempsey Hill


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Top Notch

I have been to Long Beach countless of times. This is due to the fact that my family holds a family gathering session there yearly. Yes, it might be pricey, but the food they serve is really the 'bomb'! Every year, the quality of food they have just never fails to wow me.

Being a top notch seafood restaurant, Long Beach is arguably one of the best in Singapore. One of the must try food is definitely their crabs. Be it the Alaskan King Crab or Sri Lankan Crab, their chef's are able to whip out variations of quality sauces that are not too overpowering till it dilutes the pure sweetness of the crab meat. Personally, I really love their crabs. Butter Crab, Chilli Crab, Pepper Crab, you name it. They are definitely not crap! (No pun intended)

One more dish I would highly recommend would be the Steamed Live Scottish Razor Clam with Minced Garlic. Being not a big fan of clams, I was a little apprehensive of the dish at first. However, when I had my first bite, it really took me by surprise. The fishy taste was overwritten by the garlic and the clam was easy to masticate.

As for the atmosphere of the restaurant, it is very classy and comfortable. There are also private rooms for large families to book for their own privacy. However, it is to note that the air-conditioning might be a little cold for some. Bring a jacket or cardigan just in case.

Service wise, it is excellent as the servers there will help you 'disassemble' the crabs and lobsters and they are highly attentive and responsive.

All in all, I feel that Long Beach is really one of the finest restaurants in Singapore. Good quality of food, comfortable ambience and brilliant service makes it a 5/5 for me. Price wise, it is undeniably expensive, but hey, you pay for what you get.

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Famous For Crabs!

As you might have guessed by their name, the place is famous for its seafood, most notably their black pepper crab and chili crab. We started with a plate of House Specialty Live Prawn which had a golden, crisp breading with chilis and other exotic seasoning over sweet and juicy fresh prawns. Next was the Homemade Otah in Banana Leaf consisted of fish and shrimp ground up into a paste and mixed with chilis and other seasonings before being shaped into a patty that is wrapped in banana leaf and grilled. Very fragrant and flavorful!

Then we ordered Live Sri Lankan Chili Crab. Actually you can choose from Alaskan king crab to snow crab to sri lankan crab and many others of varieties of crabs. The Live Sri Lankan Chilli Crab has a very bold taste. It has addictive flavors in the tomato-based, chili spiced, creamy sauce; just beneath the freshest, juiciest and sweetest crab meat. You can eat this with rice or fried buns or just the crabs alone while sipping all the juice oozing out from the shells.

A coconut drink will be best to compliment the sizzling hot chilli crabs and indeed this place is a must to go if you are a crab lover!

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Chilli Crabs
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East Coast
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