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Listing created by Aravind on March 29, 2012    

Coriander Leaf is a culinary treasure of many faces. One of the finest restaurants in Singapore, Coriander Leaf is under the watchful eye of Samia Ahad, the celebrated chef and proprietress who has termed her foodie paradise an ‘Asian Food Hub’; an expression which couldn’t be more fitting for a chef who seems to have covered every aspect of culinary creation and turned her establishment into something of a playground for passionate eaters of every description

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Mon - Sat, 12:00 pm - 9:00 pm Sunday, Closed
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Coriander Leave

Famous chef: check. Ritzy location: check. Hype: check. Designer interior: check. The Coriander Leaf restaurant seems to have followed the How To Set Up A Top Restaurant textbook to the letter. The only chapter smart little Coriander missed out on was Chapter One: Delicious Food.

There’s nothing wrong with the food here. But there really isn’t anything on the menu to shout about either. The trouble with swanky restaurants featuring local delights is that the posh, famous chef version rarely measures up to the not-so-posh famous hawker stall version, and Coriander Leaf is no exception.

Just not enough bang for the hefty buck.

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Not having to go back willingly
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Probably not for students..

Beautiful interior, amazing ambience, and really good food. But the prices are really too expensive for a student like me. You could probably splurge here once in a while, but not too often. It's totally worth it, though!

I'm not a fan of hummus, but theirs is really quite good. The tandoori chicken is simply divine and is a must try. Didn't really like the chocolate cake though, which is sad because I love chocolate. But they were all so nicely presented, so I guess extra points for that.

The service was wonderful. Warm smiles all over, and they look like they have the passion for what they're doing, which is amazing. Then again, you can't expect anything less, since you're really paying for the food and service. Would definitely come again.

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