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Traditional Cantonese cuisine in a fine living ambiance.

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Mon - Sat, 12:00 pm - 9:00 pm Sunday, Closed
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A few hit-and-miss in terms of food quality and taste...

We went to Peach Garden Chinese Restaurant at Hotel Miramar for our regular gathering with my ex-colleagues and settled for the Ala Carte Dinner Buffet so that we could eat to our heart’s content. There were a few hit-and-miss in terms of food quality and taste, we also found their service wanting. There were only around 6 tables filled in the restaurant but this doesn’t justify why the waiters should hover so close to us and eavesdrop at our conversations, I guess they were really free that day.

They kept rushing to clear the empty dishes off the table and kept suggesting that we should finish this last piece of meat, that last piece of broccoli and that bowl of untouched soup. They took away the fruits without asking and I couldn’t eat it when I wanted it. The Braised Baby Superior Shark’s fin Soup with Shredded Abalone, Fish Maw and Sea Cucumber was extremely thick and starchy (probably a ploy to make us full and order less?).

All of us only scooped up the ingredients and ignored the starchy soup. You should also avoid the Braised Baby Superior Shark’s fin with Fresh Crab Meat and Crab Roe as there was hardly any semblance of crab meat/roe inside and there was a weird, sourish taste to it...

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The Deep-fried Prawns with Wasabi Salad Cream and Sauteed Kurobuta Pork Cubes with Leek and Teriyaki Sauce was good.
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Hotel Miramar
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(Updated: July 17, 2013)

Dimsum over their Chinese mains

One of those restaurants you would typically visit for a birthday dinner or celebration. We had a large family lunch in celebration of Father's Day, and were kindly attended to by the waitresses at both our tables. They were attentive and generally provided very good service.

Since I've always heard about how awesome their liu sha bao is (a few have proclaimed it as the best in Singapore), I was looking forward to trying it. I am not too sure why it wasn't on the dimsum menu, however. We did request to order it though and I was glad they eventually did have it! So do request for it in future just in case you don't see it on the menu. It was really good, but slightly too gooey for me because it made it a mess to eat for everyone. Gotta admit though that the custard was good!

We also ordered the Wasabi Prawns, which came in a rice cracker basket filled with 2 prawns drizzled with Wasabi Mayo. This was so good that ever since then, I have taken a liking for Wasabi Mayo. It is slightly pricey, but since you're probably ready to spend a bomb (for a large group) while at Peach Garden, I'd say just go for it!

Their typical Chinese dishes (eg. the stir fried vegetables & beancurd) were mediocre, though, and I daresay you'd get similar standards at your much cheaper tze char alternatives. The stir-fried noodle was awesome, however, and the only Tze-Char like dish that I'd give thumbs up for.

Overall, I'd think it'd be more worth it ordering their dimsum instead of their Chinese dishes.

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great tasting siew mais only

I have not been to the Peach Garden restaurant but my mother likes that place a lot and often takes away dim sum for the family. I really liked the siew mais from this place because it's so different from other siew mais that I have tried. The meat here is not in the form of a meat paste but rather, it is clumpy and you can actually taste the meat. On top of that, they are also very generous with the chinese mushrooms on top of the siew mai!!! I really enjoy it when siew mais have mushroom and roe on it. It makes the siew mai even more flavorful and tasty. I could easily down 5 in a seating and of course, it depends on how many she buys back :P

The only dim sum I would recommend is the siew mais. My mother has bought the paus and some other dim sum back and I found that is was just average. The pau fell short of average though. If you are a siew mai fan then definitely check out this place. Otherwise, from the food that I have tried, I would not recommend this place if you are looking for a wholesome dim sum meal and not only looking for siew mais.

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Authentic Canton Foodings

One of my favourite Chinese restaurant around, Peach Garden is one place where you can get quality Dim Sum and good Cantonese cuisine. I frequent the branch at Thomson Plaza and is always walking out of the restaurant feeling satiated and happy.

The buffet Dim Sum (~$22/pax) they offer over weekend lunch is of a perfect spread with all your favourite Dim Sum items in place. I especially love the vinegar trotters pot ( a flavourful vinegar dish with braised pig trotters and eggs, good for after birth women) which is not commonly served in food places.

The Staff at Peach Garden serve with warmth and are super attentive at filling up your teapot and clearing the plates. There was once we accidentally spilled the entire glass of drink on the table and they immediately replaced a new glass and put new short mats on the table apologising as if it was their fault. What other better way for someone to absorb your clumsiness and you be spared of awkwardness? :) Dim Sum is made yummier with awesome service:)

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(Updated: January 20, 2013)


Peach Garden offers a wide selection of food, ranging from dimsum to staple food such as noodles and porridge. I would say the food served was not up to what I expected. Serving was too big for my liking, the porridge come in a really huge bowl.

Pricing-wise, it was quite reasonable, about $10 for a decent meal.

Service provided was good. Waiters and waitresses were polite and enthusiastic. They will usually greet me with a smile on their face and bow after putting my food down. Makes me feel really comfortable.

The ambiance is rather 'chinese', with bamboo doors separating one room to another. Definitely a place you must visit if you like dining in a traditional Chinese environment.

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I've always loved my dim sum like a true blue Singaporean, with a penchant for char siew baos and dumplings. Therefore, I was really excited to visit this place, having heard others rave about the amazing dim sum here and read fantastic reviews.

Unfortunately, this place really fell short of my expectations. I went on a weekend, at lunch hour, and the place was absolutely packed. I mean, it was claustrophobic. And the crowd was noisy, with little kids running rampant and destroying the place.

The food was middling, nothing to shout about. I found an unidentified object in my dumpling, which completely ruined the food for me and I had absolutely no appetite afterwards.

The buffet table was a mess and the variety was so limited. The food was just about all snatched up and there were still other people circling like vultures around the buffet table, hoping for seconds (or thirds). I was quite mesmerized by that sight actually, the epitome of Singaporeans' famed kiasu-ness!

Was not a fan of the decor, a bit too much for my tastes.

In conclusion, I would not visit again.

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(Updated: December 16, 2012)

I hated it.

I came on an empty stomach with my family on a weekend expecting to stuff my face with what my mom told me was going to be some really awesome dimsum. But no, just about everything, save for their meaty pork and prawn dumplings ("siew mai" and "har gao"), was average. Even with the dumplings, I got sick of them pretty quickly and decided to move on to something else. I stopped ordering dimsum from the pushcarts and moved on to the small buffet table and there I didn't find anything yummy either. Just some fried vermicelli and rice rolls and other unprepossessing stuff. I had little more than a mouthful of whatever was on the buffet table and decided I had enough. So that was it.

The food was really mediocre and yet the place was packed. And people were perpetually swarming at the buffet table like hyenas around a carcass, impatient to get this or that.

To lovers of dimsum, you're better off going to Lao Beijing.

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First and foremost, I am pretty neutral when it comes to Chinese food, but I do know delicious food when I taste it. However, the word 'delicious' does not quite apply to Peach Garden's food. The food there is good, but perhaps 'good' is the only extent of how I can describe it. Although it tastes pleasant, it fails to leave a lasting impression, and can certainly not be considered 'delicious'.

However, if you're looking for something light, give the porridge there a try. Although not the best I've tasted, at least the porridge was good enough to compel me to want more.

The service at Peach Garden is quick and efficient. The staff is extremely polite, and offers viable suggestions when ordering from the menu.

Frankly, I find Peach Garden yet another typical boring Chinese restaurant. The food is definitely better than mediocre, but it cannot be considered mouth-wateringly delicious.

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Great Food! Uncomfortable Place...

My parents used to tell me that we ate here a lot when we were kids. I don't remember much about that memory because I know I used to dislike Chinese food. As I grew older, I must say that my taste for Chinese food grew and now, I love it!

Peach Garden serves amazing Chinese food! Usually in other restaurants, the rice is served first, followed by the other dishes. Here, they served the rice last, which was a good thing because by then, we were all full from the other dishes that we didn't have to get fatter with more carbs from the rice! We ordered a family set meal where they served the dishes one by one.The main entree was a glazed pork dish and it was delicious. the meat slid off the bone easily and the marinade was perfectly at the right amount. The fried rice they served at the end was a bit too salty, but it was still really good. They also served a nice vegetable dish and I am not exaggerating, but it was the best vegetable dish I've ever tried. It had mushrooms and oyster sauce and the consistency was perfect.

All in all, the dishes worked very well together.

What I disliked about the place was how... sad it looked. Peach Garden promotes itself like some sort of fine dining restaurant complete with waiters dressed in nice attire, but there were customers dressed in slippers and house clothes, considering the location, Thomson Place, is a place where people living nearby just come to do their groceries and such. I'm not saying I was dressed up all nice, I'm just saying that maybe Peach Garden could tone down the classiness of the restaurant? Like how some restaurants have a different feel depending on location.

I would like to commend their service. They made a mistake overcharging my dad, but while we waited for them to rectify their mistake, they served us with a complimentary mango dessert. Nice!

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Thomson Plaza
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