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#01-02 East Coast Seafood Centre 1202 East Coast Parkway Singapore 449881
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Listing created by juzsimplicity on May 23, 2012    

"Seafood we sell, a Story to tell." No Signboard Seafood sells seafood set meals and ala-carte dishes, with a story to tell behind each dish.

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i only like the name of the signboard

Apart from the paradoxical signboard, I do not find the food here worth dying for, or rather; I pity the crabs that died for the consumers. Maybe the disparity between expectations and reality roots from the accumulation of anticipation for years and the endless queue during meal times. This would be my perfect example of tastes being subjective because in all honesty, I can find better Chili Crab at a much lower price. (Hint: TradeHub @ Jurong)

The rest of the dishes were average and the most vivid memory of my family’s experience at this place is the desperate pumping water into our systems the very same night due to the excessive usage of MSG, I suppose.

But of course, if you find it too cumbersome to carry thick stashes of notes in your wallet or just cannot be too bothered with parking your own car, you should head down to the Geylang branch – free valet parking and expensive meal, here you go!

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Great for family gatherings!

I've been here lots of times for family gatherings. The food is always good, and like the reviewer below, I love the white pepper crabs. Since my family and I usually visit the one at East Coast, we take walks on the beach after having a good dinner.

What I adore about this place is that their seafood is always fresh, and the food is served hot! How could you resist hot, fresh food? I suggest coming here with a large group, things can get pretty pricey quickly. Some people say it's overrated, but I think this is definitely an excellent place for some al fresco dining and bonding with family. Give their desserts a try too! They're pretty good, if they're available, that is.

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White pepper crabs

About four years ago I had never even heard of "White Pepper Crabs". All I knew and cared about were my favourite chili crabs. One day Chloe had a friend who was raving about these white pepper crabs non-stop so we just had to give it a try.

I guess food can be a very subjective thing because unlike Audrey below I absolutely love the White Pepper Crabs here! We always go the one at Geylang. The dish itself is peppery and spicy, drenched in a delectable garlic sauce seasoned with spring onions. At the end I usually use the spring onions to scoop out all the sauce. Kinda like how I use the man tou to eat chili crab sauce.

Its a very refreshing take on this crab dish. I still prefer my chili crabs (from Long Beach) but the white pepper crabs here come a very close second. There rest of the food here is quite good but the marked up prices are a huge turn-off. Because of that, we usually just order rice, crabs and kai lan and thats it.

I mean $15 for kai lan. Really? Still - give the white pepper crabs a try if you haven't before.

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white pepper crabs
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(Updated: May 24, 2012)

so good, not!

No Signboard Seafood (NSS) isn't the first choice that I will make when I am contemplating a seafood dinner splurge. I have been there once for a family gathering and I wasn't impressed with its quality for the price paid for it. The atmosphere is very typical of such chinese seafood restaurants. Loud talking, clinging and clanging of heavy porcelain utensils, heavy table cloth with a huge round table equipped with a roundabout dish server. Not my favorite type of atmosphere, sometimes it can get too rowdy.

During the dinner, the popular white pepper crabs were served. The waitress told us that only NSS carries this dish and nowhere else has it. Of course, we were sold on this point and ordered it. When the crabs arrived, I was a little underwhelmed. I expected huge, juicy crabs to be served. It looks so tiny for the price and the white pepper smell was very very strong. Okay, I know it's meant to be white pepper crab but I found the smell a little weird. The crabs were not juicy and not what I expected it to be! I didn't enjoy my crab at all to be honest. The hard rice made the meal worst. I forgot other dishes that I ate during the meal but nothing stood out, it was either average or below average and for the price you are paying for, it is definitely not worth it! Service was not efficient as well, we waited so long to be served our food. The tool used to crack the crab's shell was not given to us as well. We had to inform the waitress and wait, again. So sick of restaurants with low service efficiency, there is a reason why we pay the10% service charge.

Stay away from this seafood place and go to a place like JUMBO seafood instead.

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