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Audrey Oh
Listing created by Audrey Oh on May 15, 2012    

The Rajah Inn is a brand of Asian-inspired restaurant. It is well-known for its mini-steamboat meals and noon-time porridge buffet. Whether it's the porridge buffet for lunch or the steamboat ala carte buffet for dinner, the Rajah Inn Team promises quality food and friendly customer service.

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11:30 a.m. - 10:00 p.m.
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Tiong Bahru Plaza only.

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Horrible expensive, not going to patronize again

Personally, I felt that eating at Rajah Inn is not value of money mainly because of those buffet and steamboat that they offered. The porridge buffet at $8.20 is definitely a no, no, no. You only have choice of one porridge and then some noodles and rice along with some side dishes. The desserts that they give you are just oranges and no drinks are offered unless you are willing to pay additional amount. It like I’m able to eat 2 plate worth of my favourite food at Hawker Centre instead of eating porridge buffet.

I have tried the steamboat ala carte once and would never eat it again mainly because the steamboat portion is too little. I ordered the chicken steamboat and it was like 80% vegetables and 20% meat, so I don’t find it satisfying. The worst thing is that rice and noodle need additional money. My friend totally got conned, she wanted Dong Fen (a type of noodle) and the store charged her $2.50 while my rice only cost $0.50. It’s kind of not reasonable to charge that expensive for that noodle when rice should be more expensive.

Furthermore, the service aren’t that good because the staffs assumed that we finished our meal and clear it when my friends and i. Therefore, I would not recommend this place to anybody.

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acceptable and affordable porridge buffet for lunch

Serving mainly porridge and side dishes during the lunch period, The Rajah Inn also serves fried noodles, fruits and other beverages with its porridge buffet.

There are a variety of dishes to choose from, including salted egg, potato croquette, vegetables and many others. Since it is buffet style, everything is free flow. And for those who are not fans of porridge, their noodles are worth a try as well. Fruits, like watermelon and orange are also provided for dessert. The food is generally nice and acceptable. For about 8, inclusive of GST and service charge, the porridge lunch buffet is worth a try as having the dishes themselves can be rather filling.

They do not serve the same food items at all times though, and their porridge buffet is only during lunch and steamboat during dinner. For the buffet style, the table can be quite squeezy as it is small and it is recommendable to simply take a few items each time, to be able to contain the food items of two people at a single table.

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(Updated: May 16, 2012)

average steamboat. mediocre variety and taste.

The mini steamboat here is a novel concept when it was first introduced years ago and during the SARS period when everyone became very particular about hygiene and sharing utensils, this mini steamboat is the answer to all steamboat-lovers who does not want to share a common pot. Their have a few stock choices and I had the chicken one. The mini pot was of comfortable size. Nothing too mini that you can't cook a lot of food. In fact, it can hold quite a lot of food! The ingredients came in sets and I chose the seafood set. I regretted it as the prawns are not fresh and are really small. Same for everything else on the plate. There are better steamboats out there and there isn't a need to try this unless you are keen on the concept of the mini individual steamboat idea.

I tried the porridge buffet once and although the price was very attractive (below $15), the food was totally not to my liking. They served salted eggs, salted vegetables, braised meat and some fried food. Looks like something I can easily get at an economic rice store. I did not really enjoy my meal and left half-full. The service can definitely be improved on. Many times, the service staff forgot about my orders and I had to remind them about it. They also took very long to attend to us even though there weren't much people in the restaurant. All in all, nothing special about it except for the mini steamboat concept.

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