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#02-11 Cathay Orchard Cineleisure 8 Grange Road Singapore 239695
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Listing created by dawntillmidnight on April 22, 2012    

Street favourites of Hong Kong, Macau, Shanghai and Singapore take centrestage at Xin Wang Hong Kong Café.

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Opening Hours:
Monday to Thursday – 11am to 4am Friday, Saturday and Eve of PH – 11am to 4am Sunday and PH – 11am to 4am
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List of Outlets:
Anchorpoint #01-13/14
Plaza Singapura #06-08/09/10
#01-03A Springvale
Changi Airport Terminal 3 Viewing Mall North Level 4, Terminal 3 #04-02
Sun Plaza #01-01
#01-04 Coronation Shopping Plaza
#01-05/06 Tiong Bahru Plaza
Hougang Street 21 #01-133/135
United Square #02-02/05
ION Orchard #B2-16
#B1-04 West Coast Plaza
Marina Square #01-04
#01-14 White Sands Shopping Mall
Northpoint Shopping Center #01-45/46/47/48
Yew Tee Point #01-17 Yew Tee Point


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(Updated: April 22, 2012)

Come back for more!

Xin Wang Hong Kong cafe remains one of the nicest and comfortable restaurants that offers hong kong and chinese food. Frequent visits to the outlet at Marina Square to try out their many dishes certainly did not disappoint me.

The first dish that I would recommend is their Curry Chicken Set, where their gravy alone can satisfy your craving. Coupled with a few side dishes like prawn paste chicken and siew mai, as well as one of their signature beverages-their yin yang tea, I only could ask for more.

Also, the noodles page on the menu might not be attractive to some, where some might even think that the noodles look just like those that we eat in the wee hours of the night. However, I was given a pleasant surprise when I was served with a bowl of piping hot and aromatic noodles with soup. Topped up with luncheon meat and egg, it gives a different feeling eating noodles outside of home. Talking about soup dishes, their papaya soup is also worth a try.

Besides their food, their service is good in their handling of customers, where they would always lead customers to the corner seats that are more comfortable whenever available. I've also always liked the fact that their music playlist rings of old school songs from artistes like Jay Chou, which paints a different scenario from shops outside that play more upbeat and loud tunes.

Overall, Xin Wang is definitely must go, and be sure to return for more visits to try the wide variety of specialties that they offer.

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(Updated: February 19, 2016)

average food

Xin Wang is the place you’d pick when you have NO idea what to eat and where to go. They have a wide variety of dishes, even western.

I don’t particularly like their food, but their papaya soup is decent. I enjoy eating their porridge because they’re hearty yet light at the same time. My friends love the iced milk tea and often order that but I think it’s a little too sweet for my liking. I particularly liked their service at the cineleisure outlet, the aunty is always attentive and friendly to us.

There’s nothing special about Xin Wang Cafe that will make me want to go back, but I guess I wouldn’t entirely stay away from this place.

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Quick Hong Kong satisfaction

Xin Wang Café is the go-to café, when you want to have a quick Hong Kong meal. They offer many different types of Hong Kong dishes such as the papaya boiled soup and stir fried noodles.

My favourite dish at the café is the cheese baked rice with pork chop. He cheese is chewy and rich, and complements the savoury taste or the pork chop. On some occasions, the pork chop will be tougher and more difficult to bite, but the taste is consistently satisfactory. Do try the teh-tarik as it is pretty decent as well.

Overall, Xin Wang Hong Kong Café is a good place to satisfy your Hong Kong dish cravings once in a while, but there is nothing special or superb about the café that makes me want to go back.

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Reasonably priced, great place for supper

I sometimes work till late nights and need dining places to go to for my super late dinner or for supper (get hungry really easily). As such, Xing Wang is one of the places I go to as they open past midnight at 13 out of 16 outlets: Xin Wang Hong Kong Café Outlets: Anchorpoint, Cathay Orchard, Cineleisure, Changi Airport Terminal 3, Heartland Mall, Holland Village, Marina Square, Northpoint Shopping Centre, Springvale, Sun Plaza, Tiong Bahru Plaza, West Coast Plaza, White Sands Shopping Mall.

The design of the restaurant is pretty good, nice comfortable setting and great for friends to dine tgt.

I would highly recommend

1) Japanese Rice Mochi with Crushed Peanuts ‘N’ White Sesame ($3.80). It tastes just like muah chee.

2) Cheese Baked Rice with Chicken/Fish/Pork fillet ($10.50) - Not as good as the one at Kim Gary but above average

3) Chicken Cutlet Dry Curry Ramen ($9.50)

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Average food

Hmm. Nothing too bad or too good about this place. It's just.. average I'd say. What they have on the menu is easily attainable at home and they don't taste particularly good to back their standards.

I got myself a HK Iced Milk Tea, their egg noodles with luncheon meat and eggs as well as a basket of custard buns. Their milk tea tasted of more tea than milk, it was also rather fragrant but my main dish was.. The noodles were quite bland and the luncheon meat and eggs looked lonely and pathetic lying at the side of the plate. The noodles make up a large portion of the plate, leaving very little space for ingredients.

To me then it seemed like they were really just trying to make up for the pathetic few slices of meat they laid on the side. The custard buns weren't as runny as my friend and I liked it to be. It was actually even a little hardened.

We didn't really have a satisfying meal.

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(Updated: May 10, 2012)

hk delights

think thick toasts, milk tea, baked rice, and instant noodles.
I have to say that the instant noodles amazed me quite a bit, cos i've never thought that i'd see instant noodles appearing on the menu of any restaurant. havent tried it personally, but my friends do have positive comments about it, just that, how hard is it to cook instant noodles?
my friend and i always go to xin wang mainly for their mango ice dessert, but we would inevitably order a couple of mains to fill our tummys. the first thing that we look for is definitely their baked rice! white flufly rice, thick yummy sauce, and a thick layer of cheese on top; that's all savoury goodness in a dish! then comes a bowl of steaming hot noodles. springy noodles with a satisfyingly salty soup. all the better to prep us for our upcoming dessert!
mango pouring down the side of a pile of ice like lava, and a scoop of mango ice cream on top, all screaming icy goodness.
go there in groups, so that you can all order to share

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(Updated: May 10, 2012)

Reasonable pricing and cosy atmosphere

Xin Wang Hong Kong Café is like what the name states, offering Hong Kong style food. They offer quite a range of food, from snacks to noodles to western. Although western food does not originate from Hong Kong, it is still worth a try, especially their cheese baked dishes which are not bad.

I like their specialty – papaya bee hoon pork chop soup. It is comfort food if you do not get to eat at home often. I like the taste of the soup, it is milky and smooth and flavourful. Though the pork chop is dry, it is still a nice meal which is complete with corn and papaya.

My friends always order their French toast with condensed milk which is something unique and not easily found in other cafes in Singapore. This thick toast served with butter and condensed milk is simply delicious! A must try with their iced milk tea which goes well with the toast.

Overall, the pricing is reasonable, and the atmosphere is cosy. It is a nice café to hang out with friends. However, sometimes they can be quite busy so be prepared to wait awhile to be served.

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Best Part:
French toast with condensed milk, papaya bee hoon pork chop soup
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If you absolutely have no choice

I've never loved Xin Wang, or any of the "Hong Kong Cafe" Chains as they are simply overpriced and over hyped. Just think about what is on the menu, maggie mee with luncheon meat topped with an egg with ONE stalk of vegetable. That costs less than $1 to put together and you are probably paying around $5 for it! You're actually paying for the service and the chair you're seating on, and the interiors you're enjoying. But that being said, there is hardly any service worth mentioning, while the chairs, of what I remember at this branch 2 years back was plastic, and its interiors, cheap generic and uninspiring.

So what exactly are we paying for? I don't know. But I did remember getting a decent serving of shaven ice and ice cream 2 years back when my friends and I headed there. So perhaps that it is selling point.

In a place like Singapore, where too many things are overpriced, and its quality too shabby, it would be good to remember the value of money, and the value of food. If maggie mee can be made and bought to taste good for a dollar, we should not allow them to sell it to us at $5.

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Positive dining experience but not for the price

After much procrastination, I finally gave Xin Wang a try a few months back (ION outlet). Being a huge dim sum fan, I was excited to see what they had in store.

As I flipped through the menu, I was surprised that their prices are not what I've imagined. (Well, what to expect anyway, since its a cafe.)
I placed an order for "ha gao" as the illustration on the menu looked good. (It cost around $3.90)
There wasn't really a long waiting time but I was disappointed at the size of the "ha gao". I guess the "what-you-see-is-what-you-get" theory doesn't work here. It tasted good, but not to a large extent. (Personally, I feel that it could be better as I have tasted other "non-atas" versions that were more appetizing.)
Probably I was expecting too much, judging from the price I paid.

The ambience of the cafe is great though, as the music being played was pleasing to the ears. It does contribute to a positive dining experience.

I haven't got the chance to try out their other dishes yet, but I guess I will only patronize the cafe for birthday celebrations or important events since the prices do not really fit in the range of my budget.

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One of the more decent chain food restaurants

Xin Wang Hong Kong café serves rather decent Chinese dishes at affordable prices. The homely and comfortable environment is ideal for catching up sessions and late night supper. The café gets crowded quickly during dinnertime, so it wouldn’t be advisable especially for 2 to queue up and then get seated in the exceedingly crowded place, with the next couple seated barely five inches away.

By far, Xin Wang has the best dry beef hor fun! It is a must order whenever I’m here. To me, the dish tastes a lot better than most of the tze char stores I’ve tried. The fried wantons and har gaos are also great snacks. The most surprising dish of the menu has definitely got to be papaya soup — the soup is delicious and fragrant. Their milk tea is also rather authentic, though portions have obviously shrunk as compared to the past. The shaved ice dessert comes in huge portions, great for dessert lovers.

Some dishes I do not recommend are their baked rice and mui fan. All dishes look good on the menu, but taste wise, they leave a lot to be desired. All portions are relatively big and best to be shared if you have a tiny appetite.

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Late night hangout spot

Cineleisuere Xin Wang Hk Cafe is always a nice hangout spot with my friends as we can chat till late night. You may need to prepare a jacket as it gets cold when there are lesser customers. The service crews are very friendly towards the us and give recommendations when my friend can't make a decision. The food and drinks are normal but some dishes taste good, such as Curry Chicken and Porridge. However, I find the price is considered high for normal hawker or coffeeshop food and drinks.

I've tried almost everything on the menu and couldn't find anything that will keep me wanting to go Xin Wang just for the food. Even the dimsum category disappointed me as they taste like microwave oven food. The Polo Bun does not have the crust on top and the pineapple is from canned. Probably the only attractive part is the late opening hours. I hope the food quality can really improve so that I will feel it is worthy to spend on the food. Ci

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Best Part:
Curry Chicken, Unagi Porridge
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