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Inspired by the ancient inns in China, The Asian Kitchen is homey and comforting, with a pleasant contemporary look with plae stonework on the walls, timber partitions and flooring, and rather cute armchairs. The CEO, who devised the menu, aspires to offer familiar food of consistent quality.

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Sun–Thu: 11.30am – 10pm Fri–Sat: 11.30am – 10.30pm
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CityLink Mall #B1-21
Republic Plaza #B1-01
Vivocity #B2-29


Asian Kitchen
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(Updated: January 16, 2013)

Cheap, convenient and good

I come to Asian Kitchen primarily to eat two things, the Signature Fried Rice with Beef and the Steamed Pork Dumplings. Meals here do not cost me a fortune and I am able to get a quick lunch fix without having to wait too long.

If I have to eat in a mall during meal breaks, I'd much prefer to pay that bit more to eat here than at fast food restaurants. For me the fried rice here is comparable of even more fragrant than some of the better Tzi Char stalls out there.

Likewise the Xiao Long Bao is also relatively authentic with a nice gravy oozing out as you sink your teeth into it. I wouldn't go as far as to call this place extraordinary, but it is definitely better than most food court or fast food stalls.

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Table for 1 please

I just realized that I usually dine at The Asian Kitchen when I am on my own. It is either when I am shopping alone, or waiting to meet friends who are perpetually on diet so I have to eat something on my own before meeting them around the Marina Square or Suntec City area.

When I feel like having something light, I will order a portion of Xiao Long Bao and a bowl of hot and sour soup. For something more filling, their wan ton noodles and beef noodles suit my taste buds. I recently tried their roast duck and find it very nicely done too.

I usually visit the City Link outlet in the afternoons, taking my time to savor my Xiao Long Bao, sip Chinese tea, and watch the world go by ...

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Decent food

The Citylink mall outlet has been operating since 2005 and the fact that many other restaurants in the place have closed down one after another definitely proves that Asian Kitchen has what it takes to wow the crowd. My all time favourite is the beef brisket noodles. The dish is apparently made with the heirloom recipe from one Chef's grandmother. The texture of the noodles is just superb! Beef was fresh and firm but not too hard. The soup is flavourful and not too oily. I was simply blown away.

The fried rice with prawns is just as fragrant and well cooked! The prawns were fresh and succulent. It enhanced the overall taste and added colour to the dish. My favourite side dish is the pan fried pork dumpling. The generous amount of filling wrapped inside the golden brown skin is definitely worth every cent. Service is good. The waiter refilled ice water immediately.

Decent restaurant that served good food at an affordable price.

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Hong Kong styled roast meat at affordable prices

The first time I tried Asian Kitchen was at the branch near Raffles Place MRT station, a treat from my boss given to the entire department. I'm pretty sure it's Asian Kitchen since they sell the same food although I seemed to recall it as another name.

While the interior isn't anything to shout about, the dishes were fantastic, well, at least most of them are. Since we're dining in a big group, we ordered all 3 kinds of their specialty roasted chicken. My favorite would be their original one for the gravy went well with the chicken, making it taste succulent and flavorful. To my surprise, the skin of the roasted chicken is still crispy even though there's sauce on it. My least preferred would actually be the "Ma La" chicken for I find it to be too oily, which I believed is chili oil.

While the prices aren't cheap, they are affordable and well deserved for the food. Something quirky about the restaurant is that they serve two kinds of rice at two different pricing ($1 for normal rice and $1.50 for the premium rice if I remember correctly). I've yet to try the premium rice and if anyone has, do enlighten me of the difference and if it's really worth paying more for it please?

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Raffles Place MRT
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Roast Pork!

To the meat lovers out there, don’t miss their all-time favourite roast pork!
There is limited quantity a day, so during the weekend, it is highly possible that it could be sold out even before 7pm.
Well, that happened to me once.
So take my advice and go earlier!

Personally I frequent the branch at NEX, and they provide excellent service!
Thumbs up for they would try to accommodate to every request!
Other than roast pork, they are also famous for their duck.
They have four different types of seasoning, but personally, I’m in love with their Sour Plum crispy duck! Another of my favourite would be the Village Tofu.

This place is definitely a must try!

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Good service, Good food

This is one of the most value for money chinese restaurants around. The menu is simple but the food preparation is great. Whether its a simple plate of fried rice or fried vegetables, they made it so well. My favorite has always been the beef noodles as I love beef. The beef is very tender and comes with a tasty broth. I have tried other noodles on the menu too and they taste just as good.

Compared to its competitors like Crystal Jade and Din Tai Fang, I feel that Asian Kitchen offers better food at a lower cost (although the menu might not be as comprehensive as Crystal Jade or Din Tai Fang). They also serve plain water readily which means you save money on drinks. ;)

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Lu Gang Xiao Zhen

I'm always confused by the Asian kitchen as different outlets seem to serve different foods. Having tried out the food at all outlets, i'm sticking to the one at ION Orchard - Lu Gang Xiao Zhen.

My favourite got to be their roasted pork! I'm not a fan of roasted pork because it always has a thick layer of soft and yucky fats. I love the ones prepared here though, the skin so cripsy it taste so good! The meat was juicy and tender, not so much of the thick and yucky layers of fats.

Their omelette has prawns "hidden" inside, it was tasty and not too oily too.

Must-try : Sweet and Sour Pork. It will never go wrong.

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stop changing!!

Asian Kitchen was one of my favourite restaurants to dine in. The food was really cheap in terms of restaurant standards, and it was not too bad. To sum it up: VALUE FOR MONEY. I remember always going there for Shrimp Dumpling noodles, where there's five fat juicy dumplings with really fresh shrimps accompanying my chinese noodles. At $7! However, in the past year, Asian Kitchen has been undergoing a phase of renovations and expansion that has unfortunately led to a drop in its standards.

The outlet I usually frequent at Citylink Mall is now called Chopsticks. My Shrimp Dumpling noodles are no longer that cheap. With one or two dumplings less, too. The cosy ambience has been replaced with discomfort, with lights that shine too brightly. Now I only come back for the Roast Chicken at $9.90, with a bowl of steamed rice. Even that too is not as appealing. The chicken is nicely roasted with crispy skin, but the meat can be a little dry.

If I were to visit again, I'll simply order the Zi Char. Not when I'm paying, though.

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yummy noodles

I absolutely love The Asian Kitchen! I remember being quite hesitant and doubtful of its authenticity when I first walked into its outlet at Changi City Point, but I sure did not regret stepping into its welcoming doors!

The La Mian is a must-try! The noodles are very chewy and the soup just makes you crave for more! The plain bowl of la mian noodles is good for pairing with other side dishes which are equally scrumptious, if you do not like their combination of the la mian noodles with other soup based gravy.

As for dessert, I really like their almond pudding with black sesame paste. The black sesame paste is pretty thick, yet not very sweet. The almond pudding is pretty sweet but has a cooling effect. I would say it is a little over priced for the price of about $5.

I must commend their service crew too! Their staff are very friendly and are more than willing to take yours orders, even during their breaks.

Prices are reasonable; on par with the rest of the other casual dining restaurants like Pastamania and Gurney Drive. I must say, however, that their drinks and desserts are pretty expensive, but nevertheless definitely will not make you regret spending the money.

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great place

Besides just ordering their steamed pork dumplings (xiao long baos), I recommend that you try their soft shelled chilli crab noodles too. Every trip to The Asian Kitchen for me isn't complete without these two dishes.

Whenever I have chilli crab cravings, I'll get here to order the soft shelled chilli crab noodles (or just the soft shelled chilli crab side dish). Although it obviously isn't as great as original chilli crabs, it's good enough to satisfy the cravings. Plus, it goes well with the steamed pork dumplings, one of their signature dishes other than their noodles. Their steamed pork dumplings are slightly cheaper than the ones at Din Tai Fung, but it's still nicely done and presented, and also tastes as great.

Food is served quite quickly, so it's an ideal place for meals if you're a little tight on time. Servers are always smiling and attentive, knowing when we wanted a refill of drinks, or when we want to make additional orders. The atmosphere was a little noisy, as it was full and every table was chatting away. Despite that, I felt it was alright as it made the whole place feel a lot livelier as the restaurant was quite rather dark.

Also, I really like their spoons here. It's deep and perfect for scooping up your soup and noodles, and to put your steamed pork dumplings on it. It's like a dream spoon for eating those dumplings and noodles! Just their spoon alone makes the eating experience so much better. This restaurant is definitely recommended.

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