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Shi Hui
Listing created by Shi Hui on February 15, 2014    

A Malaysian themed restaurant with a rustic charm in their furnishings. They specialize in Malaysian cuisine.

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10:00 - 22.00
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< $10
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#B3-10 [email protected] Mall, 313 Orchard Rd, Singapore 238895

#B1-10, Tampines Mall (4 Tampines Central 5), Singapore 529510

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Excellent popiah - but the smell sticks with you.

A caveat - I'm actually sick of eating at this restaurant, but the reason why I've gotten sick of it in the first place was because I ate there so often, and for good reason.

Their popiah, while a bit pricey, is excellent, and definitely larger than average. Two rolls of popiah here are more than enough to fill me for an entire meal - and a filing one at that. They are generous with their ingredients, though I must comment that the smell from the popiah really sticks with you for the entire day, so be prepared to deal with that. And no, mouthwash or brushing your teeth after doesn't really take the smell out.

I've also tried three of their other dishes, which have merits on their own right but aren't quite as good as their popiah. Their pontian wonton noodles are slightly more pricey than the ones you'd find at foodcourts and hawker centres, but are of no discernible higher quality. Their 'large' bowl is however, noticeably larger. Their Ipoh Hor Fun and KL Sar Hor Fun are also two dishes similar to their counterparts that you'd easily find elsewhere - but not standouts on their own. I must comment, however, that their chilli goes really well with their Ipoh Hor Fun..

All in all, the Old Malaya Cafe is a hawker specialty store similar to stores like EAT and the like which sell only a few popular hawker items at slightly jacked up prices. It's worth the convenience I suppose, but don't expect the specialty to mean a better quality hor fun or noodles - their only specialty here perhaps is just their popiah. Nonetheless, higher prices notwithstanding, a meal here is still very affordable.

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Affordable spot in town

In town, it is extremely rare indeed to find a cheap place to it. Hence, to my delight one weekend morning, I found an outlet selling a complete meal for less than $8 (My budget for lunch).

Ipoh hor fun has always ranked as one of my favourite dishes. I consume the sleek, smooth noodles mixed with dark gravy on a regular basis, and it was with high expectations that I ventured forth to see what this outlet has to offer.

The ipoh hor fun, which I bought here, was relatively bland and the flavour was mild. It was difficult indeed to find an authentic Malaysian taste to it and I was quite disappointed. However, the kway teow was to my satisfaction as it was really smooth and I could slurp it up easily. I did not feel full though after having the meal, I guess in a bid to offer low prices in a place where rents are generally sky high, food which were supposed to be tasty got screwed up in the process. I feel that in order to achieve a high distinction in terms of dishing out good food, one should not be constrained by any limits and should set forth to cook with a peace of mind and all of one's heart.

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(Updated: February 15, 2014)

Bite Size

Located at the basement of 313 somerset, this primitive restaurant definitely stand of from the stylish eateries surrounding it. What attracted me in was the amount of empty seats in the place and their low priced food.

Their menu include many Malaysian cuisines such as Ipoh Hor fun, Penang Assam Laksa and Melaka Chicken Rice Ball.

I've tried their Wanton noodles, Ipoh Hor fan and Popiah and overall I feel that there is nothing outstanding in it's taste. In fact, it's quite ordinary. Their portioning might be a wee bit small for me but it's probably the cheapest restaurant at somerset.

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313 Somerset
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