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Oriental Herbal Tea

Oriental Herbal Tea

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Listing created by Yuexin on December 26, 2013    

Oriental Herbal Tea offers an alternative to the artificial-ingredients laden foods of today. Using natural ingredients such as luohan fruit, chrysanthemum and fresh wheatgrass etc, traditional herbal drinks are prepared on very same day. 

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Drinks not of very superior quality

I've only purchased their herbal bottled-drink so I'm not quite sure about the rest. The cost of their drinks ranges from $1+ to $5+, depending on the herbs and illness you're trying to cure but all I can say is you don't get really good quality drinks.

For the amount you're paying, you can hardly get authentic or high-grade herbs used in those drinks. For example, their honey-lemon drink is often diluted and I suspect they don't use superior honey either.

My friends and I buy their drinks time and time again whenever we're down with some illness and more often than not, we find ourselves not recovering due to the drink but due to medication. I suppose it helps but only to a very little extent.

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