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Ivan Teh
Listing created by Ivan Teh on August 03, 2013    

Signature Stone Restaurant (SSR) offers clay pot rice that is uniquely prepared in very hot stone bowl.

This bowl is so hot that it could preserve the heat throughout the dining experience and continue to create the rice crisp layer after layer. Carrying both Asian and Western fusion stone pot rice dishes, SSR offers dishes like Stone Pot Chicken, Stone Pot Pork, Stone Pot Salted Fish, the Marinara sauce Rice, Ham and cheese Rice, Herb salmon Rice, Lemonary Scallop Rice etc.

Other mouth-watering stone pot soup, noodle, porridge and side dishes are also made available to take the diners' tongues on a journey to gastronomic pleasure.

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Seafood Soup
Sesame Oil Chicken
Stone Pot Garlic Herb Salmon
Stone Pot Chicken
Stone Pot Chicken And Pork
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Tasty Hot Stone Claypot Dishes

Located in the relatively quiet neighbourhood of Beo Crescent / Havelock Road, Signature Stone Restaurant offers a unique concept; claypot dishes prepared with hot stone bowls. This novel method of preparation ensures a consistent heat throughout the meal, and also prevents rice from blackening even as it still becomes crisp. Along with the concept of hot stone bowls, Signature Stone Restaurant also offers a range of traditional Chinese dishes, and several unique Western inspired dishes.

Ambience at Signature Stone Restaurant is just average. With a small floor space and few seats, reservations are recommended if you wish to visit. While clean, bright and air-conditioned, the small area of Signature Stone Restaurant also increases the ambient noise levels. Decor is minimal.

Service is outstanding at Signature Stone Restaurant. You should call 10 minutes before you arrive to place your order, so as to avoid the typical waiting time of 15 - 20 minutes for food preparation. Staff will help you prepare the dish when they serve. I also like that they check if your meal is going well, something that only happens in more up-market restaurants.

Food at Signature Stone Restaurant is excellent. Overall, dishes are tasty, flavourful and quite filling. I like the different options of Asian and Western dishes on the menu, as well as the variety of side dishes, most of which are served in the signature hot stone bowls. The food is thoroughly cooked but not dry, well seasoned, and the rice gets crisp without being burnt black. Prices are reasonable and affordable, at about SGD $7 - $15 per dish, good value for money.

The Stone Pot Chicken consists of marinated chicken chunks, salted fish slices, sliced chinese pork sausages (lup cheong), shiitake mushrooms and kai-lan (chinese broccoli). The difference between this and the Stone Pot Chicken And Pork is only the addition of marinated pork slices. I like how both dishes stick very closely to the traditional Chinese claypot recipes, and the flavour really comes through well.

The best thing about the Sesame Oil Chicken is the thick and savoury gravy that is just perfect when poured over rice. Generous helping of marinated chicken chunks and shiitake mushrooms, great dish for sharing. Really one of the better Sesame Oil Chicken I've tasted.

The western inspired Stone Pot Garlic Herb Salmon consists of chunks of salmon, enoki mushrooms, garlic, cilantro and chili. Nice overall flavour, not too salty, and the salmon fish was perfectly cooked.

I absolutely loved the Seafood Soup with its generous helpings of prawns, squid, sliced fish, crab stick, bittergourd, seaweed, golden mushroom and abalone mushroom. The soup has an intense and tasty seafood flavour. Very good!

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Seafood Soup
Sesame Oil Chicken
Stone Pot Garlic Herb Salmon
Stone Pot Chicken
Stone Pot Chicken And Pork
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